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Livery Yards

Choosing The Right Yard - Things To Check Before Putting Your Horse In One

Owning a horse is exciting but it`s also a lot of responsibility. Part of that responsibility is choosing somewhere to stable your horse. Somewhere that will keep them happy, safe, well fed and well-cared for when you`re not around. It can be daunting and it might seem like no one is good enough because you want to the best for your horse, but there are a couple of things that can help you choose the right stables that`s right for you and right for your horse. With these tips you`ll be sure to pick the best option out there.

Meet The Owner

When you`re choosing stables, it`s imperative to meet the owner. They give you a good idea of what the feel of the stables is and whether or not you`d be a good fit. This is the person running everything, so if you don`t jive with them, you`re unlikely to find this place a good fit. Meeting the owner is also a great idea because it`s good to just know who`s in charge of the place you`re leaving your horse behind at.

livery yards

If the owner isn`t willing to meet you, then that`s not usually a good sign and perhaps you should move onto another stable.

Have A List

Admit it, you have a list of features and characteristics you want the stables to have for your horse. That`s good! You should have a list and you should stick to that list. Perhaps there are things on the list you`re willing to negotiate on or give up for something else, but having a list of the things you`re not willing to sacrifice will make it easier to make a decision and help you narrow down the options.

Decide What Kind Of Livery You Want

There are different kids of livery yards. DIY, meaning you do everything yourself from feeding, mucking out, etc. full-service where you don`t do anything, part-service where you do some of the work but they take care of everything else like late night feedings. Before you even think of looking into stables, you need to decide on this first because otherwise you`ll be met with too many options and you`ll just waste your time by looking at things you weren`t even going to consider in the first place because it`s not what you want.

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Ask Questions

Don`t be afraid to ask people questions. Perhaps find people who keep their horses there and ask them what they think and if there`s anything they wish would change. This gives you a good indication of the other people who board there and whether there`s anything the owner didn`t tell you upfront.

Choosing stables is a daunting experience, but it doesn`t have to be impossible. With these tips, you`ll be picking the best livery for your horse in no time. We`d love to hear about some of the things you do before choosing stables for your horse and if you liked this article, share it to help others find the perfect stables.

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Langley Livery

Facilities include individual paddocks approximately 1-1.5 acres in size with electric rope fencing and separate water troughs. This ensures company for each horse without the threat of bullying.

Well ventilated stables in converted farm buildings with two well managed muck heaps. These are removed regularly by farm staff.

Do-it-yourself livery includes one stable and paddock per horse. Ample storage room for each stable with sufficient space for storage of hay, straw and other forms of bedding. Space for both cars and horse-boxes if required.

Good access with 24 hour security with electric gates.

With a friendly riding community already established, Langley Livery is the ideal location for happy horses and owners.

Tel: 01635 248 222
Fax: 01635 247779
Email: mail@langleylivery.co.uk

Foxcote House Livery Yard

Sarah is a BHSPT with over ten years of experience teaching horse riding to all ages (4 years - 60 years), and abilities. Sarah provides regular instruction for local Pony Clubs, and she established Foxcote House Livery Yard in 2002 with the aim of creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The yard is open all year and has 10 stables, 20 acres of grazing and an all weather floodlit menage, and there is 24/7 supervision with Sarah, John and their dog Flic living on site. There is direct access to many bridleways, most without the need to encounter roads, and freelance clients can have riding lessons or horse clinics with Sarah at the yard or at their own premises. Other services available include liveries (DIY, part, full, schooling) and horse B&Bs, with a variety of accomodation nearby for owners.

Located in the heart of the Cotswold countryside, Foxcote House Livery Yard offers livery, B&B for horses and lessons. Sarah lives on site, and has 9 resident liveries. The yard is quiet and peaceful enabling horses to relax. The 12 foot x 12 foot stables are light and airy, and turnout is available all year round in post and rail paddocks.

Schooling Livery - Tailored to suit individual requirements. Horses and ponies are taken for schooling

Full Livery - £100 per week inclusive of straw bedding and feed Includes mucking out, turn out, excercise and grooming

Part Livery
£80 per week inclusive of straw bedding and feed Includes mucking out and turn out

DIY Livery - £35 per week not inclusive of bedding and feed

Other types of bedding are available at an additional cost

The yard is situated in the heart of the Cotswolds with Cirencester, Cheltenham, Winchcombe, Gloucester and Bourton-on-the-Water all nearby. The Cotswolds offer a wide range of activities such as golf, walking, cycling and watersports, and places to visit include the Cotswold Wildlife Park, Cotswold Farm Park and Sudeley Castle.

