Bastian Freese

Bastian Freese - Germany
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Bastian Freese

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Bastian Freese

Luis Sebastian Fusaro

Luis Sebastian Fusaro - Argentina

Hugo Sebastian Mendez

Hugo Sebastian Mendez - Argentina

Drayton (Part Bred Grade 1 Stallion)

Drayton (1987) 17.2 hands (Part Bred)

Sports Horse Breeding for Great Britain Graded One Stallion

Sire : Skippy (R.I.D) Dam : Manor House (N.T.R vol.3) by Funnyman (TB).

A very impressive horse who combines size with quality and presence. Sire of successful show horses and eventers. A horse with perfect temperament who must be seen to be appreciated.

Sebastian Mancinelli

Sebastian Mancinelli - Argentina

December News - Melissa Sweet had a great day with her pony SQ Harmoni on 13th December. Photos of Melissa and her pony flying through the cross country course and completing in their dressage test. Well done Melissa !

December News - Monica Tanians beautiful mare SQ By Design competed at the Hygain Masters Pinto Klassic with great success being awarded champion led pinto mare, champion ridden pinto under 14hh , Supreme Champion ridden pinto. Congratulations Monica

September News - Welcome to our brand new website. We hope you enjoy your visit, please feel free to contact us with any enquiries or if you would like to visit our ponies.

Previous News - Our own SQ The Wizard (Woranora Warlock/Imperial Delicia) went to his first show Berwick Agi `09 where he was reserve champion Palomino and Reserve Champion Arabian Derivative. We have high hopes for this little fella and look forward to showing him this coming season.

Big congrats to Haley O`Brian from Highcourt Performance Ponies on the puchase of S.Q. Top Class. We are sure that Class has a huge future ahead of him in the show ring and as their future stallion.
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Sebastian Mancinelli

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Sebastian Mancinelli

Sebastian Avila

Sebastian Avila - Uruguay

Sebastian Bolse

Sebastian Bolse - Germany

Sebastian Boscher

Sebastian Boscher - Germany

Sebastian Garimaldi

Sebastian Garimaldi - Argentina

Sebastian Adams

Sebastian Adams - Germany

Sebastian Bogacz

Sebastian Bogacz - Poland

Sebastian Karaskiewicz

Sebastian Karaskiewicz - Poland

Sebastian Otten

Sebastian Otten - Germany

Sebastian Petroll

Sebastian Petroll - Germany

Sebastian Robayo

Sebastian Robayo - Columbia

Sebastian Valdes Irarrazaval

Sebastian Valdes Irarrazaval - Chile

Sebastian Warneck

Sebastian Warneck - Germany

Sebastian Winkel

Sebastian Winkel - Germany

Sebastian Girona

Sebastian Girona - Uruguay

Sebastian Gygax

Sebastian Gygax - Peru

Sebastian Haas

Sebastian Haas - Germany

Sebastian Haller

Sebastian Haller - Germany

Sebastian Herzberg

Sebastian Herzberg - Germany

Sebastian Holtgrã„Ve Osthues

Sebastian Holtgrã„Ve Osthues - Germany

Sebastian Jaramillo

Sebastian Jaramillo - Ecuador

Sebastian Kã–Hler

Sebastian Kã–Hler - Germany

Sebastian Karshãœning

Sebastian Karshãœning - Germany

Sebastian Karshuening

Sebastian Karshuening - Germany

Sebastian Kottwitz

Sebastian Kottwitz - Germany

Sebastian Mateu Jurado

Sebastian Mateu Jurado - Spain

Sebastian Nabas

Sebastian Nabas - Uruguay

Sebastian Navas

Sebastian Navas - Uruguay

Sebastian Neuhã„User

Sebastian Neuhã„User - Germany

Sebastian Numminen

Sebastian Numminen - Finland

Sebastian Pellon Maison

Sebastian Pellon Maison - UK

Sebastian Revetria

Sebastian Revetria - Uruguay

Sebastian Romano

Sebastian Romano - Uruguay

Sebastian Sagastume

Sebastian Sagastume - Guam

Sebastian Salinas

Sebastian Salinas - Chile

Sebastian Schuldes

Sebastian Schuldes - Germany

Sebastian Steiner

Sebastian Steiner - Austria

Sebastian Viazzi

Sebastian Viazzi - Uruguay

Sebastian Ziegler

Sebastian Ziegler - Germany

Team St. Sebastian I

Team St. Sebastian I - Austria
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Team St. Sebastian I

