Alex Gill

A British showjumping rider Alex Gill from Northallerton was a very successful junior rider winning numerous championships in pony classes including the 2013 Newcomers championship at the Horse Of The Year Show with Wildwood Silver, which you can watch below. Alex Gill is now successfully competing in senior level and is based at Billy Stud, home of William Funnell & Pippa Funnell and one of the UK`s leading sport horse breeders.

WILDWOOD SILVER and ALEX GILL Pony Newcomers Champions HORSE of the YEAR SHOW 2013

Alex Gill



Saved from slaughter, Snowman would become an equestrian star, find out more about the Cinderella story of Snowman / Watch archive footage of Snowman in action.…
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Clark Glasgow

Clark Glasgow - UK

Cynthia Gilissen

Cynthia Gilissen - Belgium
Fly Repellent For Horses

Dietmar Hoffmann

Dietmar Hoffmann - Germany

Artur De Salles Pacheco Netto

Artur De Salles Pacheco Netto - Brazil

Cefn Du Endurance Horses is based in the heart of Wales and has produced many top endurance horses up to world championship levels, Some of our horses have been the following:

Gyan Singh Jeevraj Singh

Gyan Singh Jeevraj Singh - UAE

Kaye Mitchell

Kaye Mitchell - Australia

Mohammad Abdel Majeed Jarar

Mohammad Abdel Majeed Jarar - Jordan

Mohammed Sulaiman Aldakheel

Mohammed Sulaiman Aldakheel - Saudi Arabia
Selle Frncais Horses For Sale

Niclas Hofmann

Niclas Hofmann - Germany
Online Dressage

Nicolas Labourdette

Nicolas Labourdette - France

Raoul Ronsmans

Raoul Ronsmans - Belgium - Endurance Riders
Raoul Ronsmans

Ross Green

Ross Green - Australia

Sarah Sun

Sarah Sun - Luxembourg
Sarah Sun
Sarah Sun

Sascha Seifert

Sascha Seifert - Germany

Stefan Kotze

Stefan Kotze - Botswana

Sylke Hoffmann

Sylke Hoffmann - Germany

Nastasja Allache

Nastasja Allache - Switzerland - Showjumping
Nastasja Allache

Vilmos Gottler

Vilmos Gottler - Hungary - Showjumping

Vilmos Gottler

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Vilmos Gottler

Vilmos Gottler

Horse Rider

Vilmos Gottler Horses

† † † Kemal
† †

Vilmos Gottler Competition Results

58 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1992 - Kemal

Rebecca Hamlyn

Rebecca Hamlyn - UK - Horse Vaulting

Raoul Deschildre

Raoul Deschildre - France - Showjumping

Abdel Azem Mohammad Al Sawi

Abdel Azem Mohammad Al Sawi - Jordan

South of Price, Utah
This is a very easy day ride along the San Rafael River through the Little Grand Canyon. It is a very scenic canyon with cliffs on both sides. It is a fifteen mile ride but we did it in 4.5 hours because my girls were having so much fun fox trotting and galloping. Next time we are gong to slow down and find some of the pictographs.

The ride goes from Fuller Bottoms to the Swinging Bridge and you can camp on either end. Don`t forget to check out the rock art along the road to Swinging Bridge. After unloading the horses we drove the trucks and trailers to the end of the trail and returned in one vehicle. After the ride we picked up the shuttle truck and went home.

Clã©Mence Senaux

Clã©Mence Senaux - France
Showjumping Horses

Gwen Hegdal

Gwen Hegdal - USA

Pablo Gredilla Zubiria

Pablo Gredilla Zubiria - Spain - Eventing
Coloured Stallions

Wende Neitzel

Wende Neitzel - USA
Dressage Stallions