Marta Fernandez Andrade

Marta Fernandez Andrade - Spain

Marta Fernandez Andrade

Marta Fernandez Andrade horse rider profile at stableexpress, find Show Jumping results from Marta Fernandez Andrade and many other leading Show Jumping riders.

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Marta Fernandez Andrade

Whisper In The Wind

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Although thee least cost effective - but best - is post and rail fencing. It is recommended by most people and the Pony Clubs Manual of horsemanship recommends it. However as I said it isnt very cost effective as it is very expensive.

Nowadays people are using portable fencing (tape and plastic posts) which is great and not too expensive. However, subjected to harsh weathers has been known to blow over and you also NEED the battery charged up constantly.

Sheep/pigs wire (the wire with square holes) can be used although its best not to as horses can get their legs caught in it and panic.

Another option is fence posts (not too expensive) with strong wire 1/4 of the way down and 3/4 of the way down, with electric tape running 1/2 the way down. A very strong and cost effective design.

Also, if you have any hedges, these can be used, but be aware as they may be escaped through (it may be that you could just use some portable fencing here)

Marta Piekarska

Marta Piekarska - Poland

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Marta Botin

Marta Botin - Spain - Eventing
Marta Botin