On Site:
24/7 supervision with BHSPT>BR? Security cameras and electric front gates
Water, electric and a secure tack room
Local farrier and veterinary services
All year turn out
Great hacking with direct access to bridleways maps can be provided/hacks can be assisted on request
20 x 50 metre softtrack surface floodlit menage with showjumps
Lessons and clnics on request for all ages and abilities

Upcote UK Chaser XC Course (£15 per horse) within hacking distance
Sibrina Way approx 5 miles distance
Withington, Salperton and Syde Park events are all nearby
Deer Park: XC Course (£15 per horse)is a short drive
1/2 mile round sand gallop (£10 per horse, £5 if use XC course too)

Sarah is a BHSPT and has many years teaching experience of all ages (age 4 age 60) and abilities, and she regularly instructs for local Pony Clubs.

Lessons are available in stable management, showjumping, dressage and X-Country.

Foxcote House Livery Yard has a floodlit outdoor manage with showjumps and Sarah is available for lessons on a freelance basis.

The manage can also be hired out by the hour.

For further details on lessons, weekend and day clinics see lesson and clinic prices or contact Sarah. Horse Clinic packages can be tailor made for your individual requirements.

Sarah is able to school both horses and ponies.

Young or nervous horses and ponies, and nervous riders are especially welcome.

Team Downs


We are currently able to offer two types of Sales Livery to suit our owners.

For horses valued at £5500 and over

This is our comprehensive service and suits horses of the higher value and calibre. This service will suit the owner whose horse will increase significantly in value with the schooling and competing that we can offer. The service costs £130 per week and we take a 10% commission when sold if the horse sells for under £7,000 and the commission is 15% if the horse is sold for over £7,000.

For horses valued at under £5500

This is our special service to suit the Riding Club all rounder at a lower value. The care and schooling is exactly the same but costs are fixed in order to allow the owner to receive as much as possible out of the sale monies. The cost for this is £65 per week. The owner and we will agree in advance the figure that the owner would like to receive upon sale of the horse, and it is agreed that anything over that figure Team Downs retains in lieu of commission. We do ask that horses are vetted prior to arrival at our yard to minimize the risks to all parties.

To view our luxurious yard and facilities please see our FACILITIES page.


We are able to offer two tailor-made full livery packages to suit our horses and their owners.

OPTION 1 This includes full care of horse on a day to day basis as follows:

- 2-3 feeds per day.
- Mucking out am/skipping out lunchtime and evening.
- Ad lib hay or haylage.
- Turning horse out in the field and bringing in,
- Changing of rugs.
- Grooming, trimming/mane pulling and feet picked out
- Clipping.
- Attending vet and farrier (routine visits).
- Schooling 5 times per week with a senior member of staff.
- Horse-walker exercise.
- Tack cleaning.

The cost for this exclusive and comprehensive service is £210 per week.

OPTION 2 Includes full care of the horse on a day to day basis as follows:

- 2-3 feeds per day
- Mucking out am/skipping out lunchtime and evening.
- Ad lib hay or haylage,
- Turning horse out in the field and bringing in.
- Changing rugs and feet picked out.
- Attending vet and farrier (routine visits).
- Exercise 5 times per week by hacking, lungeing, horse-walker and one school per week by senior member of staff.

The cost for this silver service is £165 per week inclusive.


For part livery will offer the following services.

- 2-3 feeds per day.
- Mucking out am/skipping out lunchtime and evening.
- Ad lib hay or haylage.
- Turning horse out in the field and bringing in.
- Attending vet and farrier visits (routine).
- Horse-walker exercise.

The cost for this service is £130 per week.

Additional services can be provided and charged on an ad-hoc basis i.e., clipping, trimming and mane pulling, exercise and schooling.

Our livery is provided 7 days a week, 365 days per year with no additional charges made for Christmas.


This service includes all livery services and backing and preliminary schooling of the horse. This service can be agreed at a fixed length of term and we will endeavour to bring the horse on to the owner requirements. All horses are different and have different levels of learning and obviously this will have to be taken into account. As a rule it should take approximately 6 weeks to have the horse professionally backed and beginning light schooling. We do like to have the horses with us for 12 weeks to really polish off the edges and to encourage our shy horses to blossom and achieve their maximum potential in those tender early stages. All horses will be ridden by senior members of staff only and will be taught to lunge, hack, school, and jump small fences during their stay with us.

