Emile Faurie

Antonio Marinas Soto

Antonio Marinas-Sotos, partner to Ellen Whitaker, is a Spanish showjumper has joined forces with Ellen in England. Together they now run Marinas Whitaker Equestrian, producing young horses, buying and selling whilst coaching clients in England and abroad.

Antonio was born in Spain and has two sisters Candy and Blanca. He first learnt to ride at his grandfather’s yard in Spain when he was four years old, although none of his family are particularly horsey, it was when Antonio had shown a dedicated interest and passion in horses that his family got on board and supported him. He learnt to ride at a local riding school and his father soon helped him build a yard at their home in Portugal, which Antonio and Ellen now use as their base when competing abroad. Antonio first started competing at the age of eight and he carried on riding and competing whilst completing a Law and Business Administration Degree at the University of ICADE in Madrid, which he graduated from in 2009.

Antonio decided to concentrate on his riding career after University and left Spain to move to Holland to join Dutch equestrian and Olympic medallist, Albert Voorns, consolidating his training and knowledge. It was in Holland and Belgium that Antonio first experienced the professional world of dealing and producing top class horses, he went onto to produce numerous Grand Prix horses which competed successfully.

Antonio has represented his county on five occasions, including the Senior European Championships in 2011, aboard Al Capone, a horse he had produced from a four-year-old. In 2013 he won the Spanish Championship with Cash and Go, another horse he had produced from a three year old. Antonio has gone onto have a successful career on the International circuit as he produces young horses, he regularly competes on the circuit and his most notable recent results include finishing eighth in the CSI4* Bunn Leisure Derby at Hickstead in June 2017 with Diamondloma.

Ellen and Antonio met in 2013 and they soon moved to the UK, since then they have been building their family life, their first son Harry Marinas-Whitaker was born in 2014, followed by second son Frankie Thomas Marinas-Whitaker in 2016.

Antonio Mariñas Soto & Cash And Go

Antonio Marinas Soto

Antonio Marinas Soto - Faya Sao Miguel


Antonio Marinas Soto

Antonio Dos Santos

Equestrian rider Antonio Dos Santos from Brazil, we have no information on Antonio Dos Santos, please help us grow our database by emailing us any pics, vids or information to info@stableexpress.com.

Jose Antonio Atalaya Viã‘A

Jose Antonio Atalaya Viã‘A - Spain - Horse Driving

Luiz Antonio Dos Santos Silveira

Luiz Antonio Dos Santos Silveira - Brazil - Eventing Luiz

Antonio Mamais

Antonio Mamais - Panama - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Maria Rico Mendez

Antonio Maria Rico Mendez - Spain

The basic quote includes water, bedding, and the care of your horse(s) while being transported. All basic transport quotes are determined by the distance to be hauled, fuel costs, and the number of horses to be shipped. Fees are applied for stall size selected by the customer (single, stall and a half, or a box, geographic location and number of head shipped.

Additional fees are applied for transport of tack/boxes, depending on their size/shape.

Antonio Lino Neto

Antonio Lino Neto - Portugal - Eventing Rider

Rafael Antonio Villalba Muã‘Oz

Rafael Antonio Villalba Muã‘Oz - Uruguay - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Jose Martinez Goiri

Antonio Jose Martinez Goiri - Venezuela

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Marcos Antonio Camilo De Camargo

Marcos Antonio Camilo De Camargo - Brazil - Endurance Rider Marcos

Antonio Cid De La Corte

Antonio Cid De La Corte - Spain

Herbal Haylage Mix

• Blue lucerne
• Bird´s foot trefoil
• Chicory
• Caraway
• Timothy grass

Lucerne roughage mix high in herbal content contains good levels of minerals and top quality proteins. Lucerne and chicory are high in beta carotene (vitamin A) and provides excellent feed for mares in the early lactation period, growing horses, high level performance horses and horses with roughage as their main feed. This mix also allows for good fibre structure, which is so important for the wellbeing of the horse, and tasty, sugary grasses like timothy.

Antonio Alves De Almeida

Antonio Alfonso :- Horse Rider :- Brazil

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Antonio Arrabal Casas

Antonio Arrabal Casas - Spain

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Antonio De La Puerta Garcia-Corona

Antonio De La Puerta Garcia-Corona - Spain

Equine Airfreight Systems Ltd. Offering a boxing system specifically designed for the transportation of horses worldwide by air. Details of the company`s Jet Stalls and online request for world-wide transport through International Racehorse Transport. Based in Auckland, New Zealand..

Antonio Roca

Antonio Roca - Italy

Roomy enough for warmbloods, our 7`6" (inside height) trailer accommodates as many as 4 horses (slant configuration) and as few as 2 (box stall configuration). No horses will be cross-tied, to reduce post-transit stress and influenza.

Antonio Vaccarecci

Antonio Vaccarecci - Italy

We specialize in meeting your needs at Midnight Farms Horse Transport, providing the safest equine/horse transportation to the barn, ranch, rodeo, fair, track or show.

Our equipment is safe and built to meet the specific demanding needs of our industry. Extra attention is given to those little details that make a difference to both you and your horses.

Antonio Falzoi

Antonio Falzoi - Italy


Our number one priority is YOUR HORSE!

That`s why we use only top-of-the-line equipment and experienced, professional drivers who understand the stresses of horse hauling - both on the owners and the horses. Our philosophy is to make sure each horse in our care is treated as though it is one of our own - we wouldn`t have it any other way!

Antonio Josã© Vilhena Rodrigues

Antonio Josã© Vilhena Rodrigues - Portugal

U.S Horse Transport puts the safety and care of horses first and foremost, while looking out for their owners as well! We are very experienced horsemen, and have 30+ years experience hauling horses.

Hire U.S. Horse Transport to safely and competently get your horse where it needs to be.

Antonio Rico Carrasco

Antonio Rico Carrasco - Spain

En route, we stop every 3-4 hours to let the horses eat, drink, and relax. Fresh coastal grass hay is kept in front of horses the entire trip. RMD drivers also monitor water intake and waste to evaluate stress levels and will seek veterinary attention, if necessary.

