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AB Testing

Stableexpress is an online marketing agency who specialise in the equestrian industry, we bring the most modern digital marketing practices and incorporate them onto our websites to optimise traffic and increase conversions. One such method is AB testing or split testing, trying various page configurations and adverts and learning what your customers are looking for and helping turn website visits into website sales.

For more information on AB Testing and a free consultation on optimising your website please call us free on 0800 002 9120.

What is A/B-testing?

With AB-testing (aka split testing) you show different versions of your web page for your users and measure the conversion rate for the each version. Maybe the green buy-button performs better than the red one, or maybe the new picture on your front page is actually worse than your original copy text? You run the experiment for a period of time and then look at the results and decide which version to use going forward.

AB Testing