Endurance Riding

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Al-Nakyme - Endurance Horses - The Power To Perform - Northern Ireland
Located in Northern Ireland where the Irish reputation for horses precedes us we breed and train our own horses, we also can provide horses that are ready to start an endurance career for both the novice and the professional alike. We have had the pleasure to provide horses to H.H Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum which have gone on to become winners in his hands ( please see sales link) Arabian horses are my passion .
Al Nakyme - Endurance Horses
Al Nakyme - Endurance Horses
I have worked with horses since i was 5 years old and started competing in endurance when i was 8, full competition started at 13.

We have full facilities to breed and train our own Endurance Horses at the home stables, we have successfully bred a number of Arab foals using our own stallion `Metallica` of which some are now coming of age to compete and are proving to be extremely competitive.

We currently have 14 endurance horses ranging from yearlings to international endurance horses, we have a continual training program where we use a variety of methods, including a powered horse walker, lunging and short graded endurance rides to keep them in peak physical fitness and health, we are constantly re evaluating their performance and adjust their training schedule and feed accordingly, not only are training and feed important but their surroundings and stabling also plays an important roll, We feel we have a happy and comfortable stable yard and provide our horses with a comfortable home and thus we have gained some excellent results in competition.

Al-Nakyme Endurance Stables, Northern Ireland / Email : info@al-nakyme.com

Mt Nimrod Endurance Riding Club

Welcome to the Mt Nimrod Endurance Riding Club. We are a progressive Club hosting many rides throughout the season and we are also very proud to have hosted the NZ National Champion Endurance Ride. Our club welcomes new members and someone is always there to lend a hand or give support.

Club President: Kevin Brosnahan 03 612 6744 / Vice President: Hayden Watson 03 689 5844
Secretary: Katie Anscombe on 03 614 8052 or mobile 0274605579. / Postal Address: 269 Smart Munro Road, RD13, Pleasant Point.
Email: katy.flagon@hotmail.com Mt Nimrod Endurance Riding Club

Endurance Horses For Sale

PL INDIANNA JONES : Sire: Bremervale Legacy [imp Aust] - Dam: Bremervale Chanel [imp Aust] Bay Purebred Arabian gelding 4 years 15.hh unbroken but well handled. Fully imported bloodlines beautiful typey looking horse from and illustrious family. By the sire of PL Mississippi [ National Champion Led, Res National Champion Ridden and Top Endurance Horse exp UAE] PL Indianna Jones is a full brother to PL Opium [Supreme Champion], Reserve National Champion Colt PL Maximus and the Champion Mare PL Dreams. This young man will make an excellent riding horse and is suited for a riding/endurance career. Currently has a splint that does not bother him and is price accordingly at $2000 +gst

PL COCO : Sire Bremervale Legacy [imp Aust] - Dam: Bremervale Chanel [imp Aust] Bay Purebred Arabian Filly 2yrs. Will mature 15hh. Full sister to the above Gelding. PL Coco has a friendly nature, great conformation and big movement. If you want a filly to do it all show/ride/endurance/breed then look no further. $3500.00 +gst

PL FLAIR : Sire: Bremervale Legacy [imp Aust] - Dam: Mona Lisa [imp Aust] Grey Purebred Arabian Filly 3yrs. Will mature 15hh. This is a very classy filly who will excell in the showring or as a ridden horse. With such greats in her pedigree as Rave VF, WN Dasjmir and Sunshine Bey, this filly will make a superb broodmare later also. Sired by a Natioanl Champion Show Sire and Top Endurance bloodline sire, this filly will go to the top of her field in any discipline. $3500 +gst

These horses are situated at Pine Lodge Arabians Paeroa North Island. Contact Keith Galpin on 07 8627201 or 0212383534


RADDERY EQUINE was formed in 1991 by Bryan and Bev Smith.

