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The Onager and Kiang - Equidae (Horses) family members you may not have seen before

Onager Foal Born at Chester Zoo

Keepers at the United Kingdom`s Chester Zoo are celebrating the arrival of two rare Onager foals

Onager Foals

If you have found your way to this page it is likely you have a love or at least serious interest in horses, You will also likely be aware that horses belong to a larger genus of mammals called the Equus within the family Equidae.

Other well-known members of the genus include the Zebra, the Donkey and the Mule but there are other less well known species and sub-species some of whom we will highlight in this article.

The Onager
Onagers or Asiatic Asses (Image 1) are a horse like wild ass with a black stripe bordered in white that stretches down the centre of their back.

They are mostly found in Asia and favour deserts plains, savannahs and steppe habitats. The Onager`s subspecies include the Persian Onager the Turkmenian kulan and the Indian wild ass.
Persian Onager
Turkmenian Kulan
If you want to see some of these guys live then why not watch the video below?

Indian Wild
The Kiang
The Kiang is the biggest of all the wild ass breeds, they have long legs and a stand up mane and have white patches on their chest, neck and shoulder areas. They have a large head, a convex nose and blunt muzzle
Typically living in high altitude areas from 2700m to 5400m elevation. - They are native to the Tibetan Plateau areas and hence are sometimes known as the Tibetan Wild Ass.

The Onager and Kiang - Equidae (Horses) family members you may not have seen before