Unreal Horses

Here we take a look at horses from around the world you wont believe are real, browse below these unreal looking horses. Unreal HorsesHave a look at this horse with amazing hair!

The curly coated horse - the poodle of the equine world Unreal Horses

The newborn who needed a teddy bear. Unreal Horses

Sunbathing Equines Unreal Horses

Tiny Horses (optical illusion) Unreal Horses

A Belgian Draft named Brooklyn Supreme, who weighed 3,200 lb (1,500 kg) and stood at 19.2 hands Unreal Horses

Einstein, the smallest horse in the world More info on Einstein Unreal Horses

Unreal jump by Lastic & Nick Skelton Watch this epic jump Unreal Horses

Horse riding Dog Unreal Horses

Supermodel of the Horse World: the Golden Akhal-Teke Horse Unreal Horses

Unreal Horses

There are only around 800 Exmoor ponies worldwide Unreal Horses

Unreal Horses
The Falabella pony is one of the smallest of horses

The Norwegian Fjord is one of the world`s oldest breeds. Unreal Horses

The Knoik originated in Poland Unreal Horses


How to Behave Around a Horse

Horseback riding is a fun and relaxing activity for both adults and children. However, horses are large, powerful animals and are easily startled.…
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Raewyn Baxter

Raewyn Baxter - New Zealand

Raewyn Baxter

Biat Abdulla Bin Biat

Biat Abdulla Bin Biat - UAE

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Raphael Muller

Raphael Muller - France - Showjumping
Raphael Muller