The cost for this service is £180 per week.


This service runs alongside our breaking/schooling livery but also includes specific training for the potential race-horses. Backed and produced by a professional jump jockey with over 20 years experience in the field who knows the requirements needed to produce ready to go straight into training. Training includes flatwork training, basic jump training, barrier training, and introduction to hacking and working up-sides in company. References provided. We have a mile long all-weather gallop to encourage fitness.

The cost for this service is £180 per week.


This is a service that we tailor make to suit each and every client on an individual basis. Please call us for an informal chat and for further details.

Buying A Livery Yard

Livery Yard Remortgage
Looking at remortgaging your livery yard, there are a number of different things to consider and is often worth checking multiple lenders to find the best remortgage deal.

Reasons To Remortgage

There are many different reasons to remortgage one of the most common reasons is your fixed rate mortgage has come to an end and your mortgages interest rate has gone up, when this is the case it may be more cost effective to remortgage to get a better deal.

Another reason to remortgage a remortgage to release equity from your property, this money can be used for a number of purposes including making improvements to your property such as adding a manege, building more stables, buying a new horsebox as well as none equine reasons.

Remortgaging via a mortgage broker

Using a mortgage broker does have it`s benefits first of all they have multiple lenders, this allows them to check deals from the different mortgage providers to best match the deal, another benefit is you will be given a mortgage adviser who has lots of experience processing mortgages giving your expert help and advice throughout the mortgage / remortgage process. The negative side of using a remortgage broker is they often charge a fee on competition for the advice offered, this is often added to the mortgage amount.

Dovecote Livery Yard

All of our stables are spaceous, and well ventilated. In the indoor "Dutch" barn, there are 3 horse and 3 pony stables aswell as a foaling box complete with rubber matting. Then, there are the outdoor stables, 3 pony size, and 5 horse size.

Our menage is 48 metres x 32 metres, and has been recently re-covered with 40 tonnes of wood chippings. There area number of jumps available for use, and in the near future, riding lessons will also be available.

At present we have turn out facilities (weather permitting over the winter months). We are hoping to expand our existing grazing fields for next summer.

RG Equestrian

Any time you feel like visiting our Riding School you will be made most welcome. Riders of all ages have been enjoying the facilities at R. G. Equestrian for many years, because this riding school is run by dedicated and enthusiastic people. Everybody is welcome to join in and enjoy our riding facilities in a really friendly atmosphere.

There are excellent facilities for Horses and Ponies which include 2 new soft track riding arenas, horse walker and soft track lunge ring.

*Manage: 1/2 hour or 1 hour.
*Horse Walker: 1/2 hour or 1 hour.
*Jumps: practice course of 6 jumps.
*Lunge Ring: 1/2 hour or 1 hour (free to Liveries)

If you would like to find out more about our Facilities for hire please contact Rosemary Louis or Michelle Taylor on 01472 276427

Tuition on our horses or your own

Lessons take the form of private or groups. Group lessons are for 1 hour sessions, small group of 5 persons max. Large group of 9 persons max. There are special groups for beginners, adults etc. Private tuition 1/2 hour or 1 hour. Semi private tuition for 2 to 4 people available for or 1 hour.

The Old Stables Equestrian Centre

The Old Stables is a small, family-owned yard which means we can tailor our services to the horse and rider individually. The centre is located in an enviable position surrounded by fields, woodland and the Kentish countryside yet still within easy reach of London and the surrounding areas.

The yard`s position means during the summer months it becomes a sun trap and during the winter this same defence acts as a barrier against the harsh elements. The yard, its environment and setting all go to make this livery of the most relaxed and stress-free environments for even the most highly strung horses.

Clients can choose from a variety of stables and services to best suit you and your horse or pony.

We currently have vacancies for horse or pony livery. Contact us now to find out more.


Busy professionals who have limited time but demand the best for their horse
Parents with young children who have a strict time frame to work to
A shared horse who needs a good stable yard
People who travel but want to have their horse in safe hands
An old horse who deserves a quality retirement after years of service
Convalescence of a sick or injured horse or pony


Medication programmes and administration will be undertaken with Vet`s guidance
Worming programmes available at extra cost
Vet call out (unless an emergency) will be organized with owners consent