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83 year old Judith Hubbard, her Appaloosa gelding named Leonard is more than just a horse

Meet 83 year old Judith Hubbard and her Appaloosa horse Leonard, together the pair have a special bond, Judith says Leonard is much more than a horse, he is my friend, therapist and my boss "He owns me. I don`t own him.".

Judith Hubbard
A member of the Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation Judith is one of the oldest members but is still a keen horse lover, she has had a long passion for horses after learning to ride in the UK, her passion for horses has seen her go to the 1956 Olympics as a groom for the Swiss showjumping team as well as meeting fellow horse lover Queen Elizabeth (who is also still riding into her 90s). Below you can watch footage of Judith & Leonard in action.

Horses have been incredibly important part of her life but he bond with Leonard is special, having had him since being a six month old foal, he is now 17 years old and has been there for Judith for the good and bad times in her life, helping her through the death of her husband. Judith Hubbard - Appaloosa Together Judith Hubbard and Leonard still compete in dressage an recently received an award for showing at a combined horse and rider age of 100. Share this inspirational story with your friends.

83 year old Judith Hubbard, her Appaloosa gelding named Leonard is more than just a horse

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