Avagon is a 2003 grey stallion sired by Acorado II out of the mare Etoile Dell`Alsada who is a daughter of Escudo I. Below you can watch Avagon in action competing in the dressage arena.

Avagon - Stallion Winner Stallion Performance Test 2007 Celle Verden Stallion Parade
Avagon - Dressage Stallion


Avagon x -, HANOVERIAN -




Amoureux: Black bay colt 16.3hh (1.70cm) with a pedigree of legendry ancestry. Sired by the Belgian approved dual purpose stallion Saros Van `T Gestelhof a son of G Ramiro Z out of a Pik Koenig x Wendkries mare.

Saros sired the Belgium champion foal 2003 and currently has an exterior index of 188 earning him elite status at the young age of seven. He had obtained over 50 victories from the age of 4 ? 7 with 17 wins at Prix st Georges, placing 4th at the World Championships in Verden in the six year old class. Other wins include the Belgian 4, 5 and six year old Dressage Champion title.

Saros` progeny are equally as talented in jumping as they are in dressage. Saros`s sire is the famous G Ramiro Z who jumped himself in classes of 2m.20 and perhaps most renown as sire of famous Olympic gold medalist Ratina Z who has herself produced out of the famous Holstein mare Heureka Z This combination of German bloodlines has already proven to be a winning combination.

Saros`s dam Erle carries elite status, claiming the National Champion mare titles in 1983 1984 & 1985 and mother to a number of dressage horses. Le Primo who won several victories Z 2 LRV with Louisann Gestel, Bronze medal Belgian Championship with Leen Cools. Pancho, Belgian vice champion 4 year old horses with Els Michiels, Bronze medal Swiss championship. Rianta: several victories Z 2 LRV with Wilfried Mondelaers. Ultra an elite mare. Erle also proved herself in competition with sucessful results up to S level.

Erles` sire Pik Koneig not only produced exceptionally good showjumpers, but also outstanding dressage horses. Pik Koenig sired the prime genetic transmitters, Pik Bube I and Pik Bube II. On her damline we find the line of Celle state stallion Wendekreis.

Amoureux`s dam Ruby is by Krack C the famous dressage mount of Anky Van Grunsven by the Keur preferent Holstein descendant Flemmingh. Krack C has no less than nine licensed sons with the KWPN studbook, two in Germany and one with the NRPS society. The damline:

Ruby (Ster Preferent)

Amoureux`s dam `Ruby` (Krack C x President) is a consistent progenitor of successful dressage horses, she was awarded the Preferent Predicate, following her daughter` Bachoera SV`s (Samba Hit II) award of the STER predicate having successfully completed her EPTM gaining an above average score of 81 points. Ruby`s other progeny are the Ster gelding `Wonderfull Jazz` (2003) by Jazz competing with success at M2 level dressage and the Ster gelding Zirkoon (2004) by Rousseau competing with success at M1 level with M Ubels. Cousteau by Dreamcatcher is competing at L1 and Danica SV by Johnson (Jazz x Flemmingh) successfully passed her mare performance test and was awarded the Ster Predicate in 2011 and is now debuting a career in dressage. Ruby is fast approaching the Prestatie predicate based on the success for her three sons in dressage.

His grand dam Zita has not only proven herself in dressage competing succesfully to M level but has produced two Z1 level dressage horses, Qualitys Pride and Dorita along with no less than five ster mares one of which is Felita who herself is a Ster Preferent mare.

Amoureux commenced his competition career in April 2010 as a five year old after just a few months under saddle.

Placed 2nd qualfying for the Badmington Potential Dressage Horse Championship 2010 scoring 78% on first outing

Qualifed for the Sheerwater Dressage Horse Of The Future 2010 with a score of 80% winning the class and 71% at novice on 2nd also winning the class.

Qualified for the Sheerwater Potential International Dressage Horse Of The Future Championship at the British Nationals 2010 scoring 78% and obtained a score of 80% in the Badminton Potential Dressage Horse winning both classes.

At the UK KWPN Keurings Amoureux succesfully passed his IBOP dressage performance test and was awarded the STER predicate as a mark of above average quality and suitability as dresage horse.