Antonio Rosi

Antonio Rosi - Italy

In order to meet your high standards, we use only the finest truck and trailer available today. Our truck is a 2001 Dodge Cummins Turbo diesiel one-ton dually. The truck and trailer are well maintained and serviced regularly, to provide top quality and reliability for you and your horses. 7`6" inside height and 7` width.

The steel trailer, with wood floor, features: custom matting/padding, 2-way roof vents for every stall, drop down windows with bars (to keep your horse in) on the head side and large bus windows on the hip side, an insulated floor, and triple insulation/construction on the walls.

We have tried to "think of everything," and offer boxed hauls featuring a ceiling to floor center divider for your broodmares, stallions, or just that special horse on a cross-country trip.

RMD Horse Transport can move your breeding/training operation permanently, or temporarily (to a horse show). We have a tack compartment to transport items that may be needed at your destination.

RMD Horse Transport pulls a 2004 Trails West Sierra 4-horse slant with a

Antonio Moreno Zapata

Antonio Moreno Zapata - UAE

Do you have a big horse?! Not a problem....we can accommodate horse up to 18+ hands comfortably in our extra tall 7`6" trailer and large box stalls.

Antonio Berlanga Martinez

Antonio Berlanga Martinez - Spain

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Antonio Meireles

Antonio Meireles - Uruguay

Offering personalized services and modern conveniences to care for your horses while in transit.

Antonio Martinez Berasaluce

Antonio Martinez Berasaluce - Spain

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Antonio Ferrari

Antonio Ferrari - Italy

We are currently traveling weekly to Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, the upper New England states, and Lexington, Kentucky. Our weekly or every-other-week schedule includes Tennessee, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

We also provide hauling services from Rigbie Farm, Inc., following CEM Quarantine for horses imported from Europe.

Antonio Franzese

Antonio Franzese - Italy

Caring, Quality, Professional Service for All Your Horse Hauling Needs Ohio & Surrounding Region ~ Coast-to-Coast

Umberto Maria Antonio Vighi

Umberto Maria Antonio Vighi - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Noviello

Antonio Noviello - Italy

RMD Horse Transport -- a small, privately-owned company, understands horse owners` anxieties when they have horses in transit. We understand the anxiety that is part of hauling and we are there to insure your horses safety and ease your worries as well! We have one thing on our mind... making sure your horse arrives well cared for and stress-free.

Antonio Carrillo Baeza

Antonio Carrillo Baeza - Spain

Antonio Cesar Esteves Mariotti

Antonio Cesar Esteves Mariotti - BrazilAntonio Cesar Esteves Mariotti

Antonio Ciardullo

Antonio Ciardullo - Italy

Antonio Correnti

Antonio Correnti - ItalyAntonio Correnti

Antonio Depalmas

Antonio Depalmas - Italy

Antonio Fortino Neto

Antonio Fortino Neto - BrazilAntonio Fortino Neto

Antonio Gaetano Miraglia

Antonio Gaetano Miraglia - Italy

Antonio Gomez Garcia

Antonio Gomez Garcia - Spain

Antonio Grasso

Antonio Grasso - Italy

Antonio Iã‘Igo Campos

Antonio Iã‘Igo Campos - Spain

Antonio Lopez Garcia

Antonio Lopez Garcia - Spain

U.S. Horse Transport is a family owned and operated equine transporter based out of Colorado, The owner, Kevin, was raised on large working ranches and has hauled livestock much of his life. Kevin has worked for large national horse transporters, and while he learned the business end from the large transporters, Kevin is a strong believer that horses are people`s livlihood and require individualized proper care when being transported, so he began his own company. He has over 40 years of experience and knowledge with horses, including doctoring! Kevin now has his children, Brock and Nicole, here to help. A family member is present on every transport so that we can personally oversee the care of each horse. U.S. Horse Transport also provides adoption transport for the BLM Wild Mustang and Burro Program.

Antonio Chedraui Eguia

Antonio Chedraui Eguia - mexico

Antonio Coccollone

Antonio Coccollone - Italy

Antonio Fonseca

Antonio Fonseca - Portugal

Antonio Gentili

Antonio Gentili - Italy

Antonio Loddo

Antonio Loddo - Italy

Antonio Martinez - Cacha Martinez

Antonio Martinez - Cacha Martinez - Spain

Antonio Maurer

Antonio Maurer - mexico

Antonio Montanchez Garcia

Antonio Montanchez Garcia - Spain

Antonio Montes De Oca Diaz

Antonio Montes De Oca Diaz - Spain

Antonio Muceli

Antonio Muceli - ItalyAntonio Muceli

Antonio Mura

Antonio Mura - Italy

Marco Antonio Pavon

Marco Antonio Pavon - Honduras

Ventura Farms
We have many things going for us at Ventura Farms. We have a state of the art training facility including a 1/8th mile track, equine swimming pool and a horse Eurociser.

The performance division is under the direction of Joanne Fox. Joining the Ventura Team in October 2003, Joanne has been training Arabian horses professionally for thirty years, competing successfully at the National level in all major disciplines

Antonio Luiz De V. Macedo

Antonio Luiz De V. Macedo - BrazilAntonio Luiz De V. Macedo

Antonio Macias Jimenez

Antonio Macias Jimenez - Spain

Antonio Maria Garofalo

Antonio Maria Garofalo - Italy
Antonio Maria Garofalo
Antonio Maria Garofalo

Antonio Martinez Melini

Antonio Martinez Melini - SpainAntonio Martinez Melini

Antonio Mendes Anasagasti

Antonio Mendes Anasagasti - SpainAntonio Mendes Anasagasti

Antonio Montanchez

Antonio Montanchez - Spain

Antonio Oppes

Antonio Oppes - Italy

Antonio Reis

Antonio Reis - Portugal

Antonio Rigamonti

Antonio Rigamonti - ItalyAntonio Rigamonti

Antonio Rodriguez Calero

Antonio Rodriguez Calero - SpainAntonio Rodriguez Calero

Antonio Rubio Bolger

Antonio Rubio Bolger - SpainAntonio Rubio Bolger

Antonio Sanfelice

Antonio Sanfelice - Italy

Antonio Sivieri

Antonio Sivieri - Italy

Antonio Vagliviello

Antonio Vagliviello - Italy

Antonio Vitali

Antonio Vitali - Italy

Antonio Pimentel

Antonio Pimentel - Brazil

Antonio Peralta Ramirez

Antonio Peralta Ramirez - SpainAntonio Peralta Ramirez

Antonio Relvas

Antonio Relvas - PortugalAntonio Relvas

Antonio Salvo

Antonio Salvo - ItalyAntonio Salvo

Antonio Visintin

Antonio Visintin - Italy

Antonio Blazquez Marin

Antonio Blazquez Marin - Spain

Antonio Blazquez Marin, ESP, CH M A4, Breda 2016, Marathon

Antonio Blazquez Marin, ESP, CH M A4, Breda 2016, Marathon

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Fernando Antonio Beltranema Granai