Bev has ridden and owned horses and competed in all disciplines from a very early age. On moving to the Highlands of Scotland she became involved in Endurance Riding, a life long ambition. She became a gold series rider competing at 100 mile level and taking part in many prestigious rides and representing her country in its national team.

They both have a professional background in Podiatry and Bryan is a past Clinical Director of a large Sports Medicine centre. Against this background, their interest has grown in the development of Endurance Riding and they have been at the forefront of pioneering innovative products into the Endurance market. These products have helped make the sport of Endurance Riding as popular and successful as it is today.

RADDERY EQUINE is now the UK`s leading specialist supplier of Endurance Riding equipment and has links throughout Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa and Australasia.

Raddery Equine Ltd, Raddery Park, Raddery Fortrose, Rossshire, IV10 8SN, UK
Telephone: +44 (0) 1381 620615 / Email: info@raddery.co.uk

Watch Video of FEI World Endurance Championship Abu Dhabi YR & J

Al Nakyme - Endurance Horses

We have full facilities to breed and train our own Endurance Horses at our home stables, we have successfully bred a number of Arab foals using our own stallion “Metallica” of which some are now coming of age to compete and are proving to be extremely competitive.
Al Nakyme - Endurance Horses
Al Nakyme - Endurance Horses
We currently have 14 endurance horses ranging from yearlings to international endurance horses, we have a continual training program where we use a variety of methods, including a powered horse walker, lunging and short graded endurance rides to keep them in peak physical fitness and health, we are constantly re evaluating their performance and adjust their training schedule and feed accordingly, not only are training and feed important but their surroundings and stabling also plays an important roll.

We feel we have a happy and comfortable stable yard and provide our horses with a comfortable home and thus we have gained some excellent results in competition.

Al-Nakyme Endurance Stables, Northern Ireland / Email : info@al-nakyme.com

Al-Nakyme Endurance Horses

Star Light Crusade - Star is our first filly foal out of our stallion ‘Metallica’ and Merry Dancer. She started her Endurance career in 2005 and has just recently become advanced. Star has just competed her first ever race ride at RAF Cranwell in England. She finished the 164km race in 2nd position just ahead of her mother Merry Dancer whom finished in 3rd (2007)! More success for Star at the Dukeries she finished the 120km Open National ER in 1st position (2007). This was Star’s second race! Looks like she’s living up to her name ‘Star’!

Wesam - Wesam started race riding in 2005 as a 7 year old. His first race was 120km FEI 2* at the Dukeries in which in won in fine style and also took best condition. Wesam was part of the British Junior/Young Riders team, September 2006, in The Czech Republic for the European Junior and Young Riders Championship. Wesam won the 120km FEI 3* YR race at Dukeries in 2007.

Ishmal - Ishmal started Endurance riding in 2006. Ishmal has completed his first race at Euston Park in 2009 and finished 2nd (1st place went to Helen and Bashir!) 80km fei 1* at 20kph!

BASHIR KALA-SHAH - We bought Bashir in late 2006 as a 5 year old. Bashir completed his Gold final at the end of 2007. Kal (as he is known at home) completed his first race at Euston park 2009 finishing 80km fei * 1st at over 20kph!

Khazino - Khazino has just started Endurance this season (2007). He has successfully completed 2 40km CTR’s and one 80km Graded ride in England. Kaz is Advanced and is ready to race (he is mum’s little pet!).

SKYLIGHT CRUSADER - Benjie is another one of our homebred . His mother was pure Connemara and his father is pure Arab (Metallica). Benjie was born in 2001 with a bit of a struggle because he was so big! He is now 15.2hh and Started racing in 2008 winning 162km at Raf Cranwell. In 2009 he has successfully completed 90km fei * at Haywood Oaks in 4th Position and also won 120km fei2* at Dukeries.

Prestige - Prestige also started his Endurance career in 2006 along side Ishmal. Before we bought ‘T.G’ he was a very successful show horse. T.G completed 90km fei* at Haywood oaks (2009) in 2nd position and is now ready to move onto FEI 2*.

