Wakeboarding With Horses

As if horse sports was not extreme enough, have a look below at wake boarding with horses, a combination of water sports and equestrian sports, this is not an activity for the faint hearted!
Wakeboarding With Horses
Using a horse instead of a boat is defiantly more environmentally friendly but in the shallow water, a wipe-out is best avoided! below you can watch a couple clips of the new adrenaline powered sport.
Horse Wakeboarding



David Broome & thoroughbred showjumper Philco - GP London 1981 | International showjumper competed by David Broome …
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  • Animo


    Animo is a leading Dutch warmblood showjumping stallion who competed at the Barcelona Olympics. Click the link for more info on Animo and watch a video of him in action.
  • Nicolas Mabire

    Nicolas Mabire

    Nicolas Mabire - France -Eventing / Unique Motinerie - Nicolas Mabire - Haras du Pin 16 avril 2016 - Prepa 115
  • How many horses can you find in this tricky optical illusion

    How many horses can you find in this tricky optical illusion

    Look at the picture below of the camouflaged horses, can you make out how many horses you can see?

Vicki Walker

Vicki Walker - Horse Showing Vicki Walker

Mohammed Metaab Almalky

Mohammed Metaab Almalky - Saudi Arabia Mohammed Metaab Almalky

Bethany Mackey

Bethany Mackey - Ireland - Horse RiderBethany Mackey

Jonas Sampaio Ratti

Jonas Sampaio Ratti - Brazil - Endurance Rider
Jonas Sampaio Ratti
Jonas Sampaio Ratti

Anastasia Lara

Anastasia Lara - Costa Rica Anastasia Lara

Victor Gonzalez Coelho

Victor Gonzalez Coelho - Brazil - ShowjumpingVictor Gonzalez Coelho

Samantha Stewart

Samantha Stewart - USA - Eventing

Pascale Tremblay - Wagner

Pascale Tremblay - Wagner - Canada Pascale Tremblay - Wagner

Nicole Egerstrom

Nicole Egerstrom - Costa Rica - Showjumping Rider
Nicole Egerstrom

Amber Levine

Amber Levine - USA - Eventing Amber Levine