Fernando Antonio Beltranema Granai - Guam

Matã­As Antonio Benavidez

Matã­As Antonio Benavidez - Argentina - Eventing Matã­As

Stephane Antoniotti

Stephane Antoniotti - France - Showjumping Rider Stephane Antoniotti

Greaves Greaves Laine Jose Antonio

Greaves Greaves Laine Jose Antonio - Mexico

Antonio Migliore

Antonio Migliore - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Hector Antonio Piriz

Hector Antonio Piriz - Uruguay

Josã Antonio Garcia Mena

Josã Antonio Garcia Mena - Spain - Dressage Rider

Antonio Nogueira

Antonio Nogueira - France

All trips are first come, first served! You won`t be bumped for a "better customer."

RMD Horse Transport requires 50 percent of the transport fees upon booking, and 50 percent due upon delivery. All quotes are based on number of horses, distance, weather, and other related factors. Rates may vary, but are guaranteed for 30-days.

Jose Antonio Herrera Morales

Jose Antonio Herrera Morales - Mexico

Jose Antonio Martinez

Jose Antonio Martinez - Costa Rica - Showjumping RidersJose Antonio Martinez

Jose Antonio Vallarta Uribe

Jose Antonio Vallarta Uribe - MexicoJose Antonio Vallarta Uribe

Antonio Zerbinati

Antonio Zerbinati - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Jose Antonio Gomez Sanchez

Jose Antonio Gomez Sanchez - Spain - Horse Driving

Juan Antonio Vazquez Rico

Juan Antonio Vazquez Rico - Spain - Dressage RiderJuan Antonio Vazquez Rico

Antonio Barreiro

Antonio Barreiro - Ecuador - Showjumping Rider

Leonardo Antonio Biondo

Leonardo Antonio Biondo - Italy

Luiz Antonio Junqueira Filho

Luiz Antonio Junqueira Filho - Brazil - Endurance Rider Luiz

Luis Antonio Rodrigues Neves

Luis Antonio Rodrigues Neves - Brazil

Antonio Castaã‘Eda

Antonio Castaã‘Eda - Argentina

Welcome to Bozeman Montana - An ideal place to buy real estate in MT, reside and recreate! Clean air, national forest access less than 10 miles away and moderate climate make this a perfect place for outdoor recreation. For those who like to stay a little closer to home enjoy shopping, parks, world-class museums, and arts and cultural opportunities. Residents of Bozeman Montana receive the benefits of a wonderful standard of living with year round recreational and cultural events. Bozeman MT is the place to be for that small town feel with big city amenities. The perfect place to do everything or nothing at all.

"Bozeman Montana was just a little Montana ranch town," said my father--who years ago traveled here regularly on business--when I told him I was going to visit. Now Bozeman Montana (pop. 30,000) and all of surrounding Gallatin County (pop. 75,000) are booming. On the edge of town, you see the new houses and shopping centers rising. Slick real estate magazines feature $1.25 million 6,510-square-foot homes with media rooms and wet bars. In the United States, people measure a locale`s cachet by the automobile names it inspires. When `60s California surf culture crested, you had the Chevy Malibu. Later came the Dodge Durango, the Hyundai Santa Fe. The Chrysler Bozeman Montana? It may happen.

You see the changing Bozeman Montana easily enough on any walk down Main Street, where the redbrick buildings seem solid enough to support both tradition and change. There`s the Army Navy store and 125-year-old Owenhouse Hardware. There`s the old Baxter Hotel with its blue light that flashes whenever there`s fresh snow at the city-owned ski resort, Bridger Bowl. But there are also new art galleries and boutiques, and Plonk, a wine bar whose varietals and In-Styled customers appear to have been airlifted from Santa Monica.

"We looked at Colorado and Idaho," says Kathryn Borgenicht, a physician who moved here with her family five years ago from San Francisco. "We wanted fishing, mountains, good bookstores. We drove into Bozeman Montana and said, `This is it.` We just knew."

Naturally, such acclaim has stirred unease among longtime Bozeman residents. "What happens when you become popular and you`re not prepared for it?" asks city commissioner Steve Kirchhoff, a Bozeman Montana native.

Some residents look to Aspen, Colorado, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to see what they don`t want to be: trophy towns divided between haves and have-nots. Some of them like to point out reasons people shouldn`t move here. The relative lack of high-paying jobs. The five-month-long winters, which usually start at the end of October. ("We learn how to integrate down jackets into the kids` Halloween costumes," says Mike Harrelson, who works in advertising here.) Still, the newcomers arrive. Bozeman has a nickname: the Bozone. "We`re just in our own little bubble in the Bozone," one resident tells me. Now some fear it will gain a new one: Boze Angeles.

Kirchhoff thinks his town can pull it off. Bozeman Montana, he hopes, can grow in a way that ensures a diverse economy, affordable housing, and an unspoiled environment. He thinks the town`s strong tradition of participatory government--"People argue together here," he tells me over dinner--will see Bozeman Montana through.

Life on the Ridgeline

By Stewart, Lucia

As the warm July breeze chilled the sweat on their backs, Jonas and Kim shifted their skis and boots in their backpacks. It was Independence Day 2004 and their 57th consecutive month skiing. They packed in fireworks and hot dogs for the occasion to enjoy from the ridgeline of the Great One in the Bridger Mountains.

