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Adolfo Pacheco - Argentina

Adolfo Pacheco

born in Cordoba, Argentina, his father (also Adolfo Pacheco) a grand prix rider for Argentina (today retired from big sport), and my mother Graciela a civil servant involved me in the horse world from little.

I don´t remember my first ride, but I do remember my first show at the age of 7, very nervous! Also I remember my first victory at the age of 8, with my first horse, a gelding called "Chingolo", who also gave me my first federal and state championship title in novice ,that year.

I`ve won my first national title in 1993 with a very fast horse called "Crazy", and I reached the first category license in 1996 winning in major shows throughout Argentina with a grey gelding named "Alcor".

I also formed part of the Argentinean team in 1993 Cali- Colombia, 1994 Sao Pablo- Brazil, 1996 Quito-Ecuador, 1997 Buenos Aires-Argentina.

In 1999 I decided to start my study of law but soon I noticed that books and horses together were too much for me!

In March 2001 I went to Europe to learn more about riding and started to work for Evelyn Blaton. In July she offered me the chance to work in England for Michael Whitaker (one lifetime chance). I`ve been working for Michael for a few years, where I started as a groom and ended up as a grand prix-rider. I have achieved major qualifications for "Horse of the Year Show" with young horses, as well as many prices at Grand Prix level. I will always thank Michael for everything he taught me!

Since September 2004 I am living in Germany. I started with the support of owners. I also started to buy and sell my own horses.

The 22 of August 2008 i married Imke and we launched the firm Pacheco Ecuestre Gmbh & Co.KG.

Adolfo Pacheco Horses

      Croft Little Doll
          - x - (- )

Adolfo Pacheco Competition Results

01 - Scope, Grades B & C Preliminary Round 2 - 27/08/2003 - Croft Little Doll
 Adolfo Pacheco nbsp;

Adolfo Pacheco

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