Amazing story of a little horse with no pedigree and the faith of a little girl!

Horses feature heavily in fairy tails, but this is a true story of love and faith, below is a story of a little girl who wanted a broodmare who produced a foal with no pedigree, but this little girl had faith in the little foal MJB have faith. Although not showing initial promise, this little horse became a champion, winning the Ohio state championships winning $100,000. Below you can watch the full story and meet the little girl and MJB have faith. >

5 Year Old Jumping - Kinsley and Ruby

Amazing story of a little horse with no pedigree and the faith of a little girl!

Kristine Maxey

Kristine Maxey - USA - Show Jumping Rider | Equine Classifieds | Show Jumpers For Sale, Kristine Maxey competing in Oregon, USA…
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Amandine Berger

Amandine Berger - SwitzerlandAmandine Berger

Jaralyn Finn

Jaralyn Finn - USA

Hannes Melin

Hannes Melin - Sweden - Eventing Hannes Melin

Narayan Singh Rana

Narayan Singh Rana - UAE - Endurance Rider Narayan Singh Rana

Sergio Jimene

Sergio Jimene - USA - Showjumping Rider Sergio Jimene

Ray Tylee

Ray Tylee - New Zealand - Endurance Rider Ray Tylee

Kaya Davison

Kaya Davison - Australia - Eventing Kaya

Mike Patrick Leichle

Mike Patrick Leichle - Germany - Showjumping Mike Patrick Leichle

Julie Otjacques

Julie Otjacques - Belgium - Endurance Rider | Horses competed by Julie Otjacques include Quenz Eddahab, Caravajio & Etica. Julie Otjacques