Popcorn Deelites - The Equestrian Movie Star

Born in 1988 Popcorn Deelites is an American race horse who ran as a low level claimer winning 11 races from 58 starts winning $56,880 in prize money, adter his retirement from the track Popcorn Deelites would become a star of the movie screen, including his roles includes the title role of Seabiscuit in 2003.
Popcorn Deelites
Below you can watch the famous final race scene from the movie, as a sprint racer Popcorn Deelites specialised in quick starts from the gates, as well as Popcorn Deelites the movie also featured 5 other thoroughbred horses in different shots as Seabiscuit.
Popcorn Deelites had a very impressive pedigree that includes some of the top names from the world of horse racing these names include Northern Dancer, Buckpasser, Bold Ruler and Secretariat.

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Popcorn Deelites - The Equestrian Movie Star

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Rasmine Laudrup is a female showjumping rider from Denmark. We need your help expanding our profile, if your able to give us extra info on Rasmine Laudrup or pictures or video please email us at info@stableexpress.com

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Born the 19th April, 2014 Doneraile is a race horse trained by R Eddery and Owned by Mr Edwin S Phillips. :- Breeding: Requinto (IRE) - Yaky Romani (IRE) (Victory Note (USA)). If you can help us expand our horse profile of Doneraile please email us at racehorses@stableexpress.com

Coloured Stallions
Coloured Stallions
Anglo European Studbook stallions at stud, based in Staffordshire. Call: 07811 329229 - Email: highoffleystud@yahoo.com

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