You Just Got Given Back All The Money You Ever Spend On Horses - What Do You Buy?

You Just Got Given Back All The Money You Ever Spend On Horses - What Do You Buy? Please note, if you are faint of heart please do not continue as we will be looking at the costs of owning a horse! Some things are better not known... Ok so you have been warned, so here we go.

Initial Purchase Of A Horse - £12,000
The initial purchase price of a horse varies vastly, you can buy a horse that costs, £3,000 with other horses costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. We have chosen £12,000 as for this amount you can purchase a horse that would suit both an amateur rider as well as being able to purchase a promising young horse for the future or a an older schoolmaster to have fun on.
buying a horse
Livery, Stables & Bedding
Unless you are fortunate enough to own a property that allows you to keep your horse at your home you will need to put your horse up in a livery yard, there are different types of livery from do it your self to competition livery, we will be working on the basis of DIY livery, the cheapest option, with you looking after your horse yourself. We will work on the basis of weekly livery cost of £60 per week, which is £3,150 each year. On top of this you also have the cost of bedding, hayledge and feed for your horse which is lets so costs another £1,500. Let say to keep the maths simple you have your horse stabled for 10 years, and not adjusting for inflation the stabling costs will come to £40,650.
horse eat money
Competing At Show
Lets assume you are wanting to compete your horse and you compete every other weekend, costing you around £520 in entries a year, around another £520 on transfer cost and the purchase of a horsebox or trailer lets say £7000 as a middle ground. So that comes to £21,000 over the 10 year period. o be fair we are going to hopefully win some prize money so lets say you and your horse have career earnings of £2,000 so the net amount is £19,000.
horse show winner

Vets Fees, Farrier, Dentist, Back Checkups
We are optimistic`s here at Stable Express so we are going to work on the basis that your horse is healthy and never has any health problems, but if it does you can easily add another £10,000 onto the cost unless you have the appropriate horse insurance. but for new shoes the cost will be around £840 a year, dentist and back checks will be another £750 a year and vaccinations from the vet anther £350 a year, with a grand title of £1,990. Although we are optimistic we had best insure our horse just incase our pride and joy gets ill, so that is another yearly bill of around £400. Again over our 10 year term the cost of Vets Fees, Farrier, Dentist, Back Checkups comes to £23,900
horses are the only happiness money can buy
Tack, Equipment and miscellaneous supplies
Lets assume you do not turn into a horse shopaholic and buying lots of stuff you don`t need (doubtful you will be able to resist) you will need to buy a saddle, bridle, head collars, rugs, buckets, things for grooming and other bits and bobs, we are going to factor this in at around £2,5000.

Grand Total - £98,050 / just under £10,000 each year

So here are some things you could purchase instead of owning a horse!

Holiday Home In Spain

For £98,050 you can buy a property in Spain or another country if you wish, if is important to note that the £98,050 is over ten year so you will need to take out a mortgage which will increase the cost of buying the holiday, although you may be able to rent it out so could get some cash back.
Holiday Home

Super Car

Lets be impracticable and blow the money on buying a super car, although these can cost as much as a horse to run!

Round The World Holidays

Have yourself a huge round the world trip holiday or lots of little holidays, enjoy the money on trips near and far and see the world.
Round The World Holidays

Another Horse

Let face it horses are the only happiness money can buy, the relationship you and your horse have is priceless, so lets forget all this silliness and buy that horse!
horses are the only happiness money can buy


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