Be An Encourager, The World Has Enough Critics

Below we look at some of the greats from the different equestrian sports, all these riders have all faced ups and downs, had drawbacks but they continued pressed forward, but none of these people did it alone, they all had strong support networks.
Be An Encourager, The World Has Enough Critics
Nick Skelton Nick Skelton is one of the worlds leading showjumping riders with many wins and championships over the years,but he has face his fair share of ups and downs including breaking his neck an injury that nearly ended his career, but his determination saw him comeback and compete at four more Olympic games and winning individual gold medal at the 2016 Olympic games. Below you can watch Nick Skelton in action at Rio on the great Big Star.
Another British Olympic gold medal winner Charlotte Dujardin rode the great Valegro at both the London Olympics and the Rio Olympics winning gold at both, her success was helped to success by her mentor Carl Hester.

Flatwork Excersise For Horses
Flatwork Excersise For HorsesLooking for help improving your riding ability, have a look at these top training tips from the worlds leading riders from around the world, Click Here.

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