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New Website

new Website

Free Website Competition

In the event of you winning the competition you will have a website that will :-
  • Website will have up to 10 pages
  • Available domain registered on your behalf, will be owned by you
  • Prize draw will be help after 100 entries
  • Once you have filled in your details you will need to share this page on Facebook
Website design begins with visibility and usability, get help from a web design agency with knowledge and experience in both web marketing and the world of horses.

1) Analyzing current and possible future true customer base. You must know who your online audience will be before you can appeal to them. You have to define them as precisely as possible in the hope of understanding the way they seek online.

2) Brainstorming to find key words your true customers will most often use when searching the web. Everyone representing your company who has knowledge of the Internet and meets your current customers on a regular basis can and should help during this critical step. Filter the resulting list of keywords by using them on Internet search engines to find who your competition is and what they are up to.

3) Collect the physical assets (domain name(s), web host, etc.) to begin designing. This process is mostly our responsibility.

4) Design with search engine visibility, ease-of-use and attractiveness in mind.

5) Execute the design. The complexity and size of your website dictate the time needed before your site can be completed. Even small business websites must be designed with a minimum of five pages before submitting to search engines for listing: once again, size matters.

6) Further site visibility by promoting both on and off the web. Once the domain name has been chosen, you must begin to place it everywhere practical.

7) Gather feedback from online customers concerning the website`s usefulness. The most important step you can take to enhance repeat business. If the site never offers anything new, how many times would anyone check back?

8) Monitor website statistics and maintain. The Internet is a dynamic media. You will want to update content and keep it fresh, to know your site is up and running at least 99.5% of the time, and what your site`s position is on the major search engines. You will want practical ways to measure it`s impact on your bottom line.

If you are thinking about building new or revamping your current website, I suggest you email us today websitedesign@stableexpress.com and let`s talk about creating a more profitable company website.

New Website