KHATAF CRUSADER - Khataf is the youngest one our home bred’s. We backed him last year and have since rebacked him again this year. He has just successfully completed his first 40km endurance ride at Gosford.

Midnight Crusade - Mynx, as she is known at home is a full sister to Star—Light Crusade, She started competing in 2006 and is now Gold and we hope to start racing her this year (2008)

METALLICA - Metallica is our Pure bred arab stallion, We bought him in 1999 from England. He is out of the famous Sky Crusader (flat race horse). Before ‘Tally’ came to us he successfully flat raced. But since being with us he has competed in Endurance very successfully including his win in the 122km FEI 3* in Cirencester (2005). Tally is currently breeding with our mares, if you are interested in putting your mare to him please contact us on: info@al-nakyme.com

Merry Dancer - Merry Dancer came to us in 1999 as a 4 year old, we took her steadily up through the grades until she became advanced in March 2003. In May 2003 she won the 120km FEI 2* at the Mournes. After this success we decided to breed with her, she produced 2 lovely filly foals to our own Arab Stallion ‘Metallica’. After this break we brought her back into work in 2005 , we took her to Dukeries were she won her first 160km ER and also took Best Condition! Prancer Completed the 120km ER at Cumbria in 3rd position. In 2007 Prancer took 3rd in the 164 km (2day) at RAF Cranwell letting her daughter Star cross the line just ahead of her! We are currently breeding with Prancer at the moment and hope she and Metallica produce some more ‘Stars’ for the future of endurance!

Dorimist - Dorimist became advanced in March 2003. In May ‘03 he completed The Mournes FEI 2 * 12Okm in 2nd position. In the same year he did 100km race in Hexham (England) in which he won. Dorimist has since been retired from Endurance Racing due to a tendon Injury. FABIAN ROUGE - Known as Faby Baby at home, he’s our veteran champion! In 2000 Faby started racing with us and won his first 80km ER. In 2002 he completed Punchestown FEI 2 * 120km in12th position, in the same year he finished 12th in 100km ER at Cirencester. In 2003 he completed the World J&YR Championships in Italy 120km FEI 4*. In 2006 we took Faby to Holland and he won the 125km FEI 3* and also took Best Condition and Best Arab! Fabian is now in retirement and is loving it, although we still take him to the odd pleasure ride to keep him happy!!!

Suzanne Perry - Endurance Rider

D.O.B: 28th May 1985. Started riding and got my first pony `Sunny` when I was 5 years old. Started Endurance riding when I was 8 and have never looked backed! My favorite food Is chocolate! My career ambition is to become World Endurance Champion! - E-mail: Suzanne@al-nakyme.com
Endurance Riding

Romac Stud - Endurance Stallions At Stud

Home of a selection of Arabian stallions at stud with outstanding bloodlines, ideal for the sport of Endurance riding, located in the South of Wales, UK.

Bastian Freese

Bastian Freese - Germany - Showjumping Rider / Bastian Freese & Quick Step 8 - Horses & Dreams meets Denmark - Zwei-Phasen-Springprüfung 1,40m CSI 4…
Read More
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    The sad story of abandoned race horses left to die, 49 race horses left to die in stud farm outside Delhi
  • Jos Lansink

    Jos Lansink

    Jos Lansink was born in Weerselo, Holland but changed his nationality to represent Belgium internationally. Jos Lansink has competed in six olympic games, in 1992 he was a member of the Dutch team who won team gold in Barcelona. In
  • Belgian Draft Horses

    Belgian Draft Horses

    Have a look at some famous Belgian draft horses from around the world, Stableexpress equine breed database / Strong Belgian Draft Horses Working on the Farm

American Endurance Ride Conference

The AERC is dedicated to promoting endurance riding throughout the USA, encouraging young riders to get involved in the sport through to helping professional senior riders make the most of competing.

