Stable Yard Security

Criminals often view stable yards and equestrian properties as an easy target, low levels of security protecting thousands of poinds worth of assets, here at stableexpress we try and help you ensure your horse and property is kept safe, with helpful security hints and tips as well as information on companies all over the world providing security services and products.

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Stable Yard Security

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Stable Yard Security

Keeping Your Yard Safe From Thieves

Your yard is full of valuable items and assets. One of the many events that yard owners worry about is thieves. Some yard owners may think that padlocks on all doors are enough to deter a thief, but that is not always the case. There are various ways that you can secure your yard from thieves and perhaps prevent them from choosing your yard altogether.

Video surveillance systems are crucial to have in your yard. Cameras, monitors, and records yield the best results when they are integrated with motion sensors that set off an alarm as well as active the video recorder. A 40-pixel or higher camera and video system will provide clear images and video. You should install the surveillance equipment in hidden areas as well as near entrances or areas that are likely targets for thieves.

CCTV Security Cameras
CCTV Cameras

Marking Identification Methods
In the U.S., there is a system that was established by the FBI to recover stolen equipment. It is called the Owner Applied Number program (OAN). This program uses a unique 10-digit number that identifies the state, country, and owner of the item. The number is permanent and can be stamped on everything from tools to tractors. You can also carve or mark on the items and take a picture of the marking for your records.

Locks, Lights, and Gates

Locks: You can weld a metal cover over the hasp, to protect padlocks from being cut or snapped by a bolt-cutter. Lock all storage areas with locks, deadbolts, and hasps.

Lights: Thieves will attempt most thefts at night. You should place bright lights in critical areas such as near fuel tanks, grain storage bins, and all buildings. You can also put motion sensor lighting around buildings to spotlight the areas when motion is detected. External lights should be kept on automatic timers. All foliage and shrubbery should be regularly pruned to avoid blocking the surveillance equipment.

Gates: Secure all gates with chains and locks. Any gate hinges that are easily removed should be fortified. All access roads should be secured with gates or cables stretched between posts. You can also top all gates with barbed wire if a horse will never be near the gate. Night Watchman
If you have the accommodations to allow someone to stay at your facility at all hours, hire a night watchman. Thieves are usually deterred from trespassing and stealing if they are aware that someone is on the grounds at all times. If they are not aware, the night watchman may catch them by surprise, and they are not likely to return if they are found.

Regularly Inventory Your Stock

Make a list of all assets and items that you own and their estimated value. You can create these lists by using a camera and a notes system. Insurance companies may require you to do this but if they do not, do it anyway. Include registration numbers, license plate, and vehicle numbers as well. Store all of these records away from your yard.

You should also take notes on how long certain items last you versus how long these items should last you. If you begin to come up short on an item that should have lasted much longer, someone may be stealing from you.

Equestrian Security

When you own horses you will also need to have a wide range of expensive equipment such as riding tack, horseboxes, trailers as well as the horse itself. Here at Stableexpress we talk about the different products and solutions to help make your equestrian home more secure, these includes tack lockers, CCTV, alarms as well as security fencing and gates.

Ensuring you have the correct security precautions could not only stop the criminals from calling but could also decrease your insurance premiums, for more information on the equestrian security options available please email us at info@stableexpress.com