Sandro Boy

Competed by German rider Marcus Ehning Sandro Boy won over a million euro`s in the showjumping arena, winning numerous grand prix`s. Sandro Boy biggest win was winning the world cup final in Kuala Lumpur, beeting the worlds best horse and rider combinations. Sandro Boy is a son of the great Sandro who has also sired other great sport horses such as Sandro Song and Sandro Hit. Below you can watch Sandro Boy in action, ridden by Marcus Ehning in Bordeaux.

Sandro Boy
Sanro Z - Sire Of Sandro BoySandro Z
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Marcus Ehning

Sandro Boy
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Sandro Man de L

An international showjumper, Sandro Man de L is sired by Sandro Boy out of the mare Landgraefin C who is a daughter of Landgraf I. Born in 1998 Sandro Man de L is an approved stallion with a result internationally under FEI rules.


Marcus Ehning - Sabrina (sired by Sandro Boy) - Olympia Grand Prix London 2012