For more information visit https://aerc.org/

Jo Chisholm

Jo Chisholm is an expereinced Endurance rider who has represent team GB at many events all around the world. Based in Dartmoor she has a long history of contributing to the sport of Endurance as a competitor who has had a career that has spanned over 30 years, she has ridden a huge 11,492 kms in endurance events.

In 2005 Jo Chisholm was Chef d`Equipe for the senior team of Great Britain, in 2016 she was appointed as Chef d`Equipe for the Young Rider Squad.

Jo Chisholm Appointed Young Rider Chef d`Equipe

Jo Chisholm has been appointed by Endurance GB to become the Chef d`Equipe for the Young Rider Squad, "I am very honoured to be asked to act as Chef d`Equipe to the Young Riders for 2016. I know most of the riders from competing on the circuit myself, and have seen many of them competing from a young age alongside my own daughters. I very much look forward to working with them and the rest of the Squad Management Team". Her major focus will be ensuring she has her squad ready for the Young Rider European Championships which will take place in September, being held in Portugal.

She will be joined in the Team GB Endurance management team with another new appointment Harvey Lymer DipWCF as Team Farrier and will combine his skills as a blacksmith with that of the love of the sport of Endurance.

Marketa Pipova

Marketa Pipova is an endurance rider from the Czech republic, who is a member of the Habrovany Endurance Team since 2007. As an Endurance rider she has competed in many national championships a career highlight includes a 5th place in the Czech national finals in 2011.

Abdulaziz Abdullah Alfalah

Abdulaziz Abdullah Alfalah - Saudi Arabia

Horseback Riding in Arizona

Experience the natural wonder and beauty of the Arizona landscape on horseback! MTM Ranch has been offering horseback rides just a few minutes north of Scottsdale (in the Carefree / Cave Creek) since 1987. As one of the oldest stables in Cave Creek, you can feel confident that your horseback riding experience will be memorable.

What to expect from our horseback rides

At MTM Ranch both first time amateur and long time horse enthusiasts will be thrilled with their specially chosen trail ride mount. The age and fitness of our horses allows them go where many can`t. Most of these horses were trained right here on the ranch and it has made them especially fit athletes for the job. Expert MTM Ranch Wranglers will entertain, enlighten and educate you and your group on how to ride to the best of your ability and maximize the time you spend trail riding with us. Individual instruction is paramount here at the MTM Ranch. No need for anxiety here.


The pictures below will help you get a taste of what you will experience on our horseback rides ...

Clarissa De Wit Aldana

Clarissa De Wit Aldana - Guam - Endurance Rider Clarissa De Wit Aldana

Mohammed Ali Al Hadrami

Mohammed Ali Al Hadrami - UAE - Endurance Rider / Endurance Riding Horse Riders

Mohammed Abdulkareem Al-Emadi

Mohammed Abdulkareem Al-Emadi is an endurance rider from Qatar, together with his stallion Marzakani they compete in endurance rides all around the world.

Bin Zhang

Bin Zhang - ChinaBin Zhang

Abdulla Abdulrahman Feteas

Abdulla Abdulrahman Feteas - Qatar

PaceToPlaceStable.com was formed in November of 1999 as an easy way for fans, past owners and current owners to become involved in the sport of harness racing. The inaugural partnership made its first claim in February of 2000. Last year, the partnership had its best year in wins and purse money earned.

Our operating tenets are as follows:


o Run daily operations as if we were the sole owner

o Provide profit/loss statements as requested

o Questions/concerns are addressed by phone or e-mail within 24 hours


o Provide message board/e-mail updates at least three days a week to partners

o Website is continuously updated as news develops


o Most of our partners are long-term owners as they value the service provided

o We only deal with trainers that are respected in the industry

Wendy Benns

Wendy Benns is an endurance rider from Canada, below you can watch a video interview of Wendy Benns. Wendy Benns has had over 20 years experience riding in international competitions and has represented Canada at the pan american games and the world equestrian games.

