Learning How to Ride a Horse

Learning how to ride a horse can be lots of fun. Whether you want to ride for the feeling of freedom or you are just a horse lover, it can be very rewarding. With just some basic equipment and a good teacher you can be on the way to having hours of fun on a horse.

There are many different styles of horse riding that one can choose to learn. The main horse riding styles are Western and English. Western style is easier to learn and not as strict as English style. If you are just riding for fun, look for an instructor that will teach Western style. Although, if you think you might be interested in riding for show, it might be important to learn the English style.

When taking riding lessons make sure you let your instructor know that you are a beginner. This way they will put you on a horse that is slower and well trained. It is important that you get a horse that is easy to ride for your safety and your confidence.

When looking for an instructor, it is best to ask around and see who people recommend, not just responding to an ad in an advertisement. Some professional instructors will have teaching certifications and first aid training. Other instructors have just learned from others and are willing to teach you. No matter who you choose make sure they have a personality that you get along with. Also make sure that they teach the style you want to learn.

Safely should be your number one concern when learning to ride. Always be sure to wear a helmet and long pants in case you fall off. Many people donít wear a helmet when riding a horse, but it should be required apparel for anyone riding a horse.

The equipment you need for the horse is called tack. This includes everything from the saddle to the reins and stirrups. This can be expensive to buy on your own. Usually the instructor can provide the equipment. It is important that you check over the saddle and reins before each ride for signs of wear and for a proper fit.

Learning to ride a horse can bring a tremendous sense of freedom. By finding a good instructor and a caring horse you are well on your way. Remember horses are very powerful animals so always be sure to wear your helmet and ride with friends. Accidents can happen when you least expect them.

Learning How to Ride a Horse
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