Abendtanz is a talented and attractive stallion, during his 70 day test he achieved high marks in the loose jumping scoring 9.75, being given a jumping index of 123.56, in 2013 Abendtanz was crowned Trakehner champion. As well as his extravagant jump he also show himself to have excellent movement making him an attractive choice for dressage breeders. Abendtanz is a son of Hirtentanz who jumped up to medium level in Germany, the mother is appropriately named Amazing, a state premium mare she jumped upto advanced level. Offspring of Abendtanz are showing themselves to be popular in 2012 one of his foals won the prestigious Klosterhof Medingen foal show.

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Janka Hromadkova

Janka Hromadkova - Slovakia - Horse Vaulting | StableExpress.com | English Vaulting Squad - Watch online | Janka Hromadkova equestrian sports…
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  • Katie Price: Horse Riding With Bunny (Cute)

    Katie Price: Horse Riding With Bunny (Cute)

    Watch riding lesson with Katie Price`s daughter Bunny and her fab little pony
  • James Doran-Webb - Driftwood Sculptor

    James Doran-Webb - Driftwood Sculptor

    Animal sculptor creating stunning pieces of art from driftwood, Email : jamesdw01@gmail.com, Tel: +63 32 420 6529 #Horse Sculptors #Equestrian Artwork
  • Henry Cavill

    Henry Cavill

    Watch video of Henry Cavill riding his lovely horse | Henry Cavill genuinely loves horses and is, like, a legitimate horseman | Pictures of Henry Cavill and his horses

Mohammed Alqifari

Mohammed Alqifari - Saudi Arabia Mohammed Alqifari

Ludwig Konjak

Ludwig Konjak - Namibia - Endurance Rider Ludwig Konjak

Nickie Mathias

Nickie Mathias - UK - Eventing Rider Nickie Mathias

Claudio Linares

Claudio Linares - Argentina Claudio Linares

Eira Dilin

Sire: Rosnaree Capricorn

Dam: Loch Sloy Drewdrop

Dilin is a lovely little C mare with a beautiful face as you would expect with Capricorn as her sire. Dilin will be covered by Cataraqui Sir Lancalot for a 2013 foal

Burrowa Rapsody in Black

Sire: Burrowa Sportsman`s Last

Dam: Pen-Y- Ghent Raphsody

Welsh Section D

Inky produced a lovely black filly by Cataraqui Sir Lancalot. She has been covered again for a 2012 foal.

Anatoli Charednik

Anatoli Charednik - Belarus - Showjumping Rider Anatoli Charednik

Claudio Souza Guedes

Claudio Souza Guedes - Brazil - Showjumping Rider Claudio Souza Guedes

Alexa Dive

Alexa Dive - Costa Rica - Showjumping Rider Alexa Dive

Russ Hardy

Russ Hardy - Australia - Eventing
Russ Hardy

Suhail Saeed Abdulla Al Ghufli

Suhail Saeed Abdulla Al Ghufli - UAE - Endurance Rider Suhail Saeed Abdulla Al Ghufli

Annabel Sall

Annabel Sall - UK - Eventing Rider Annabel Sall

Dhafi Rashid H Al-Marri

Dhafi Rashid H Al-Marri - Qatar - Endurance Rider Dhafi Rashid H Al-Marri

Nadia Abdul Aziz Taryam

Nadia Abdul Aziz Taryam - UAE - Showjumping Rider Nadia Abdul Aziz Taryam

Samuel Santos Segura

Samuel Santos Segura - Spain - Endurance Rider Samuel Santos Segura