Wendy Benns

Denver - Holsteiner X Oldenberg of N.Am.
Now under saddle . This colt has a super attitude and a "special" hind end over the fences. Easy to handle, trailers and loads like a star, very nice mover. This is a definite prospect for the Showjumper or Dressage ring

Franck Cosquer

Franck Cosquer is a French endurance rider who competes internationally with horses Namouk Du Bruguet, Uszko D`hotelhoge and Yolina.

For driver training in Sawbridgeworth get in touch today. At Ace LGV Training Ltd we take the hassle out of becoming an HGV Driver. We`ll organise everything for you at every step of the way, from gaining your licence to finding your first HGV job - stick with us and you`ll be on the road in no time at all!

Our well established, family run business offers both private and trade customers a comprehensive service, including driver training in the following:

Mini Bus
7.5 Ton

All of our instructors are DSA accredited and OCR accredited for your complete peace of mind and assurance. We also offer refresher courses with the LGV. Please get in touch today for more information on our services.

Unit 8e1, Quickbury Farm, Hatfield Heath Road, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 9HY

Call: 01279 722711

Axelle Lessard

Axelle Lessard is an endurance rider from France, horses competed by Axelle Lessard include Taktik De Luluma, Razzia El Maklouf and Panely De La Drome. Axelle Lessard Axelle Lessard

About Greenway Stables
Call 703-327-6117 and make a reservation for the day and time you wish to ride. When calling please let us know if you prefer English or Western, your experience level, and the number of people in your party.

You will be matched with a horse appropriate to what you tell us of your riding experience. Then you will be assisted in mounting your horse and we will adjust your stirrups. You will want to get to know your horse in the safety of the riding ring first, so if the match isn`t right we can make any needed changes.

When you feel comfortable, venture out on our trails of woodland and open fields. They provide you with a breathtaking adventure down natural slopes, across creeks and over flat area. There are many types of wildlife to see on your ride including deer, foxes, chipmunks, squirrels, and birds from hawks to blue jay.

Remember: We are open during the winter so grab your warm jacket and gloves and come on out!

Odai Al-Nusif

Odai Al-Nusif - Kuwait - Showjumping RiderOdai Al-Nusif

Franzelle Vivier

Franzelle Vivier is an endurance rider from South Africa, we have limited information on Franzelle Vivier, if you could help us expand our horse rider database please email us at info@stableexpress.com Below you can watch Annette Lewis competing at Olympia

Willem Speelman

Willem Speelman is an endurance rider from South Africa, horses competed by Willem Speelman include Daybreak Galeel, Izra Shogun & Mekadesh Noli
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Abdul Mehsen Mohammed Aljtaily

Abdul Mehsen Mohammed Aljtaily - Saudi Arabia

“The UK’s premier trail riding service”
Here at `Trail Riding UK our mission is simple. We aim to give bikers the opportunity to enjoy this addictive off road pursuit. With our guidance to get you started, you’ll soon see your riding skills improve, and if you get hooked then our mission is complete, and as we say just...

James Edward Wakeling

James Edward Wakeling - Endurance Rider From New Zealand / Stableexpress Horse Rider Database

Abdul Rasheed Khan

Abdul Rasheed Khan - UAE

Fort Harrod BCH to guide horseback trail rides
Guided horseback trail rides at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill will be offered on National Trails Day, June 6, courtesy of the Fort Harrod Back Country Horsemen. Equine activities are part of a myriad of free public events planned for Adventure Day at Shaker Village, a 3500 acre National Historic Landmark located in Mercer County, Kentucky.

Mishari B. N. Al-Mutairi

Mishari B. N. Al-Mutairi - Kuwait

Always mindful that information and its communication is extremely important to any organization especially a self governing body such as ours. I felt it extremely remiss of me not to find out something about the joint organization that not only helps the Society indirectly in the purchase of horses but directly in its sponsorship of the Shire Horse of the Year Qualifiers and Wembley Championship.

