Nicky Boulter

Nicky Boulter / Nicky Charles
Nicky Boulter is a showjumping rider from the UK with an international competition record, horses competed by Nicky Boulter include Magna Carter Li, Superbratt, Dammam. O.l, Haifa. O.l. & Ja Waher. One horse Nicky Boulter had a great deal of success with is the stallion Super Trooper, below you can watch Nicky & Super Trooper competing on the Sunshine Tour.

Nicky Boulter

Nicky Boulter
Nicky Boulter Horses - Give Me, Knightley Belle, Lou Lou De Villiers, Magna Charta II nicky boulter 

Nicky Boulter Competition Results

08 - ROYAL WINDSOR HORSE SHOW, Oneida Viviers National B & C Championship - 11/05/2006 - Lou Lou De Villiers
3 - Hickstead - Derby Meeting, The Hickstead Derby - 21/08/2005 - Magna Charta II
3 - Hickstead - Derby Meeting, The Scaynes Hill Speed Stake - 18/08/2005 - Give Me
05 - ROYAL WINDSOR HORSE SHOW, Ladies - 14/05/2005 - Knightley Belle


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