Matteo Tentarelli

Matteo Tentarelli - Italy - Endurance Rider | An Italian endurance rider Matteo Tentarelli has an international competition record, horses competed by Matteo Tentarelli include Aralia Della Bosana, Eureka and Zagara Della Bosana.Matteo

Matteo Tentarelli

Daniel Watson

Daniel Watson - Royal Windsor Horse Show - Grand Prix Dressage | Daniel Watson - UK Dressage Rider | Stableexpress Dressage Riders Online | Dressage Test Videos…
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    Showjumping Horses Past and Present

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  • Julie Otjacques

    Julie Otjacques

    Julie Otjacques - Belgium - Endurance Rider | Horses For Sale in Belgium and around Europe, Find an endurance competition horse online

Claudia Sa

Claudia Sa - Portugal

Anne Eglantine Perrot

Anne Eglantine Perrot - France

Bethany Peslar

Bethany Peslar - USA

Lombardi 11

Watch Steffen Peters riding Lombardi II in the 2008 U.S Olympic trials. Lombardi 11 was sired by the stallion Locato out of the mare Baroness X who is a daughter of the stallion Fernando.



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Lombardi 11

Meaghan Marinovich

Meaghan Marinovich - USA

Melissa Reese

Melissa Reese - USA
warmblood foals for sale

Nicolas Andre

Nicolas Andre - France
4 Year Old Horses For Sale

Stéphane Pasquier

Stéphane Pasquier - France

Jessie Drea

Jessie Drea is a British showjumper based in West Sussex, she competed at the top level as a pony rider and now competes at international level, in 2014 she represented the UK at the world equestrian games, below you can watch her in action in the AIT at Surrey County with her horse Mullaghdrin Touch.

Jessie Drea and Mullaghdrin Touch the Stars at Surrey County 2016 Area Trial Jump off

Jessie Drea

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Pat Smullen

Pat Smullen - Ireland - JockeyPat Smullen

Hannah Esberger - Shepherd

Hannah Esberger - Shepherd - UK Dressage Rider - Hannah Esberger training at Carl Hester`s with Leonidas III
Hannah Esberger - Shepherd

Taylor Wood

Taylor Wood - USA - EventingTaylor Wood