Endurance Horse Riding

Endurance Horse Riding

Luis Techera

Luis Techera - Uruguay - Equestrian Database, we have limited information on Luis Techera, please email us on info@stableexpress.com to help us expand our database.

Products & Services Looking for Artificial Insemination equipment, then look at our Products pages. We have everything you need for breeding horses. For stud farms we have AI equipment, foal alarm systems, and computer software. Books and Videos from around the world, the very latest ideas, Stallion books, Veterinary books, Breed books, Breeding & Stud Management books, Racing & Bloodstock books. Everything for the professional breeder.

Vincenzo Paciello

Vincenzo Paciello is an endurance rider from Italy
Lord - A thoroughbred sire who proved to be an important sire for showjumping, dressage and eventing. Below you can watch video of Lord in action.

Florencia Zaldivar

Florencia Zaldivar - Argentina - Endurance Rider

Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Jaber

Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Jaber - Qatar

In Silver Stirrup Stables’ Treasure Forest, you can easily slip back to the carefree days when there were no problems to solve, clients to please, or deadlines to meet.

The Treasure Forest is a prized designation awarded by the Alabama Forestry Commission to private woodlands that are managed to promote conservation, wildlife, education, aesthetics and recreation.

Dogwoods bloom under stately poplars and ancient oaks. The Eastern bluebird chirps its melody and toward evening, a hooting owl calls his mate.

The Treasure Forest is a delight to horses and their riders throughout the entire year. During winter months, with luck you can catch a glimpse of several white tail deer in the snow.

Let time slip away while your spirit is refreshed as you and your horse enjoy the lofty pines and wide, shaded trails within Silver Stirrup Stables’ Treasure Forest.

Johannie Geldenhuys

Johannie Geldenhuys is an endurance rider from South Africa, horses competed by Johannie Geldenhuys includes Phuka El Masri (), Shakira and Phuka Comme Ca (Wd Bronson x Malperthus Gerda). Help us expand our rider profile of Johannie Geldenhuys please email us at info@Stableexpress.com

Jestry Mpeni

Jestry Mpeni is an endurance rider from South Africa, we have limited information on Jestry Mpeni and the horses that she competes, if you can help us expand her profile please email us at enduranceriders@stableexpress.com

Juan Paulo Branco Lopez

Juan Paulo Branco Lopez is a Spanish Endurance rider who rides internationally at a number of FEI events. If you can help us grow our database please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Horse Endurance Riding

Maider Barberena Pinto

Maider Barberena Pinto is an endurance rider from Spain, with her horses Engazo, Jabibi De Kb and Vaninka Du Cayrou she has competed internationally with a number of FEI classes. We have limited information on Maider Barberena Pinto please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Merete Andersen

Merete Andersen is an international endurance rider from Denmark, horses competed by Merete Andersen include Hoptimist, Show Sand, Juwel Of Darkness and Iowa Larzac.

Michael Matz & Chef - Aachen 1986 Voltaire - StallionVoltaire - Stallion

Abdul Wahid Qasem Al Jaaidi

Abdul Wahid Qasem Al Jaaidi - UAE

Our season runs from April until the week before hunting season in November. Just let us know you are coming and we’ll be ready for you. At J Bar S Trail Riding Campground, our goal is to provide you with an affordable, enjoyable, clean and safe campground for your weekend or week-long outing. Limited kitchen and dining facilities are available with prior arrangement. Call us at 417-644-0212 to make a reservation.

Abdulaziz Alamer

Abdulaziz Alamer - Saudi Arabia

Black Bird Trail, Level II, 3hrs 10min
The Black Bird ride follows a winding trail up the Cave Creek drainage. Guests experience multiple water crossings and get to see both desert and riparian areas. One might even see mallard ducks, blue herons, Sonoran mud turtles, and of course many cottonwood trees and lush grasses which may seem surprising in this dry climate. The second half of the ride takes guests up a hundred year old wagon road with a spectacular view of an gold mine and on clear days all the way south into Phoenix. Suitable for children 10 and up.

