Wanja Gerlach

Wanja Gerlach is an eventer from Germany, who is based in the USA with his own professional competition & sales yard located in Middleburg, Virginia. Wanja Gerlach has an impressive record competing at the highest levels, below you can watch Wanja Gerlachin in action riding Royal Tribute

Wanja Gerlach


Jay Buxton

Jay Buxton & Arturos Catch - HOYs wildcard qualifier British National Championships…
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Britta Briel

Britta Briel - Germany

Victor Fernandez Bazan

Victor Fernandez Bazan - Argentina

Victor Fernandez Bazan Horses


Victor Fernandez Bazan Competition Results

42 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1928 - Silencio

Eladio Orlando Nieto

Eladio Orlando Nieto - Argentina

Mirinda Centre Stage

Section A Riding Pony and Arabian Riding Pony

Sire - Kirreway Ambition (imp)

Dam - Silkwood Acushla by Weston Mascot


Currently empty. Will go in foal to Victoria Tower Summer Serenade for a 2014 foal.

Foal will be full sibling to Victoria Tower Sequel, Victoria Tower Wishlist and Victoria Tower Heirloom.

Dam of:

Victoria Tower Sequel,

Victoria Tower Wishlist,

Victoria Tower Heirloom

Sarah Dring

Sarah Dring - New Zealand

Zofia Polczynska

Zofia Polczynska - Poland - Showjumping

Zofia Polczynska

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Zofia Polczynska

Wojciech Migiel

Wojciech Migiel - Poland - Horse Driving