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Team St. Sebastian I

Horse Videos

Team St. Sebastian I

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Team St. Sebastian I

Horse Videos

Team St. Sebastian I

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Team St. Sebastian I

Horse Videos

Team St. Sebastian I

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Team St. Sebastian I

Horse Videos

Team St. Sebastian I

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Team St. Sebastian I

Horse Videos

Team St. Sebastian I

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Team St. Sebastian I

Sebastian Schneller Von Cetto

Sebastian Schneller Von Cetto is a German showjumping rider who competes internationally, born the 20th August 1983 Germany. Horses competed by Sebastian Schneller Von Cetto includes CARBACAN VC and CARBACAN VC

Johan Sebastian Gulliksen

Johan Sebastian Gulliksen is a showjumping rider from Norway, son of veteran showjumper Geir Gulliksen, Sebastion has competed at numerous FEI 5 star international events. Below you can watch Johan Sebastian Gulliksen competing in the puissance at Olympia riding his talented jumping horse Arakorn


Johan Sebastian Gulliksen

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Johan Sebastian Gulliksen

Sebastian III

Sebastian III is a graded stallion with the Anglo European Studbook, Sebastian III is sired by Mermus R out of the mare Nellie who is a daughter of Eusebio. Sebastian III was born in 1999, bred by L Albering. Sebastian III spent several years at Brendon Stud jumping up to 1.40m compettions winnin 6000 in the BSJA.

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Sebastian Kirst

Sebastian Kirst - Germany

Sebastian Oscar Sanchez

Sebastian Oscar Sanchez - Argentina

So Whats so Different About Horse Property?

Ive carved out a strong niche in Horse Properties. Having owned, competed, ridden and loved horses for most of my life, I feel well placed to provide special services to clients looking for a home for themselves and their animals.

In addition to all the issues to consider when buying any country property, there are many additional factors to be aware of if you are thinking of making a home with your horses.

Where are the nearest trails? What will the zoning allow? How many animals can be accommodated on a parcel? Is my water quality and quantity sufficient? What concerns should I have about the protection of our watersheds? Will my neighbours be concerned with fly and odor nuisances? How will hay and shavings delivery be accommodated? What will I do with manure? Is the road traversable by horse trailers? Can I bring in boarders to help pay the mortgage? What are the regulations about building arenas? How much will it cost to put a barn up? How long will permits take?

I make it a point to see as many of the horse properties in the county as I possibly can. That way, whether youre buying or selling, I will have seen the comparable those that have sold, those that havent. Ive probably shown most of them at some point and know what my clients thought of them, as well. In short, its my goal to be the most knowledgeable advisor in the region for horse people looking to buy or sell property.

I also make it a point to be well connected with the local horse community. In this way, I have insight into what is going on from a regulatory standpoint; I know what the current issues in the community are and I can probably tell you where to go to find whatever it is you are looking for.

For more information on How to Buy Horse Property, before you buy, consider the down sides as well as the up sides of owning a horse property: Things Your Mama Never Told You About Buying a Horse Property.

Sebastian Fernandez

Sebastian Fernandez - Argentina


Gypsy Vanners


Arcadia Shire Horse Stable is located 45 minutes north of the Sydney CBD, in the rolling green hills of Arcadia. Our stable is home to quality bred Shire Horses, Gypsy Vanners and British Drum Horses. The stable is family run, from breeding, handling and education to feeding and foal watch. All our horses & foals are registered with either the UK Shire Horse Society or the Gypsy Vanner & Cob Society Inc here in Australia or the Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society.

Our UK imported Gypsy Vanner Horses were chosen for their remarkable nature, bone and excellent conformation as we believe a Vanner must be strong enough to do a solid days work and this should to be evident in their conformation and temperament hence we choose not to import & produce the lighter cob types. We know the word "cob" to mean a stout, short legged horse of any breeding, we believe the word cob does not do justice to this magnificent horse - the Gypsy Vanner.

Visitors are amazed by how calm and friendly our foals are from day one. This is partly due to genetics, excellent breeding, selection for temperament and partly due to daily handling and our personal education method for foals.