Abdul Kader Abdul Sattar

Abdul Kader Abdul Sattar - UAE

But just because we prefer to ride in those areas doesn`t mean you have to live there to join our Club! Our riders come from all over the Gold Coast and Brisbane - they know that we love to have a great time and are always on the look out for rides that are fun, exciting, challenging and easy. We make sure we choose from a good variety of rides. We are always on the look out for rides for both (as we like to say) -- the "try-hards` and something for the `die-hards`!`

No matter your capability you`ll find you are welcome to come horse trail riding with us and that you`ll enjoy rides that suit your level of horse riding expertise.

Because we are passionate about horses and horse trail riding ... we are putting this site together so that it will be a resource both for our members and others around the world.


Pierre Ollivier

Pierre Ollivier - France - Endurance Rider / Showjumper
Pierre Ollivier

Beana Myburgh

Beana Myburgh - Namibia - Endurance Riding
Beana Myburgh

Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable riding experience to our clients. To promote the respect and love of horses and to build confidence in the rider.

Johannes De Wee

Johannes De Wee - South African Endurance Rider >> Add Rider Info >> Riders@stableexpress.com

Fanie Bronkhorst

Fanie Bronkhorst - South Africa - Endurance Riding | Horses competed by Fanie Bronkhorst include Tamara Desert Moon (Shaheer Tamagotchi x Luci`s Axe)
Fanie Bronkhorst

Pg Hj Abdul Rahman Apong

Pg Hj Abdul Rahman Apong is an endurance rider from Brunei and has represented her country at international regional championships with a number of horses including Undurra Evangelique (Simeon Shatah x Simeon Seth`na).

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Rafael Cabo Vazquez

Rafael Cabo Vazquez - Spain - Endurance Rider WRafael

Pheello Motsehi

Pheello Motsehi is an endurance rider from South Africa, horses competed by Pheello Motsehi include Moolmanshoek Zamir, Moolmanshoek Hero and Moolmanshoek Klein Vlek. Pheello Motsehi

Nele Spiering

Nele Spiering - Germany - EventingNele

Abdulaziz Almatrodi

Abdulaziz Almatrodi - Saudi Arabia

The Seven Springs Ride, Level III, 6hrs
The MTM Ranch will trailer you and your trusty mount all the way to Seven Springs trailhead to ride back into Cave Creek along an old military trail. The calvary used to travel from Fort McDowell to Fort Whipple along this trail during the Arizona Indian Wars back in the Territorial Days ending in the early 20th century. Not for those afraid of heights: long expanses of cliff-side trails over breath-taking vistas!

Rachel Gregson

Rachel Gregson - Australia - Endurance Rider | Horses competed by Rachel Gregson include Steadys Temmpo
Rachel Gregson

Yehya Ali Asairy

Yehya Ali Asairy - Saudi Arabia - Endurance Rider | Help us expand our rider profile Yehya Ali Asairy, help us contribute to our horse endurance section, please email us at endurance@stableexpress.com to help us expand our rider profile

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Megan Dorahy

Megan Dorahy - Australia - Eventing / Megan Dorahy is an Australian eventer with an international competition horses. Horses competed by Megan Dorahy includes Kimbriki Kingdom

Prasad Tharu Hari

Prasad Tharu Hari - Qatar - Endurance Riders | Horses competed by Prasad Tharu Hari include Dumaresq Twister, Raidah Al Shamal and Rs Fakri. Prasad Tharu Hari

