Art by Naomi Hawkins

Art by Naomi Hawkins
   Naomi Hawkins is an artist based in the England countryside of Suffolk with a passion of horses and nature, with a love of horses Naomi studied art and now works professionally offering portraits of your beloved pets, Naomi is very popular with horse lovers and takes commissions from all around the world. Her art captures the soul of your horse and shows incredible detail, Naomi primarily works in pencil and pastels.

Commission Costs :- three sizes A5 is £50, A4 is £75 and A3 is £130 and £15 for any additional subjects (£6.95 p+p).

Visit Art of Naomi Hawkins Facebook page or complete the simple enquiry form on this page to discuss your needs & requirements.

View Examples Of Art From Naomi Hawkins

Art By Naomi Hawkins - Equine Arts

Art By Naomi Hawkins - Equine Arts Pastel

Art By Naomi Hawkins - Dog Arts Drawing

Pencil Drawings

Horse Pencil Drawing

Horse Coloured Pencil Drawing

Horse Pencil Artist


Art by Naomi Hawkins

Naomi Hawkins - Art

Art by Naomi Hawkins - Pencil

Coloured Horse Pastel Drawing

Art by Naomi Hawkins Pencil

Dog Portraits

Email naomihawkins.artist@hotmail.co.uk to discuss commissions.

Pet Portraits from Art by Naomi Hawkins - Pastel / Pencil Portraits :- Suffolk, UK. View a wide selection of Naomi`s work dog and horse portraits with incredible detail, commissions offered nationwide.