Caroline Webley

Alan Birch

Alan Birch - Showjumping Rider / Alan Birch is a well known and respected producer of horses, Alan Birch

Alan Birch Horses

Paddys Delight

Alan Birch Competition Results

02 - Scope, 1m Novice Championship - 31/08/2006 - Paddys Delight
14 - Scope, 1m Novice incorporating British Novice Warm up - 28/08/2006 - Paddys Delight
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Alan Birch

Sarah Swarbrick-Pacey

Sarah Swarbrick-Pacey is an event rider from New Zealand.

Reining is an equestrian event that highlights the rider`s skill in guiding his horse and controlling each of his movements . The horse is judged on his availability, his calmness, his balance and the precision he shows to meet the demands of his rider .

The horse / rider pair must gallop an imposed course called pattern comprising a series of imposed figures including spins , rolls-backs , sliding stops , changes of feet .

The trail is used to judge the ability of the horse to overcome obstacles encountered during a course and the accuracy of its responses to requests from the rider. The objective is to pass obstacles such as the ground bars, the bridge or the barrier with ease and fluidity.

Sean Trafford

Sean Trafford - New ZealandSean Trafford

Judith Matheson

Judith Matheson - New Zealand - Endurance Rider Andalusian BreedersAndalusian Breeders

Susan Reid

Susan Reid - New Zealand - Endurance Rider / Horses competed by Susan Reid include Kowhai Martini, Supre Najinski & Aa Fhantom

Rodney Shaw

Rodney Shaw - New Zealand - Eventing Rodney Shaw

Bruce Haskell

Bruce Haskell - New Zealand - Eventing Bruce Haskell

Carmen Alanis Espigares

Carmen Alanis Espigares - Spain - Dressage Rider Carmen Alanis Espigares

Vlad Balan

Vlad Balan - Romania - Dressage Rider /Horses competed by Vlad Balan include Richi Fleur & Pulsar

Hayden Watson

Hayden Watson - New Zealand - Endurance Rider & Eventer / Horses competed by Hayden Watson include Bb Boy Named Sue, Masada Park Metallica & Masada Park Matador.

Olivia Baudinet

Olivia Baudinet is a horse rider from New Zealand who competes in show jumping and eventing, we have limited information on Olivia Baudinet if tou can help us expand our rider profile of Olivia Baudinet please email us at
Olivia Baudinet