345 East Colorado Boulevard, California
Located across from Paseo Colorado, The Montana offers an amazing location in the heart of Pasadena and is truly gorgeous with stunning views, spacious living areas, and constructed with exquisite materials. This gracious penthouse, with its huge wrap-around balcony, offers views over the Paseo and is on the Rose Parade route! The Montana is an iconic fixture, unlike any residential development ever built in the city. Its residences offer luxury, security, and convenience. Developer Charlie Munger and MS Property Co. assembled a visionary team including architect Steve Nakata, superb craftsmen, and artist Gwynn Murrill to bring the building to life. Offering reception area, library and lounge, fitness center, indoor pool, two common courtyards with seating and lounge areas, outdoor gardens with fountains and reflecting pools, and secure parking, the residences include views of Paseo Colorado, Pasadena City Hall and surrounding buildings, as well as the majestic San Gabriel mountains. montana-residences.com

Deanna Smith

Deanna Smith is an Australian rider who competes in endurance riding, horses competed by Deanna Smith include Patria Azra. Expand profile of Deanna Smith please email us at endurance@stableexpress.com Carl Edwards Showjumper Carl Edwards Showjumper

Fazlan Azri Tan Sri Tajudin

Fazlan Azri Tan Sri Tajudin Endurance Rider from Malaysia :- email us for more information to expand our horse rider profile database.

Winter care for your horse
Now that the weather is turning cooler most horse owners start to think of their horses and how to make winter easier on them. We naturally assume that because we get cold and uncomfortable in winter weather so do horses.

Horses like most animals that live outside need special care during the coldest months of the winter, and horses are no exception. It’s our responsibility to minimize this stress. The most important areas to consider are housing, nutrition, feet maintenance, rugging and exercise.

Horses start to grow out their short summer coats when the days become shorter in direct response to the amount of sunlight they get, as the daylight hours shorten, the horse begins to grow a longer coat. Over the next few days I will be discussing different options to keep horses comfortable through the colder months along with special care for older horses

Nicolaas Jonas

Nicolaas Jonas - South Africa - Endurance Riders Nicolaas

Roland Aeberhard

Roland Aeberhard - Switzerland - Reining Roland

Merryn Tate

Merryn Tate - New Zealand - Endurance Rider Merryn Tate

Abdulaziz Alsaiari

Abdulaziz Alsaiari - Saudi Arabia

Rattlesnake Nation - Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Watch your feet as you step up onto the MTM porch--you may see the evidence of this week`s snake vs. squirrel drama (a human won) still lurking under the floor boards! A hungry rattler recently threatened our beloved caffeine-addicted (Circle K brand--blatant product placement) Rocky, his two squirrely girlfriends, and their nest of newborn kits. MTM Ranch owner and manager, Patricia Motley, heard the commotion and came around the side of the tack room to see the squirrel covenant bravely defending their young against a striking snake. With the head of the shovel, Patty was able to pin the offending rattler to the ground and called in reinforcements. When the friendly neighbor arrived, the snake was beheaded and the squirrel family was safe. But at a great cost, for upon inspection, one small kit was found partially digested inside the dark pit of the snakes stomach. Still, tragedy became comedy: the MTM Ranch crew has been having a good ol laugh by leaving the business end of the snake sticking out from underneath the porch, and separating the boys from the men by rattling hisssss tail with a stick as guests walk up (we make sure to do it after you`ve signed our waiver, releasing the ranch from all responsibility). So watch your step. But shhhhhh, you didn`t hear it here.

Sean Bowden

Sean Bowden - UK - Eventing

Yasmin Karahasan

Yasmin Karahasan - Austria - Eventing Yasmin Karahasan

Nicola Ohnemus

Nicola Ohnemus - Germany - Endurance Rider | help us expand our profile please email us at riders@stableexpress.com to help us expand our horse rider database Nicola Ohnemus

Roberto Ronconi

Roberto Ronconi is an endurance rider from Italy, born in 1956, Roberto Ronconi has represented Italy internationally with his horses Selim Shai, Bint Asifa and Monarch D. Roberto