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Willow Wood Farm, Central Saskatchewan

Willow Wood Farms is located in central Saskatchewan (yes way up north in the snow) near the Saskatoon, lovingly referred to as the "Bridge City" as the South Saskatchewan River runs through it and a number of bridges connect the east and west sides of the city. It is owned by Terry Lynn and John Nugent and their 2 daughters Katy and Brooklyn. Terry Lynn has been involved with horses and showing from a young age starting in 4-H, then showing Arabians in her early teens. She has been involved in breeding them along with her Mother, Katy Crouch for over 20 years now . Terry Lynn and Katy co-own the Stallion *Ahmed and have been very pleased with the foals he has produced for them. They have good conformation, wonderful dispositions and size with athletic ability. Two or four foals are raised each year and stand *Ahmed to few outside mares as well. A number of regional champions have been sired by him and our mares have produced some regional champions as well, both in halter and performance. All the foals born here are IAHA Sweepstakes (check our favorite links for more information) nominated.

Along with the Arabian horses, Terry Lynn also enjoys creating art, including equine sculpture and and a little painting. In the early 80s Terry designed the Canadian Arabians Breeders Championship trophies and produced them for the organization until the mid 90`s when the mold began to deteriorate.

Willow Wood Farm

The whole family helps out in the yard, as gardening and landscaping is a family project, with an ever changing yard appearance. Terry Lynn is especially fond of the hardy perennial flowers and has a number of outstanding beds through out the yard. Being gardening fans we developed and market a product called the Packet Pal Garden Row Marker, which takes up part our time promoting this product. As well everyone is exciting about the construction of a new green house and the extended gardening season it will allow the family.

Collies are our dogs of choice and we share our home with 2 of them. Tiger and Venus, both titled normal eyed with clear hips. Through out the year these 2 produced one litter of out standing pups.

Willow Wood Farm, Central Saskatchewan