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High Offley Boomerang Born 2020 Boomerand is sired by Crocodile Dundy Z (Carthago Z) out of Arturo 8 mare, High Offley April. High Offley Stud have a good selection of warmblood foals each year making an ideal choice for someone looking to purchase a star of the future Call - 07811 329229 | click here for more information on High Offley Stud. Warmblood Foals

Coloured Warmblood Foals
As home to High Offley Fernando, High Offley Stud are fortunate to own a coloured stallion that has an excellent pedigree (sired by the great Kannan) and a proven showjumping track record. Below you can see two excellent coloured warmblood foals High Offley Endeavor and High Offley Harkonen both sired by Fernando. High Offley Endeavor is out of an Animo Mare, while High Offley Harkonen is a grand daughter of international jumping horse Niagra B who competed at the HOYS in lots of classes. Coloured Showjumping Foals - Warmblood Foals
High Offley Stud
UK breeders of Warmblood Foals, with a selection of foals and young horses for sale with some of the finest warmblood bloodlines. View High Offley Stud Horses

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High Offley Adele`s Princess - Warmblood Foals
Another daughter of Crocodile Dundy Z, Adele`s Princess is a foal with an excellent pedigree out of a proven competition mare. Warmblood Foals
ContentAdvertHigh Offley Legend (Ashdale Legend x Crocodile Dundy Z) - Warmblood Foals
A colt foal who is a son of the exciting young stallion Ashdale Legend, the pedigree of High Offley Legend icludes Ashdale Legend, Luidam, Lux Z, Carthago Z, Sultan and many others. eventing foals for sale - Warmblood Foals

Colour Of Money - Warmblood Foals
A coloured colt with excellent warmblood pedigree, bred to be a showjumping star of the future, his pedigree includes Kannan, Samber, Action Break & Nabab de Reve. High Offley Stud has an excellent selection of coloured sport horses available for sale. 07811 329229 | click here for more information on High Offley Stud. Coloured Warmblood Foals

Warmblood Foals For Sale at Euro Sport Horse - Warmblood Foals
Euro Sport Horse is a stud farm with a proven track record of breeding foals that will grow to become top class show jumping horses with numerous horses being competed all around the world, please call 07968 161133 or email h.vanheyningen@gmail.com Warmblood Foals

Arturo`s Whisker - Warmblood Foals
A foal bred at High Offley Stud, Arturo`s Whisker`s pedigree includes big names from both showjumping and dressage, names include Sando Z, Arturo 8, Athlet Z, Sunnora Son, Its The Business and many others. Warmblood Foals

High Offley Arturo`s Whisper - Whisper In The Wind x Arturo 8
Warmblood Foals
Below you can watch Dutch Warmblood stallion Libero H with Jos Lansink.

High Offley Stud - Warmblood Foals
Warmblood Foals

High Offley Checkmate Z as a Foal (Crown Z x Toulon) - Warmblood Foals
Warmblood Foals

High Offley Memphis Belle, grand daughter of Niagra B - Warmblood Foals
Warmblood Foals

High Offley Zombie Stormtrooper (Crocodile Dundy Z x Arturo 8) - Warmblood Foals
Warmblood Foals

April as a foal - Arturo 8 x Libero H - Warmblood Foals
Warmblood Foals

Jadorijk`s Reward as a foal - Frou Frou D`anchin x Libero H - Callaho Larimo SOLD for R210 000 - Warmblood Foals
Warmblood Foals

Arturo`s Dream as a Foal (Arturo 8 x Animo) - Warmblood Foals
Warmblood Foals

Warmblood Foals

Mumbarak Al Rumaihi

Mumbarak Al Rumaihi - Qatar - Showjumping
Mumbarak Al Rumaihi

Julianne Cusenier

Julianne Cusenier - France - Showjumping
Julianne Cusenier

Val de loir xx

Val de loir xxVal de loir xx

Simone Moolman

Simone Moolman - South Africa - Endurance Rider Simone Moolman

Miguel Letras

Miguel Letras - Portugal - Endurance Rider Miguel Letras

Dutch Warmblood Foals

Dutch warmblood are bred for both athleticism and temperament to give you a foal that is both impressive and unique. Dutch Warmblood Foals

Nicole Harrington

Nicole Harrington - USA - Dressage Rider

Nicole Harrington

Noel Weismann

Noel Weismann - Australia - Endurance Rider Noel Weismann

Reitanlage Wittmund

Warmblood foals for sale with excellent dressage bloodlines, Www.reitanlage-wittmund.de, info@reitanlage-wittmund.de, 015112731494 Reitanlage Wittmund

Athletic Colt Foal By Million Dollar

Great athletic colt by Million Dollar, this young stallion, who comes out oft he de Muze motherline, where nearly every mare in row was successful in 1,60m competitions . His inheritance is resounding , he gives strong back and good stand and very good canter to his foals.

The mother Viva Nobless comes out of the strong Holsteiner motherline 4294. Out of this motherline are the international successful offspring L.B.Convall (winner Grand Prix Aachen 2016), ABC Carducci / Danierl Deu▀er, Herald / Markus Beerbaum, Carlot / Rodrigo Pessoa and several more. Also the licensed stallions Larimar and Cormint comes out of this direct motherline. Mother and grandmother made a very good performance test. The Grandmother herself was also successful in 1,30 m classes, before she got a broodmare.

for sale-for sale - 6,900 VHB
Location 21714 Hammah, peters-hammah@t-online.de, 0170 9864204
Athletic Colt Foal By Million Dollar
Athletic Colt Foal By Million Dollar

Crocodile Dundy Z x Sandros Whisker - 2021 Warmblood Foal

Strong filly foal sired by Crocodile Dundy Z, out of a proven mare who has produced some outstanding progeny, including Crocodile Rock is the full brother and has been successful in the showjumping ring and the dressage arena. 07811 329229 Email: Highoffleystud@yahoo.co.uk

Crocodile Dundy Z x Sandros Whisker.jpg
Full Brother Crocodile Rock High Offley Crocodile Rock Z.jpg
Crocodile Dundy Z / Sunnora`s Whisker / Sunnora Son types of warmblood horses

British Warmblood Foal For Sale (2021)

Bred at High Offley Stud this attractive filly foal, is a daughter of showjumping stallion Crocodile Dundy Z (Carthago Z x Ramiro Z) out of a Arturo 8 x Animo mare, full of quality, High Offley Stud give you the excellent opportunity of buying an excellent prospect for the future. 07811 329229 Email:

British warmblood foal for sale.jpg
filly for sale.jpg
Crocodile Dundy Z / Arturo 8 / Animo types of warmblood horses

Coloured Warmblood Foals For Sale

High Offley Stud is a leading showjumping breeder with a proven history of producing the stars of the future, from proven competition bloodlines. High Offley Stud is home of the warmblood stallion Fernando who is a son of one of the worlds leading showjumping sires the great Kannan. Fernando has a proven track record of producing coloured foals from proven broodmares of solid colour, we High Offley Stud always have a selection of coloured warmblood foals available for sale. For more information please call us on 07811 329229 Email: Highoffleystud@yahoo.co.uk
Coloured Warmblood Foals For Sale
Coloured Warmblood Stallion