Tori Horses

The Tori (Estonian: tori hobune) is a horse originating in continental Estonia. The Tori comes mainly in the colors black, bay, palomino, chestnut and liver chestnut. Today`s Tori is a harness horse that has a clean and solid build. It has a large to medium-sized head, a shortened poll, a neck that is medium in length and fleshy, withers that are average in height, a back that is long and flat, a loin that is broad as well as a croup that is broad, and the horse is well muscled. The Tori has a very broad and deep chest, and limbs that are clean and properly set. Tori stallions at the studs are usually 162 cm high at the withers. This breed has a high fertility ratio, with 86 foals per 100 mares. Tori Horses

Tori Horses

From 1890 to 1950, this breed was developed in Estonia at the stud in Tori, Prnumaa. It was developed by crossing native Estonian mares with European crossbred stallions. This breed was mainly founded by a stallion named Hetman, whose sire was Stewart, a crossbreed of a Norfolk Trotter and an Anglo-Norman mare. The Tori breed was formed by breeding Hetman and his sons. Thus, a valuable breeding nucleus rapidly formed, that slowed as signs of inbreeding depression were found in the 1930s. This deteriorated performance and robustness. To eliminate this inbreeding depression, Toris were crossed with Breton Post-horse stallions, and as a result, the massive type of Tori became widespread while the quality of the gaits declined. The need for a combination of utility and sporting qualities in horse led to crossings with Hanoverian, Holstein and Trakehner stallions. Recent horse breeders have been trying mainly to get a very light sport horse-type of horse, resulting in a rapid loss of purebred Tori. Tori Horses

Since 04.06.2012 exists a separate studbook for the purebred and so called Old-Tori horses to stabilize and confirm the small number of these horses. In spring 2014 are fewer than 100 purebred Old-Tori horses left in Estonia. Tori Horses

Tori horse stallion Hirgo (born 1939). Comparing to the modern Tori shows how the breed`s type has changed. Tori Horses

HETMAN - A Norfolk-Roadster crossbred stallion who is regarded as the founding Sire of the Tori breed. Hetman was born at Klementsovo Stud in Poland in 1886. His father Stuart was an offspring of a Norfolk-Roadster stallion Pretendent and Anglo-Normand mare Premiere, his dam was a Hunter mare.

Hetman was dark chestnut, tail and mane more whitish, with a blaze, both fore legs and left back leg were white. His height from the withers was 155 cm, chest girth 184 cm and hand girth 22,5 cm. His most important offspring were Heldenknabe, Harun and Hyperion. Hetman died in 1912. Tori Horses

Was born in Tori in 1897. His father was Hetman, his dam was Burja, a crossbred offspring of an Orlov trotter stallion and an Estonian mare. By colour Heldenknabe was chestnut.

He sired 16 stallions and mares for the Stud. His line was carried on by Heldenknabe II and Hingstar. Heldenknabe died in 1923. Tori Horses

An Eastern-Friesian stallion born in Germany in 1908. He was brought to Estonia in 1912. Sire Mentor 1054, dam Herzogin 5885. By colour Meinhard was dark chestnut, height from the withers 161 cm, chest girth 204 cm and hand girth 23 cm. In Tori he mated with 437 mares and sired 21 stallions. Tori Horses

HINGSTAR 317 T - Born at Tori Stud in 1927. His sire was Hetman`s grandson Heldenknabe II 133 T and dam Meinhard`s granddaughter Maimu 1284 T. Chestnut, withers` height 157 cm, length of the body 167 cm, chest girth 200 cm and hand girth 22,5 cm. His best son and the continuer of the line was stallion Hindo 1667 TA who was born in the Stud 1949. Tori Horses

Was born at Tori Stud in 1949. Sire was Hingstar 317 T, dam Ubi 3679 TA. Withers` height 158 cm, chest girth 212 cm and hand girth 22,5 cm. The best offspring of Hingstar. In 1954 Hindo was acknowledged as the champion of the Tori breed. Hindo`s son Hvang 4413 T and grandson Hrgo 6477 T have also been acknowledged as champions of the breed. Tori Horses

HOIUS 3939 TB - Was born at Tori Stud in 1955. Sire Hormon 1715 TA and dam Uhli 4133 TA. Withers` height 166 cm, chest girth 220 cm and hand girth 23 cm. He was a stallion with good breed characteristics used in Tori from 1958 until the mid-1970-s. The best offspring of Hoius are the stallion Hiilar 7271 T and his son Hiilur 10 323 T, who became the absolute champion in triathlon at the all-Union hauling and driving competitions in 1983 and 1984. Tori Horses

HIILUR 10 323 T - Was born in 1977. Sire Hiilar 7271 T, dam Uldi 16 775 T. Withers` height 171 cm, chest girth 211 cm and hand girth 24 cm. In 1983 and 1984, Hiilur became the absolute champion of the all-Union hauling and driving competitions for triathlon. He has given many outstanding offspring. Tori Horses

AAKER 9969 TWas born at Tori Stud in 1976. Sire Algus 8787 T, dam Hre 17 091 T. Withers` height 169 cm, chest girth 206 cm and hand girth 23 cm. The best offspring of Algus. In the all-Union competition in 2 km walking and in 1983 in the maximal hauling Aaker was the Champion. Tori Horses

DINAAR 11 055 T - Was born in 1980. Sire Difer, dam Heeli 16 489 T. Withers` height 173 cm, chest girth 209 cm and hand girth 24 cm. The best offspring of Difer. Tori Horses

LOIT 11 047 T
Born in 1981. Sire Lokkir 6829 T, dam Ugu 15 819 TT.
Withers` height 167 cm, chest girth 220 cm and hand girth 23 cm. Stallion of the line of Loots and a representative of the heavier type of Tori breed. Tori Horses