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Belgian Draft Horses

There are all kinds of famous horses out there from warhorses to horses featured in commercials and sometimes even fake ones like Mr. Ed. We all love hear and reading about famous horses and what they did that was so awesome to make them famous. So what about ` draft horses? They`re not a breed we think about often, but here are some famous ` draft horses who are pretty awesome and should get our attention, if only for a few minutes.

Big Jake
You may have heard of Big Jake, but if not he`s the tallest horse in the world according to the Guinness World Records. He was officially the tallest living horse in the world as of 2013, when he measured at 20 hands, two and three quarter inches and a shocking 2,600 pounds. Big Jake loves people and is currently living out his happy, very tall life at Smokey Hollow Farm.
Big Jake - Belgian Draft Horses

Strong Belgian Draft Horses Working on the Farm

Below you can watch the fantastic strength displayed by the Belgian draft horses working on the farm.
Belgian Draft Horses

Brabant Belgian Draft Horses
Although it`s not confirmed because no one can know for certain, it is believed Incitatus was an early form of a ` draft horse because he was so massive and built so strongly. We`re going to assume that`s true since many sources say so. He was the horse of Emperor Caligula in the Roman Empire around 20 AD. It`s said he was fed oats with gold flakes - I think we`d all like to be this horse.

Belgian Draft Horses
 Incitatus - Belgian Draft Horses

Brooklyn Supreme
Unlike Big Jake who is famous for his height, Brooklyn Supreme is famous for his weight. The heaviest horse on earth, he weighs in at 3,200 pounds. A smidgen shorter than Big Jake, he was only 19.2 hands, but he was still known for being absolutely massive. His girth was 10 feet 2 inches, which is almost unheard of. When combining the height and the weight, he is considered the `largest` horse, even though Big Jake may be taller.
 Brooklyn Supreme - Belgian Draft Horses
We`d love to see this big guy in person.

Belgian Draft Horses - Horse Pull

He may not be very well known, but he deserves way more credit than is given to him. At the National Western Stock Show in the US, it`s said Tucker and one other horse (who`s name is unconfirmed) won the heavyweight class by pulling 17,000 pounds. Although the team did it together weight a total of 4,800 pounds. That is an insane amount of weight to pull for just two horses. To put that into perspective, a typical RV will weigh around 10,000 pounds.

This showed just how incredible ` draft horses are at pulling weight and also proves why they`re such good workhorses as well.
Tucker - Belgian Draft Horses
The ` draft horse is a beautiful and special horse in his own right and reading about the amazing feats of some of them is pretty incredible. We`re still stuck on 17,000 pounds because that is one heck of an amount of weight.

Belgian Draft Horses

Teresa Vermeer

Teresa Vermeer - Australia - Endurance Rider Teresa Vermeer

Rita Ramires

Rita Ramires - Portugal - Showjumping Rider Rita Ramires

Angel Martin-Dias

Angel Martin-Dias - USA - Eventing Angel Martin-Dias

Pablo D. Agostineti

Pablo D. Agostineti - Argentina

3 or 4 board fence. Itís costly but itís the safest thing. Also they have come out with a new fencing material, I dont know exactly what it is but its some type of plastic material thatís the same thickness as board fencing and is just as strong, but itís lighter and supposedly cheaper.

ADDENDUM: I DO NOT RECOMMEND ELECTRIC FENCING FOR HORSES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN EXPOSED TO IT BEFORE. We had to put up a temp. electric fence once and our horses hated it! Theyíd keep themsleves contained for a short while until they accidently touched their nose or **** to it, then they just took off and ran right through it and kept on going! I wouldnt use it AT ALL

Hannelie Nel

Hannelie Nel - Namibia - Endurance Rider Hannelie Nel

Silvia Rizzo

Silvia Rizzo - Italy - Dressage Rider Silvia Rizzo

Morgane Samour

Morgane Samour - France - Showjumping Rider Morgane Samour

Sara Nensen

Sara Nensen - Sweden - Showjumping Rider Sara Nensen Sara Nensen Horses - Pic-Pic, Pik Rally (1994)

Sara Nensen Competition Results

11 - Göteborg, Krafft Cup Final - Young Riders - 14/04/2006 - Pic-Pic
8 - Göteborg, Krafft Cup - Young Riders - 13/04/2006 - Pic-Pic