2011 Amoureux has so far with Michel Assouline Qualified for Sheerwater British Young Horse 6YO on first attempt.

Double win at Sheepgate Premier League Hickstead British Young Horse Qualifier 80% and the SQO75 Medium 67%
1st Norton Heath M75SOQ 71% 1st Bluegate Hall M75SOQ
2nd = M61SO
Qualified Summer Regionals.

Placed at Hartpury British National Dressage Championhip.
Dressage at Hickstead CDI3*/5* 2011 6YO Young Horse Finalist. 75.6%

Amoureux has consistantly sired high scoring premium and champion foals. In 2009 five foals out of six presented at the Scottish Sports Horse Mare and Youngstock Gradings obtained the coveted 1st premium. Two of his daughters obtained the second highest overall score out of all foals presented of 78%

At the BEF Futurity another of his daughters `Amour Perle` bred by Arabella sort horses obtained a high first premium of 87.9% in the dressage section at the KWPN UK Keurings she was highest scoring dressage foal on the day.

Amoureux adds length of neck leg and body. He stamps his stock with an abundance of presence and quality. His sons inherit his remarkable presence and look at me wow factor and his daughters are chic and refined. In addition to passing on his impressive canter and quality paces he also passes on the most compliant and observant temperaments to his foals - all the chic without the flightyness and aloofness, making them easy to train and work with.

Shawna Harding

Shawna Harding - USA - Dressage Rider

Warmblood Foals For Sale
Shawna Harding

Shawna Harding Competition Results

11 - Fritzens, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 26/06/2011 - Come On III
12 - Fritzens, GP - Grand Prix - 25/06/2011 - Come On III
6 - München-Riem, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 04/06/2011 - Come On III
12 - München-Riem, GP - Grand Prix - 03/06/2011 - Come On III
15 - Hagen, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 08/05/2011 - Come On III
14 - Hagen, GP - Grand Prix - 06/05/2011 - Come On III
14 - Leipzig, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 30/04/2011 - Come On III
15 - Leipzig, GP - Grand Prix - 28/04/2011 - Come On III
3 - West Palm Beach FL, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 11/03/2011 - Come On III
7 - West Palm Beach FL, GP - Grand Prix - 10/03/2011 - Come On III
3 - Loxahatchee FL, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 06/03/2011 - Come On III
2 - Loxahatchee FL, GP - Grand Prix - 05/03/2011 - Come On III
2 - West Palm Beach FL, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 12/02/2011 - Come On III
5 - West Palm Beach FL, GP - Grand Prix - 11/02/2011 - Come On III
5 - West Palm Beach FL, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 22/01/2011 - Come On III
4 - West Palm Beach FL, GP - Grand Prix - 21/01/2011 - Come On III
1 - Devon PA, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 30/09/2010 - Come On III
1 - Devon PA, GP - Grand Prix - 30/09/2010 - Come On III
4 - Lexington KY - Test ..., GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 19/04/2010 - Come On III
4 - Lexington KY - Test ..., GP - Grand Prix - 19/04/2010 - Come On III
2 - Wellington FL, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 17/03/2010 - Come On III
12 - Wellington FL, GP - Grand Prix - 17/03/2010 - Come On III
11 - Loxahatchee FL, GP - Grand Prix - 04/03/2010 - Come On III
4 - Loxahatchee FL, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 04/03/2010 - Come On III
5 - West Palm Beach FL, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 12/02/2010 - Come On III
4 - West Palm Beach FL, GP - Grand Prix - 11/02/2010 - Come On III
- West Palm Beach FL, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 22/01/2010 - Come On III
- West Palm Beach FL, GP - Grand Prix - 22/01/2010 - Come On III
13 - Raleigh NC, GP - 29/05/2009 - Come On III
7 - Raleigh NC, GPKür - 29/05/2009 - Come On III
14 - Wellington FL, GPKür - 11/03/2009 - Come On III
12 - Wellington FL, Gp - 11/03/2009 - Come On III
3 - Loxahatchee FL, GPSpecial - 26/02/2009 - Come On III
4 - Loxahatchee FL, GP - 26/02/2009 - Come On III
Shawna Harding

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