It?s a dream of many skiers to have a winter playground year-round?but that?s easier said than done. Bozeman locals Jonas Grenz and Kim Roff, who live to ski 12 months a year, have made it happen. They?ve followed and found snow stashed in New Zealand, Argentina, Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, Colorado?and more often than not, right here in Montana.

With the early snow in Bozeman this season, Jonas and Kim made turns at Big Sky Resort on Halloween, completing their 60th consecutive month of skiing and checking off that pivotal 5-year mark. But it?s not about the number or the record, they say. It?s about preserving a piece of life that cannot be separated. They?re a couple driven by the skiing lifestyle and a love of the sport. They coin it ?reality therapy.?

The two met on the Ridge at Bridger Bowl in 1999. When the snow began to melt, they went on student exchange to New Zealand with plans to ski glaciers and three-meter deep snow. When they returned to Bozeman to ski in November 2000, they decided, ?to just keep it going.?

Growing up in Miles City, Jonas knew as a young kid he was going to be an MSU Bobcat. Known for his four-inch goatee, he is often seen running around, wildly enthusiastic about the current activity?and more often than not, with a Red Bull in hand.

Jonas, 27, only skied a handful of times a year until he moved to Bozeman in 1995. He remembers the dumps of the ?96-?97 winter season when he skipped more class than he went. When he would see his professors on the mountain, he knew he picked the right school. But as with all true ski bums, there comes a time to take a break from school to pursue the true passion: telemarking.

?I love the mountains and rivers here,? Jonas says. ?The more time I spend away, the more I love this place. It?s the goods with skiing, kayaking, the university, and a growing opportunity for business.? He?ll be volunteering at Moonlight Basin this winter or skiing with Kim and ?the crew,? with whom he founded the Cold Smoke Awards, a local wintersports film festival.

Originally from Easton, Connecticut, Kim started skiing when she was two years old. She has vivid memories of being rewarded for good schoolwork with ski vacations. Now 25 and with the nickname ?burly,? Kim has a strong manner, athletic curves, and can definitely hang with the boys. Athleticism exudes from her spunky yet mellow demeanor.

Kim originally came to Bozeman in 1997 to attend MSU?mainly because of its proximity to ski areas. After receiving her B.S. in biochemistry, she remained in Bozeman ?for the good people and the good skiing.? Graduate school?s on her mind these days, but she?s 95 percent sure it?ll be in Bozeman. As winter descends, Kim will ski patrol part-time at Big Sky, an opportunity to do what she loves while receiving a free ski pass?a ski fanatic?s most prized possession. ?When the snow falls, I think more about skiing and less about work,? Kim says.

Kim and Jonas are both sponsored by Wookey Backpacks, capturing epic photographs from their travels for catalogs and personal archives. ?They are people who pursue the lifestyle they want to have,? explains Sky Sterry, president of Wookey Backpacks, based in Bozeman. ?They make it happen where their vocation works with their vacation.?

They have a reputation for being good at planning for the backcountry and making sure the logistics are in order. They?re also known for going ?all out? on just about every occasion. ?They look at the mountains as more than a place to recreate,? said Sterry. ?A lot of people are here simply because of the environment and they see it as a natural resource we all need to share.?

Jonas enjoys going to Bridger alone and meeting up with different people at random. ?It?s a cool thing to share, with anyone,? says Jonas. ?I love the individuality of skiing yet the camaraderie of it is great too. There is a different kind of trust with people you ski with. They?ll save my life. I?ve looked them in the eyes. I think any adrenaline sport with high-risk is like that.?

The most recent trip was to Argentina?their first time in a country with a foreign language and a challenge to travel with skis. ?Skiing is not that common down there so no taxi cab drivers would allow us to put our skis in the car,? said Kim. ?And then we could barely communicate with them.? But the more they travel, they say?both nationally and internationally?the more they?re learning how to respect the mountains.

In the summertime, they?ll be found in their favorite stash spots in the Beartooth Mountains. ?You go on long enough hikes to find snow,? says Jonas. ?It?s a good excuse to get out and hike our ass off.? Come winter, they?ll spend half their time in the backcountry and other half at the resort. Backcountry holds a particular appeal to them. ?He always out-hikes me,? Kim admits.

With a recent purchase of a house together near Four Corners, the couple hopes to create a jump off their 45-degree roofline. ?If you have food and beer, you?re always welcome to join us,? Jonas says. Spoken like a true ski bum whose life is spent on the ridgelines of the world.

Marcos Antonio Da Costa Ribeiro Junior

Marcos Antonio Da Costa Ribeiro Junior - Brazil

Antonio Cerioli

Antonio Cerioli - Italy

Searching for a site on transport horses? Transport-horses.com is a guide for transport horses. As well as advice concerning transport horses, you can view the most definitive web sites on transportation, car shipping and auto shipping. This makes transport-horses.com the best directory for transport horses on the web. Find more sites related to transport horses in the list below.

Antonio Da Silva Mota

Antonio Da Silva Mota - Brazil

Horses Of Course. Nationwide equine transport offering hauling for all types of horses including mare and foal. Includes details of services and schedules. Located in St. Louis, Missouri..

Joã£O Antonio Salgado Filho

Joã£O Antonio Salgado Filho - Brazil



1. The original photo. I use Adobe Photoshop to edit and enhance the photo and correct colours, to give me the maximum possible detail to work on. I often edit out a distracting background.

2. In Corel Painter I create a low opacity duplicate of the photo, which becomes the digital `canvas` I use for the portrait. I then work with the photo on screen for reference, while I work over the copy. This is what allows me to produce an accurate likeness.

I use a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet to allow me to reproduce authentic-looking brushstrokes.

3. I work freehand on the `canvas`. In this case I used digital chalks.

4. I add further freehand detail, in this case digital charcoal.

5. Finally I add some background colour again in digital chalks.

6. When the portrait is complete, I apply a texture to give the appearance of paint on canvas, chalk on paper, or whatever is appropriate. I then reopen the image in Adobe Photoshop, which gives me better control over colour-management, and print it on high-quality paper, using matte inks.

