Baby Horse River Crossing

COME ON, BABY HORSE! A little Arizona wild horse struggles a little bit but is able to make it safely across! Watch the video beow of the mother and her foal crossing a wild river in Arizona.


Black and White Horse

Have a look at black and white horses from around the world, also find photographers offering black and white horse prints and photographs.…
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  • Thomas Velin

    Thomas Velin

    Watch Thomas Velin compete the legendary stallion Quidam de Revel as well as the great Carnute | Thomas Velin - Danish showjumping Rider
  • Black Caviars 5 Best Wins

    Black Caviars 5 Best Wins

    See the best races from the Australian thoroughbred race horse Black Caviar, undefeated in 25 races before retirement in 2013
  • Shire Horses

    Shire Horses

    Click here and browse through some excellent examples of Shire Horses from all around the world | Shire Horses | Shire Horse Charge - Lingfield