Nikki Freeman

Nikki Freeman is a Staffordshire based showjumper, a daughter of Carl Freeman, Nikki has a long history of competing showjumping horses from a young age. She competed in children on horses from the age of 14, as a senior rider Nikki has continued to be successful and is well known for producing quality young horses, including qualifying for the horse of the year show. Nikki Freeman - Showjumper Below you can watch Nikki Freeman and Kimgarwyn Billy jumping the Ladies & Gents qualifier at Wales & West.

Nikki Freeman started competing horses at just 14 years of age, has also competed on the international young riders circuit for many years, and regularly competed on the children on horses competitions amongst others. The daughter of Staffordshire based Carl Freeman Nikki comes from a strong equestrian background.

Nikki is now competed successfully in senior competitions in 2012 Nikki made her debut at HOYS Nikki Freeman Showjumper

Nikki Freeman
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Nikki Stoke

Nikki Stoke - USA - Horse Vaulting
Nikki Stoke

Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith - Canada

Equestrian Working Students

There are always possibilities for an equestrian working student. This can provide a North American learning experience for athletes from other countries or it can provide an opportunity for Canadians to train their own horse while they learn to ride to a higher level. Barn management, equine groom, ride and drive, learn under the instruction of a certified equine coach. Tuition rates available for various programs.

Students who wish to trade work for training must be willing to make a 6 month to 12 month commitment and must have a solid riding background that can add value to the horses and management of the farm. A resume with riding and personal references will be required. They will be required to cover their own living expenses.

Call now to discuss the possibilities.

Jay Jay Rogers OWNER/AGENT

6670 267th Street
Aldergrove, B.C.
V4W 3L8 Canada
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Nikki Klijn

Nikki Klijn - Holland - ShowjumpingNikki Klijn

Nikki Crisp

Nikki Crisp - UK - Dressage RiderNikki Crisp

Nikki Murphy

Nikki Murphy - Ireland - Showjumping

Nikki Malcolm

Nikki Malcolm - UK - Endurance RiderNikki Malcolm

Nikki Morgan

Nikki Morgan - Nikki Morgan

Nikki Routledge

Nikki Routledge - uk - Endurance Rider I have been riding since I was 11 years old and competing in endurance since 1997. I bought a TB, Justice, while I was at uni` to bring on and sell and much to "daddy-bank’s" disgust, I kept him. I tried him at eventing but it just wasn’t his cup of tea, so we began endurance riding, imagining it to be old ladies out hacking gently round a few miles and having a nice day out. We discovered otherwise. In fact, I think of it as "extreme hacking" and you get the idea – together Justice and I discovered the challenge of riding over varied terrain, in varied weather conditions and with various aches and pains. All for a small colourful rosette. Isn’t it amazing what people will do for a small ribbon?

After a few years in the sport and a lot of effort trying to get round what was a very elusive 50 mile completion for us then, we finally got to Gold level (this is now called Advanced). We entered the most prestigious ride in the endurance calendar, the Golden Horseshoe, only six weeks later. Many people enter the 50 mile or the 75 mile class but Justice and I went for the full 100 miles on our first attempt! It is a two day competition, 50 miles each day. Day one went well and we tucked Justice up for the night in a warm cosy stable, legs bandaged and so much hay and feed he thought all his Christmas`s had come at once. Day two, I got out of bed and wondered why on earth I thought doing 100 miles would be a good idea. My goodness, I hurt – my legs hurt, my back ached, I was tired and I had to get back on the horse and ride the whole 50 mile course again. Obviously I didn’t tell anyone I felt this way. That would mean losing face when I was so sure I could do this.

So I walked that slow walk that you do when you hurt but you don’t want anyone to realise, and I smiled (almost) convincingly at everyone I met. Once I had got Justice mucked out and tacked up, I felt loads better, so up I jumped and immediately the hurt came back, this time as stabbing pains straight through the knees. Justice didn`t seem to hurt at all; in fact to show everyone how good he felt, he decided that a very rough and ready version of passage might be appropriate to limber up before starting the course again! Why do our horses choose these inopportune moments to demonstrate such otherwise hidden skills? Eventually I made it out on course and the knees eventually decided to stop hurting. We cruised around the course in good time, and finished well.

Needless to say I was hooked and 10 years later I have completed the Golden Horseshoe 160km class (100 miles!) twice more, plus ridden at International and Interregional competitions.

Nikki Richardson

Nikki Richardson - Australia - Eventing

Nikki Ferguson

Nikki Ferguson - Australia - EventingNikki Ferguson

Nikki Hausamann

Nikki Hausamann - Austria - ShowjumpingNikki Hausamann

Nikki Gallimore

Nikki Gallimore - Showjumping Rider
Nikki Gallimore Competition Results18 - Scope, Pairs - 26/08/2003 - Moniar

Nikki Bridwell

Nikki Bridwell - USA - Endurance RiderNikki Bridwell

Nikki Mclaughlin

Nikki Mclaughlin - Australia - EventingNikki Mclaughlin

Nikki Nijenkamp

Nikki Nijenkamp - Holland - Showjumping RiderNikki Nijenkamp

Nikki Soich-Flach

Nikki Soich-Flach - USA - Dressage Rider