If you`re interested in digital art, you might like to look at a more detailed example by clicking on A Detailed look at the Process.

Sophie Antoniou

Sophie Antoniou - UK
Sophie Antoniou
Sophie Antoniou

Stefano Bellantonio

Stefano Bellantonio - Italy

Luis Antonio Ramos Mendez

Luis Antonio Ramos Mendez - Mexico - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Pierallini

Antonio Pierallini - Italy

Because we are small, you will not have to wade through a switch board to check on your horses or book your trip. You can rest assured that you will have one-on-one contact while your horses are in transit! To help assure you, drivers carry cell phones and are in regular contact with the office so that we can provide you with daily updates.

Juan Antonio De Wit

A veteran showjumping rider from Spain Juan Antonio De Wit has jumped all over the world with many different horses. Below you can watch Juan Antonio De Wit in action in the Roma grand prix on the horse La Ina Matinal.

Juan Antonio De Wit

Jose Antonio Cruz

Jose Antonio Cruz - Argentina

Single Family Home

This grand 15 ACRE EQUESTRIAN ESTATE is OVER 10, 000 SQ.FT. MAIN HOUSE, with an 1800 SQ FT GUEST HOUSE, 8 STALL BARN, a RV DRIVE THRU, SHOP, WHITE FENCING, LARGE PADDOCKS, PRIVATE GATE, LUSH LANDSCAPING, SUSPENDED BRIDGE OVER BESSEY CREEK, and 1000 SQ FT GYM. SHOPPING NEARBY. Located 35 minutes north of West Palm Beach and Wellington Polo Grounds, 30 minutes south of Vero Beach and right in the heart of Martin County`s equestrian community where Sand Hill Cranes are your neighbors plus lush green pastures, native palm trees, flowers and big blue skies. By Appointment.

Beautiful Horse Property in Palm City, Florida
Sunflower Farm is located 30 minutes from West Palm Beach and the famous Wellington Polo Grounds. Sunflower Farm is convenient to Highway 95 and the Florida turnpike as it is located three miles from each. The subdivision, Palm City Farms, is the heart of equestrian living in the Stuart, Fl area. Private and beautiful is Sun Flower Farm. Please visit by taking the virtual tour and click on to enjoy this magnificent estate. This is Old Florida at its best.

Antonio Guillen

Antonio Guillen - Uruguay

Experienced & Dependable Horse Movers

Transporting horses can be very stressful on horses, but oftentimes it is just as stressful for their owners. With different state laws, different opinions about the do`s and dont`s of trailering horses, and the general anxiety of entrusting someone else with your horse, the process can be very confusing and stressful.

Antonio Ortiz Martinez

Antonio Ortiz Martinez - Spanish Horse Rider

The Ventura Farms breeding program is the cornerstone of our operation. Our goal is to preserve the integrity, beauty, and type of the Arabian horse. In addition, we strive to produce Arabians with great athletic ability, extreme intelligence and excellent dispositions; Arabians that we are comfortable with and love to be around.

Ventura Farms is proud to own and stand Psymadré, Alada Baskin, TF Psymreekhe, Poison VF, and introducing in 2006, Midas VF. There is a web page provided for each stallion standing at Ventura Farms.

Antonio Saucedo

Antonio Saucedo - Argentina

Q. How many horses can you move? A. We can carry 2 horses on our 2008 Marlborough built horse box

Q. Can you take passengers?

A. We can carry up to 4 passengers

Q. Can we take any tack with our horses?

A. We have room for some tack, we have 2 saddle racks and a bridle rack, and the Luton can store rugs, bags, clothing etc.

Q. What size horses can you carry?

A. We have carried 2 18hh T/B comfortably

Q. Can you move my mare & foal?

A. Yes the partition is moved to the storage position to open up a very large mare and foal stall, the box is fully lined with rubber padding.

Q. At the show can you help?

A. Donna ran an International show jumping yard for 8 years and is a qualified vet nurse, she can help you in all aspects of horse preparation and horse care, if required can also help with warm ups offering her vast experience of knowledge.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. We charge £1.00 per mile this includes 1 driver and 1 groom, charged from our base in Newbury via collection/delivery/show/vet/Ferrier whichever applies and back to base. We calculate mileage using tomtom. We charge £15 per hour waiting time after the 1st hour.

Q. Do you share loads?

A. Only when both parties are happy to do so, our service primarily is a personal and individual one, tailor made for each customer depending on their requirements.

Q. My daughter is going to pony club but we will not be there when you arrive?

A. As we have done for others we are happy to book your horse and daughter in with the stable staff, fill out the registration documents on your behalf and ensure everything is organized before we leave.

Q. What can you do to help us at shows?

A. We can groom for you, groom, tack up, stud etc.

Q. Why do you charge waiting time?

A. We charge waiting time only after the 1st hour, this is because our vehicle and staff stay with you to help and offer a safe place for your horse.

Q. Do you have a valid Authorisation Certificate which entitles you to transport horses?

A. Yes we are a fully authorised horse transporter. Our Animal Transporter Authorisation number is UK/READI/T2/00030707. This is a United Kingdom Animal Transporter Authorisation for Type 2 Authorisations (valid for journeys up to and over 12 hours).

Q. What about the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in London?

A. We are fully compliant with the Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

Q. Do you transport internationally?

A.YES and we are happy to organize or help with any paperwork requirements.

Q. What about horsebox hygiene?

A. After each use we thoroughly clean and disinfect the vehicle with Virkon S to safe guard your horses from any form of cross contamination.

14. Will you be able to access my yard?

A. Our two horse horsebox is very maneuverable so can access the smallest and more difficult to reach places.

Q. How is my horse monitored during the journey?

A. The horse area is clearly visible from the cab so your horse is monitored constantly throughout the journey. We closely monitor hay and water intake. We prefer to carry some of the water that your horse is used to. We find that horses in transit are much more likely to drink properly when they are offered familiar water.

Q. How long have you been transporting horses?

A. We have been transporting horses between us for over 30 years. Chris has been transporting horses locally, nationally and internationally for over 19 years, Donna has been driving horses Locally, Nationally and Internationally for over 12 years.

