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Lulu Cake Boutique

Based in Manhattan, Lulu Cake Boutique create luxurious cakes for any occasion, pouring love and passion into every creation using the finest ingredients to create great looking cakes without compromising on taste. If you are in need of a bespoke cake, call Lulu Cake Boutique on 914-722-8300 or visit there website http://everythinglulu.com.

Below you can see this fantastic gymkhana cake making an ideal cake for any horse loving daughter

Gymkana Cake

Wedding Cakes

Lulu cake boutique have experience catering for hundreds of weddings, creating beautiful wedding cakes that will elevate the special occasion.
Wedding Cakes
Celebration Cake

Celebration Cake

The perfect cake for that special occasion. Lulu boutique are experts in creating bespoke cakes tailored to your specific requirements making your cake idea`s become a reality.

Disney Cake

Disney have creating some truly iconic characters loved by kids all around the world, below you can see an example of a Disney cake celebrating some of the characters who began Disney, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Disney Cake

Cake Decorating Tools

Cake decorating tools are a cake decorator`s best friend. Using the right equipment makes designing much easier. The right tools will also give your cake a more professional look. Knowing which tools to use and when to use them is important.

Don`t Forget these Basic Tools Also

Here are some other tools that are handy:

Apron - This hobby can get messy sometimes!

Rubber spatula - to make sure you get all of your cake batter and icing out of your bowls

Mixing bowls - having several different sizes of bowls comes in handy for mixing different colors of icing

Extra powdered sugar - keep some extra around to thicken up your icing if you need to.

Scissors - to cut cake foil or pastry bags

Paper towels and a towel - again, cake decorating can be messy. I keep a towel attached to my apron to wipe my hands on.

Mixer - Investing in a good stand mixer is a great idea if you plan to make cakes or do a lot of baking. They make the whole process a lot easier.

Lulu Cake Boutique