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A Horse Is The Best Gift Ever

A lucky teenager got surprised with a brand new horse, during a photo shoot with Impulse Photography. The lucky girl named Hannah was preparing for college, she thought that she was going to have a photo session with her mom and her mom`s horse.

Though she desperately wanted Gus, a horse who was on sale, her parents decided not to buy that horse, because it was time for college. Lucky for Hannah they`ve changed their mind right before her 18th birthday! Look how happy she is while her dream comes true!

A Horse Is The Best Gift Ever

Marcy Chapman

Marcy Chapman - USA - Dressage Rider / Horse trainer at Great lakes Sport Horses

Sarah Ryan

Sarah Ryan - USA - Showjumping Rider Sarah

Sophie Lefebvre

Sophie Lefebvre - France - Showjumping Rider

Maia Eggen

Maia Eggen - Norway - Showjumping Rider