Q. Is the driver/groom a rider?

A. Yes, Donna competed in eventing at 1 star level, then started working as a Groom and progressed to yard manager for an international 5 star show jumping yard. Chris is a happy hacker lol with a fantastic love and knowledge and understanding of all horses and horses love him .

Q. Can I travel in the horsebox too?

A. Yes, we encourage owners to accompany the driver and groom. Seating is available for four, in addition to the driver.

Q. Do you do 24 hour emergency call out?

A. Yes, we are available 24/7 to provide for those last minute moves or emergency visits to the vets. We carry on board an equine first aid kit and human first aid kit to cover all eventualities. We also work on a 24/7 basis for ESS, the horsebox and horse trailer breakdown service.

Q. How long in advance do I need to book?

A. We offer a 24 hour emergency call out service, however for normal transport we recommend booking as early as possible in advance to ensure you get the date and time that suits you best.

Q. What information do you need when making a booking?

A. We need your name, address, phone numbers, horse name, size, age, description, and full postal address of the pick-up and drop off points.

Q. Is my horse meant to travel with his/her passport?

A. A new EU regulation requires that passports must accompany horses when they travel.

Q. Can my horses bits and bobs travel with him?

A. Yes, rugs, bridles, saddles and any other tack and feed bins can be transported with your horse.

Q. How do horses find travelling facing backwards?

A. The horses travel well rear facing and according to Veterinary Record research (1996) it decreases stress and lowers heart rates; consequently the horse`s performance on arrival is less likely to be compromised.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for transporting my horse?

A. Your horse should be ready for loading at the time which you arrange for the horsebox to arrive. Your tack/gear should be ready for loading, a hay net with your horses usual hay/haylage. We can supply this should you prefer. Put the travel boots, tail bandage on your horse when the horsebox arrives if you want your horse to travel in them. Have your horses passport present to travel with your horse.

Q. Should I put travel boots on my horse for transportation?

A. This is entirely up to you. If your horse is unaccustomed to the travelling gear, it is well worth practicing putting them on your horse, several times well in advance of the date of travel.

Q. Can I borrow/hire travelling boots from you?

A. Yes, we have travelling boots and bandages, tail guards, over reach boots, head collars, lead ropes, hay nets, all available for use by our customers.

Q. I haven`t been to a show before can you help?

A. Yes, we are happy to help with tacking up and acting as groom for you at the event should you wish as well as keep an eye on your horse whilst you go and check out the competition!. Both Donna and Chris will be happy to guide you in the right direction to help keep you calm J

Antonio Niedda

Antonio Niedda - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Cano Paredero

Antonio Cano Paredero - Spain - Eventing Antonio

Antonio Monaco D`Arianello

Antonio Monaco D`Arianello - Italy - Showjumping Rider Antonio

Antonio Chedraui E

Antonio Chedraui E - Mexico Antonio

Antonio Marinas

Antonio Marinas - Spain - Showjumping Rider Antonio

Eduardo Antonio Castillo Tejada

Eduardo Antonio Castillo Tejada - Guam - Showjumping Rider Eduardo Antonio Castillo Tejada

Antonio Portela Carneiro

Antonio Portela Carneiro - portugal - Showjumping Rider Antonio Portela Carneiro

Antonio Portela Carneiro Competition Results

61 - World Equestrian Games, Round 2 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 31/08/2006 - Echo de Lessay
91 - World Equestrian Games, Round 1 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 30/08/2006 - Echo de Lessay
75 - World Equestrian Games, Team and individual Speed and handiness - 29/08/2006 - Echo de Lessay
30 - Gijon, Grand Prix - 07/08/2006 - Echo de Lessay
07 - Lisbon, Nations Cup - 04/06/2006 - Echo de Lessay
22 - Lisbon, Grand Prix - 02/06/2006 - Echo de Lessay
07 - Madrid, Trofeo Grupo Arturo - 1.45 Accumulator - 20/05/2006 - Echo de Lessay

Antonio Blanco Prieto

Antonio Blanco Prieto - Spain

Spanish Dressage Championships 2009, Antonio Blanco & Iberis Kur GP

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Antonio Ferrara

Antonio Ferrara - Italy

We provide hauling services in Ohio and the surrounding region, as well as coast-to-coast, whether it be north, south, east or west!

Antonio Ferro Mora

Antonio Ferro Mora - Columbia

Lay-up or overnight services are included with our coast-to-coast hauls. Depending on each horse`s need, we have single stalls, stallion stalls, stall-and-a-half and box stalls available.

During any transport, we maintain contact with you to keep you reassured that your horse(s) is doing just fine on the ride and to keep you apprised of time of arrival.

We are proud of the excellent reputation we`ve built and strive to continue to keep both our new and returning clients well satisfied! Please give us a call.

Antonio Amabile

Antonio Amabile - Italy

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Antonio Bras Moura

Antonio Bras Moura - Portugal

Horse knowledge is a major factor when travelling horses to determine whether a horse is stressed, nervous, frightened or taking it all in his/her stride.

CCTV monitors your horse throughout its journey, a necessity to travel horses safely, and driving style is adjusted accordingly.

Owners are appraised on how their horse travels and advised on the best way to travel their horse at the end of the journey.

A sympathetic driver is a driver who knows about horses, and how they will travel.

This experience has been gained by numerous driving qualifications, including 15 years as a Police Officer.

Antonio Diaz Porras

Antonio Diaz Porras - Spain
Antonio Diaz Porras
Antonio Diaz Porras

Antonio Rubio Pastor

Antonio Rubio Pastor - Spain

Horsemanship Australia Facilities
Mark, Debbie and Lisa do travel to teach groups of clients as required, and also have a professionally run facility in the Hawkesbury Valley in NSW.

The Horsemanship Australia facility in the Hawkesbury Valley includes a large barn with classroom and common area, full kitchen, bunk house style accommodation, showers and toilets, a fully floodlit arena area 110m x 60m, round yards and a natural riding area including cross country jumps.

There is ample parking, post and rail yards for overnight accommodation for visiting horses, and the property is easy to find and accessible.

