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Angelica Augustsson

Angelica Augustsson (* January 9 1987 in Onsala , Halland County ) is a Swedish show jumper, who lives in Germany. In April 2012, it is on 67th place in the world rankings.

Augustsson worked as a child riding lessons by helping out in the equestrian facilities. Later, she rode horses for other people and trained them. Because they, unlike many other riders, no wealthy family comes from, her father had two jobs in order to allow her the way into the sport. You never had my own horse, but they erected it because of her ambition to be three times Swedish champion of the pony riders. In 2005 she participated in the Junior European Championships in show jumping.

In 2006, she was from Dietmar Gugler discovered who recognized her talent. Since that time she is in stable Guglers in Pfungstadt employed and is responsible for education, training and tournament presentation of sport horses and for customer service. She took part in a total of three European Championships for Young Riders. After several successes in major equestrian events, she had her international breakthrough in early 2011, when she and Mic Mac du Tillard, the World Cup competition won in Gothenburg. Also in 2011, took after their Young Rider first time in an international championship.

Swedish showjumping rider Angelica Augustsson, below is a video of Angelica Augustsson riding Livello.

Angelica Augustsson Horses

Odette W (Libero H x Ramiro Z, 1996)

Angelica Augustsson Competition Results

5 - Göteborg, Krafft Cup Final - Young Riders - 14/04/2006 - Odette W
9 - Göteborg, Krafft Cup - Young Riders - 13/04/2006 - Odette W
Showjumper Angelica Augustsson

Angelica Augustsson