The Dancing Horse Theatre

The Dancing Horse Theatre is a troop of horse trainers and talented show horses that put on a performance loved by any horse lover. The performers include talented horse trainers who have worked at Arabian Nights, All The King Horses, Walt Disney Horses and many other top horse performance shows. The Dancing Horse Theatre put on there equestrian showcase at events all over the USA including Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago and Wisconsin among many others. Refreshing the show periodically The Dancing Horse Theatre keep the show fresh and exciting keeping the spectators coming back again and again. Below you can watch the The Dancing Horse Christmas spectacular.
The Dancing Horse Theatre
Dancing Horse Theatre
Dancing Horse Theatre
The Dancing Horse Theatre has its own intimate venue which they hold regular must see live events, with a number of different horse breeds performing with there trainers, below you can watch one of the past shows held at the Dancing Horse Theatre.

The Dancing Horse Theatre

  • Bartlomiej Kwiatek

    Bartlomiej Kwiatek

    Bartlomiej Kwiatek - Poland - Horse Driving | Watch Bartlomiej Kwiatek in action doing the driving dressage test |
  • Dog vs Mini Horses Stable Racing!

    Dog vs Mini Horses Stable Racing!

    Who is your money on, the miniature horses or the dogs watch this fab video of them galloping around the stables, round and round they go...
  • Julie Otjacques

    Julie Otjacques

    Julie Otjacques - Belgium - Endurance Rider | Horses For Sale in Belgium and around Europe, Find an endurance competition horse online

Gosho Cvetkov

Gosho Cvetkov - Bulgaria

Bayi Sihan

Bayi Sihan - China - Eventing | Bayi Sihan is an international eventer from China, horses competed by Bayi Sihan include Chicago 128 (2007, Westphalian, Cosmo-pilot x New Moon xx)

Constanze Von Plato

Constanze Von Plato - Germany - Eventing | Horses competed by Constanze Von Plato include Lauren 3 (Longchamp x Forrest xx)

Mohammed Abdullatif Alomair

Mohammed Abdullatif Alomair - Saudi Arabia - Endurance Rider | Horses competed by Mohammed Abdullatif Alomair include Alazmah, Alfaraa and Liath.

Promton Kingwan

Promton Kingwan - Thailand - Eventing
Promton Kingwan

Lynelle Miles

Lynelle Miles - Australia - Eventing

Simone Van Der Walt

Simone Van Der Walt - Namibia - Endurance RiderSimone Van Der Walt

Timna Zach

Timna Zach - Austria - Dressage Rider
Timna Zach

Venetia Pengelley

Venetia Pengelley - UK - Eventing | Horses competed by Venetia Pengelley include WHAT ABOUT ME and BURRAGAMA FOX.

H Dickinson

H Dickinson -

Magnusson Fredrika

Magnusson Fredrika - Sweden - Showjumping

Magnusson Fredrika

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Magnusson Fredrika

Wolfgang Schumann

Wolfgang Schumann - Germany - Showjumping Rider | Horses competed by Wolfgang Schumann include Landjonker`s Lug, D`angelo 3 and Seraphin 9.

Julie Hoogland

Julie Hoogland - Belgium - Showjumping Rider | Julie Hoogland Horses - Arsoville De La Genestre (Skippy II, 2000), Celin Z (Cumano Z, 1999), Valhardi Of Zellik (Darco , 1999)

Julie Hoogland Competition Results

42 - Lummen, International Competition 6 years old Final - 23/04/2006 - Arsoville De La Genestre
49 - Lummen, International Competition 1.35m Final - 23/04/2006 - Valhardi Of Zellik
29 - Lummen, International Competition 1.20m Final - 23/04/2006 - Celin Z
50 - Lummen, International Competition 6 Years Old - 22/04/2006 - Arsoville De La Genestre
24 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.30m - 22/04/2006 - Valhardi Of Zellik
38 - Lummen, International Competition 1.25m - 22/04/2006 - Celin Z
71 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.35m - 21/04/2006 - Valhardi Of Zellik
1 - Lummen, International Competition 6 Years Old - 21/04/2006 - Arsoville De La Genestre
66 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.25m - 21/04/2006 - Celin Z

Mohammed Tareq Bader Al-Mailam

Mohammed Tareq Bader Al-Mailam - Kuwait - Horse Rider