To contact Horsemanship Australia to inquire about courses, workshops or horse training, call 61-2-4575-3245 or email info@horsemanshipaustralia.com.au

Alfonso Antonio Carrillo Campuzano

Alfonso Antonio Carrillo Campuzano is an event rider from Mexico, born in 1973. Below you can watch Alfonso Antonio in action

VIDEO: OE RT 2. Antonio Alfonso - Finale Assoluto Seniores

Antonio Ponce

Antonio Ponce - Argentina

Mal Byrne Havanna Brown Filly Slip. Used Once. Paid $400 with Butterfly lead. Custom made with adjustment on either side of noseband.

Stunning little filly slip. Made to measure suit small riding pony filly, welsh foal or miniature. With Butterfly lead. $250

Fernando Antonio Moraes Bicalho De Lana

Fernando Antonio Moraes Bicalho De Lana - Brazil

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Juan Antonio De Wit Guzman

Juan Antonio De Wit Guzman - Showjumping Rider

Juan Antonio De Wit Guzman Competition Results

35 - Barcelona, Grand Prix - 04/06/2006 - Ambiente
32 - Madrid, Kings Cup - 21/05/2006 - Ambiente
2 - San Gallo, Nations Cup - 11/06/1993 - Laina
4 - Madrid, Nations Cup - 02/06/1985 - Kerscion

Antonio Garcia Felix

Antonio Garcia Felix - Spain - Horse Driving

Joel Antonio Gierbolini

Joel Antonio Gierbolini - Puerto Rico - Showjumping
Joel Antonio Gierbolini
Joel Antonio Gierbolini

Antonio Murruzzu

Antonio Murruzzu - Italy - Showjumping
Antonio Murruzzu

Antonio Segui Sintes

Antonio Segui Sintes - Spain - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Alegria Simoes

Antonio Alegria Simoes :- Horse Rider :- Brazil

Horse Riding Holiday - Are there good, horse-friendly trails in your area? If so, please Contact Us with the information and we`ll happily include them in our website.

Antonio Alegria Simoes

Horse Rider

Antonio Alegria Simoes Competition Results

04 - Rome, Nations Cup - 26/07/1967 - Samurai

Antonio Nunez

Antonio Nunez - Uruguay - Showjumping Rider

Jose Antonio Chedraui P.

Jose Antonio Chedraui P. - Mexico - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Frutuoso De Melo

Antonio Frutuoso De Melo - Portugal - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Rodriguez Ortega

Antonio Rodriguez Ortega - Spain - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Rodriguez Ortega Competition Results

9 - Vigo, Premio Federacion Hipica Gallega - Accumulator - 11/02/2006 - Ringwood MCD
6 - Vigo, Premio Federacion Hipica Gallega - 10/02/2006 - Ringwood MCD

Jose Antonio Jijon

Jose Antonio Jijon - Ecuador - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Alfonso

Antonio Alfonso :- Horse Rider :- Italy

Antonio Alfonso
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Antonio Lopez Contreras

Antonio Lopez Contreras - Spain - Horse Driving

Antonio Piovan

Antonio Piovan - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Piovan Competition Results

01 - Prague, Nations Cup - 19/07/1995 - Timothy

Jose Antonio Calderon Baquerizo

Jose Antonio Calderon Baquerizo - Spain - Endurance Rider

Antonio Brancaleone

Antonio Brancaleone - Italy - Showjumping Rider Antonio

Antonio Marcos Salles Moura

Antonio Marcos Salles Moura - Brazil - Eventing Antonio

Antonio Suã‘En Olivan

Antonio Suã‘En Olivan - Spain - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Pereira de Almeida

Antonio Pereira de Almeida - Portugal

Antonio Pereira de Almeida Competition Results

35 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1960 - Palpite

Luis Antonio Estrada Hernandez

Luis Antonio Estrada Hernandez - Guam - Showjumping Rider Luis

Antonio Victor Marcari Oliva

Antonio Victor Marcari Oliva - Brazil - Dressage Rider Antonio

Antonio De Cesaris

Antonio De Cesaris - Italy Antonio De Cesaris

Antonio Benito Blazquez

Antonio Benito Blazquez is an international showjumping rider who competes for Spain, below you can watch Antonio Benito Blazquez in action riding Hivar. Email us if you can extend the profile of Antonio Benito Blazquez with additional information on Antonio and his horses.

Horse Business Directory
Antonio Benito Blazquez
Antonio Benito Blazquez - Spain

Video:- Antonio Benito Blázquez & Hivar

Antonio J. Martinez

Antonio J. Martinez - Venezuela - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Luis De Vasconcellos Macedo

Antonio Luis De Vasconcellos Macedo - Brazil - Dressage Rider

Jose Antonio Diaz Paz

Jose Antonio Diaz Paz - Mexico - Reining

Juan Antonio Real Garcia

Juan Antonio Real Garcia - Spain

Equestrian Ranch - Workshop

The two story workshop building is surrounded on three sides by a custom block and steel railing sidewalk with a beautiful surface finish of 5 inches of white "chat" rock. Additional Workshop features include:

custom block and cement board siding provides additional fire protection which reduces property insurance costs.
smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed.
fire extinguishers are located on both levels.
solar powered, motion activated security lights are strategically located.
double steel security entrance doors.
three well water storage tanks totaling 280 gallons with a one and a half horsepower water pump.
two spectacular glulam finished beams on custom steel supports.
five large fluorescent lights over all the work areas.
roof construction is three quarter inch tongue and groove plywood (glued and nailed).
all roof seams are further sealed with liquid tar under 30 pound tar paper (instead of the traditional 15 pound).
solar thermosiphoning engineering under 6 inch cement slab for heating and cooling (the latest evolution in passive solar heating and cooling).
supplemental 16,000 BTU propane heater.
two 100 gallon propane tanks.
Argon filled Certainteed windows on the first floor and Pella windos on the second floor (storage area).
numerous waterproof 20 amp electrical outlets both inside and outside the Workshop.
240-volt waterproof electrical outlet to handle your higher end power tools.
storage cupboards and workbenches with fluorescent lighting above each bench.
"Barn Style" roof with steel supports.
600 square feet of storage space on the second level.
extensive number of electrical outlets and lighting on the second level.
two by six wall construction on the second level.
fully sheated with three quarter inch plywood.
extensive shelving and storage hooks on both levels.

