Carriage Driving

The Carriage Driving Company
The Carriage Driving Company is owned by Liza Philips, who has several years specialist experience of the carriage driving market, having worked in one of the largest companies supplying carriage driving equipment around the globe.

Liza also has hands on experience as a carriage driver herself, so she understands the practical issues you face.

Based in Devon, Liza is able to provide any background information and guidance you need so you can choose the right equipment with confidence.

So whether you are looking for single items such as a carriage driving whips or harnesses or if you would like to get into carriage driving for the first time, Liza is on hand to help you get hitched up Boyd Exell Boyd Exell
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Stable Express our intention is to offer a complete range of products for carriage drivers at whatever level of Driving, be it Club or National Driving Trials, Private Driving or purely for pleasure and to offer all products from "Shetland to Shire".

We have researched the market to obtain the best products from some of the worlds leading suppliers not only in the UK. but across Europe and beyond. This will continue to be our aim, and to have the best range available for the sport of Carriage Driving.