Wakeboarding With Horses

As if horse sports was not extreme enough, have a look below at wake boarding with horses, a combination of water sports and equestrian sports, this is not an activity for the faint hearted!
Wakeboarding With Horses
Using a horse instead of a boat is defiantly more environmentally friendly but in the shallow water, a wipe-out is best avoided! below you can watch a couple clips of the new adrenaline powered sport.
Horse Wakeboarding

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Vicki Walker

Vicki Walker - Horse Showing Vicki Walker

Mohammed Metaab Almalky

Mohammed Metaab Almalky - Saudi Arabia Mohammed Metaab Almalky

Bethany Mackey

Bethany Mackey - Ireland - Horse RiderBethany Mackey

Jonas Sampaio Ratti

Jonas Sampaio Ratti - Brazil - Endurance Rider
Jonas Sampaio Ratti
Jonas Sampaio Ratti

Anastasia Lara

Anastasia Lara - Costa Rica Anastasia Lara

Victor Gonzalez Coelho

Victor Gonzalez Coelho - Brazil - ShowjumpingVictor Gonzalez Coelho

Samantha Stewart

Samantha Stewart - USA - Eventing

Pascale Tremblay - Wagner

Pascale Tremblay - Wagner - Canada Pascale Tremblay - Wagner

Nicole Egerstrom

Nicole Egerstrom - Costa Rica - Showjumping Rider
Nicole Egerstrom

Amber Levine

Amber Levine - USA - Eventing Amber Levine