Jose Antonio Pirir

Jose Antonio Pirir - Guam - Eventing

Juan Antonio Paz Garcia

Juan Antonio Paz Garcia - Guam - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Jorge Vasconcelos

Antonio Jorge Vasconcelos - Portugal - Showjumping Rider

Jose Antonio Mora

Jose Antonio Mora - Costa Rica - Showjumping Rider

Juan Antonio Jiménez

Juan Antonio Jiménez - Spai

Jorge Antonio Santiago Alcaraz

Jorge Antonio Santiago Alcaraz - Mexico - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Hidalgo Del Toro

Antonio Hidalgo Del Toro - Spain

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Antonio Rivera Galarza

Antonio Rivera Galarza - Mexico - Dressage Rider Antonio

Werner Antonio Gonzalez Vargas

Werner Antonio Gonzalez Vargas - Guam - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Braz

Antonio Braz - Portugal - Eventing

Daniel Antonio Cantero

Daniel Antonio Cantero - Italy - Showjumping Riders

Fabio Antonio Boson

Fabio Antonio Boson - Brazil - Showjumping Rider

Oscar Antonio Ruiz Peã‘A

Oscar Antonio Ruiz Peã‘A - Dominican

Antonio Vozone

Antonio Vozone Horses

      Holly Cow , Kiste

Antonio Vozone Competition Results

07 - Barcelona, Nations Cup - 05/06/1994 - Holly Cow
7 - Madrid, Nations Cup - 02/06/1985 - Kiste

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Antonio Cappello

Antonio Cappello - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Antonio Marinas Soto and Diamondloma, CSI 3* NHS Saint Lô, Barrage GP 145

Antonio Marinas Soto

Jose Antonio Garcia Mena

Jose Antonio Garcia Mena - Spain - Dressage Rider Jose

Jose Antonio Garcia Mena

Spanish WEG dressage team rider, 30-year old Jose Antonio Garcia Mena

Jose Antonio Garcia Mena Horses

      Guardadamas I ,   Norte Lovera,  Osado 9 ,  Solea Xx

Jose Antonio Garcia Mena Competition Results

9 - Saumur, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 30/04/2011 - Norte Lovera
8 - Saumur, GP - Grand Prix - 28/04/2011 - Norte Lovera
4 - Vejer de la Frontera, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 13/03/2011 - Guardadamas I
3 - Vejer de la Frontera, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 12/03/2011 - Norte Lovera
4 - Vejer de la Frontera, GP - Grand Prix - 11/03/2011 - Guardadamas I
1 - Vejer de la Frontera, GP - Grand Prix - 10/03/2011 - Norte Lovera
4 - Vejer de la Frontera, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 06/03/2011 - Norte Lovera
1 - Vejer de la Frontera, GP - Grand Prix - 05/03/2011 - Norte Lovera
20 - Vejer de la Frontera, GP - Grand Prix - 05/03/2011 - Guardadamas I
23 - Lexington KY, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 29/09/2010 - Norte Lovera
25 - Lexington KY, GP - Grand Prix - 27/09/2010 - Norte Lovera
9 - Cappeln, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 22/08/2010 - Norte Lovera
8 - Cappeln, GP - Grand Prix - 21/08/2010 - Norte Lovera
6 - Hickstead, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 01/08/2010 - Norte Lovera
16 - Hickstead, GP - Grand Prix - 31/07/2010 - Norte Lovera
4 - Vejer de la Frontera, GP - Grand Prix - 15/03/2010 - Norte Lovera
39 - Vejer de la Frontera, GP - Grand Prix - 09/03/2010 - Norte Lovera
15 - Vejer de la Frontera, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 09/03/2010 - Norte Lovera
15 - Vejer de la Frontera, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 02/03/2010 - Norte Lovera
14 - Vejer de la Frontera, GP - Grand Prix - 02/03/2010 - Norte Lovera
24 - Vejer de la Frontera..., Gp - 11/03/2008 - Solea Xx
8 - Vejer de la Frontera..., GPKür - 04/03/2008 - Solea Xx
29 - Vejer de la Frontera..., Gp - 04/03/2008 - Solea Xx
31 - Vejer de la Frontera..., Gp - 26/02/2008 - Solea Xx
21 - Vejer de la Frontera..., Gp - 13/03/2007 - Solea Xx
17 - Vejer de la Frontera..., Gp - 13/03/2007 - Osado 9
4 - Vejer de la Frontera..., GPKür - 13/03/2007 - Osado 9
9 - Vejer de la Frontera..., GPKür - 06/03/2007 - Solea Xx
11 - Vejer de la Frontera..., GPSpecial - 06/03/2007 - Osado 9
24 - Vejer de la Frontera..., Gp - 06/03/2007 - Solea Xx
14 - Vejer de la Frontera..., Gp - 06/03/2007 - Osado 9
8 - Vejer de la Frontera..., Gp - 27/02/2007 - Osado 9
24 - Vejer de la Frontera..., Gp - 27/02/2007 - Solea Xx
13 - Vejer de la Frontera..., GPSpecial - 27/02/2007 - Osado 9
 Jose Antonio Garcia Mena Wedding  Jose Antonio Garcia Mena  Jose Antonio Garcia Mena-Dressage ,

Letizia Giannantonio

Letizia Giannantonio - Italy - Showjumping Rider Letizia Giannantonio

Marco Antonio De La Torre

Marco Antonio De La Torre - Mexico - Showjumping Rider Marco

Marco Antonio Merisio

Marco Antonio Merisio - Italy - Showjumping Rider Marco

Pedro Antonio Mateos

Pedro Antonio Mateos - Spain - Showjumping Rider Pedro

Silvia Mastrantonio

Silvia Mastrantonio - Italy - Endurance Rider Silvia

Jose Antonio Fernandez

Jose Antonio Fernandez - Argentina