Arabian Foals - Arabian Horse Bloodlines

Arabian horses are an ancient horse breed, who`s bloodlines have been important in many hot blooded horse breeds all around the world, including thoroughbreds and quarter horses. Below you can see some lovely Arabian foals from breeders all around the world, showcasing the top arab bloodlines.

Arabian mare and her twin foals.Arabian mare and her twin foals
Midwest Training Centre - Half Arabian 2019 Colt Turbo JB (Turismo RA x Rohara Mademoiselle)Half Arabian Colt
Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight : Macmosa Thyme V (Major Mac V x Bint Hermosa MM by Pyro ThymeMajor Mac V Progeny Spotlight
Arab Foals - MSU Arabians
Michigan State University boasts one of the oldest Arabian breeding programs in the USA, boasting some exception examples of the arab breed showcasing the top arab horse bloodlines. Below you can watch a video of some of the products of MSU arabian breeding, look at these beautiful foals.

Arab Foals - MSU Arabians

Colt Arabian Foal - Marco Ali (QR Marc x DAR Fiero BiAli x HL Ali Bi) Colt Arabian Foal
Amira Shahzarah - (TF Royal Shahbaz x B Zarha Zahir x A Sacred Chant)Amira Shahzarah

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