Laura Michalke

Laura Michalke is a showjumping rider from Germany, below you can watch Laura in action riding Elevating Boy at the wo star international show Ranshofen. Horses competed by Laura Michalke includes Vestner`s Catina as well as Vestner`s Elevating Boy. Below you can watch LAura Michalke in action riding Vestner`s Elevating Boy at Ranshofen International (CSI 2*)

Laura Michalke

Laura Michalke

Laura Michalke
  • Vivaldi


    KWPN Stallion Vivaldi and Dutch rider Hans Peter Minderhoud / KWPN Stallion, Vivaldi - Krack C x Jazz
  • Mac Cone

    Mac Cone

    Mac Cone - Canada - Show Jumping Rider > Watch Mac Cone riding Zaia at Spruce Meadows, Mac Cone International Showjumping Rider
  • Sillogue Connemara Ponies - Co. Louth, Ireland

    Sillogue Connemara Ponies - Co. Louth, Ireland

    Sillogue Stud, Monasterboice, Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland. / Phone: +353-41 9838162, Mobile: +353-85 7213212, Email #Connemara Pony

Esmee Pierrot

Esmee Pierrot - HollandEsmee Pierrot

Laura Zabulionyte

Laura Zabulionyte is a showjumping rider from Lithuania, below you can watch a video of Laura Zabulionyte in action riding the mare Cathinka (Ovidus x Burgraaf) in 1 1.15m competition

Laura Zabulionyte

Laura Zabulionyte

Sol Dulanto Di Laura

Sol Dulanto Di Laura - PeruSol Dulanto Di Laura

Fahid Al-Geiad

Fahid Al-Geiad - Saudi Arabia - Showjumping Rider/ Fahid Al-Geiad is a showjumping rider from Saudi Arabia, born 24th November 1957 he represented Saudi Arabia at the 2000 Olympics

Lauranne Machillot

Lauranne Machillot - France - Eventing Lauranne Machillot

Michaela Brãœckmann

Michaela Brãœckmann - Germany - Showjumping Rider

Olga Llaurado Guiu

Olga Llaurado Guiu - Spain - Enduance Rider Olga Llaurado Guiu

Gonă§Alo Leite Perdigao

Gonă§Alo Leite Perdigao - Portugal - Horse Rider

Laura-Patricia Sauerbrey

Laura-Patricia Sauerbrey - Germany - Endurance Rider / Horses competed by Laura-Patricia Sauerbrey include My Magic Enduro and Noble Dash xx

Laura Zenk

Laura Zenk is a German event rider, below you can watch a video of Laura Zenk competing in the cross country section at CIC** Hnxe rising her talented horse Gorgeous.

Laura Klaphake

Laura Klaphake is a showjumping rider from Germany with an inernaional record in the sport of showjumping, horses competed by Laura Klaphake includes Catch Me If You Can, Bantou Balou, Camalita and Carmina 51. Laura Klaphake has represented Germany at many major events and championships including the 2018 world equestrian games. Below you can watch Laura Klaphake riding the very talented Catch Me If You Can.

Laura Klaphake

Laura Jarvis

21 year old Laura Jarvis from Sandiacre, Nottingham. A young dressage rider she has built up a client base spanning from her home in Nottingham to North East Lincolnshire, holds a UKCC level 2 coaching certificate and is now working towards level 3. Laura is actively involved in training riders on the British Young Rider Dressage Scheme (BYRDS), “I learned so much through BYRDS, I feel that I want to give something back! Recommending the competition to others she said, “You get a lot from it. You can’t think I`m not right or I’m not good enough, it’s a great process for any young person who wants a career in dressage.”
Laura Jarvis

You may want to have an experienced friend help you if this is a new horse, or if its your first time grooming. Will you have plenty of time? Will you be using warm or cold water? How will you dry your horse after the bath, and what finishing touches will your particular horse require?

Lauranne Nicolas

Lauranne Nicolas - France - Showjumping Rider / Horses competed by Lauranne Nicolas include WAGNERCREST VAN DE LEEUW (OPIUM DE LAUBRY x AMARETTI Z, 1999, Belgian Warmblood)

Natacha Antoni

Natacha Antoni - Belgium - Showjumping Rider

Laura Spekenbrink

Laura Spekenbrink is a showjumping rider from Holland, below you can watch a video of Laura Spekenbrink in action. In 2008 Laura Spekenbrink represented Holland in the Youth european championships riding he talented horse Minardi.

Laura Spekenbrink
Laura Spekenbrink

Lauranne Bazetoux

Lauranne Bazetoux - France - Showjumping Rider Lauranne Bazetoux

Sabrina Ernst

Sabrina Ernst - Germany - Showjumping RiderSabrina Ernst

Laura Voutier

Laura Voutier is a showjumping rider from France, below you can watch Laura Voutier jumping the horse Vondel in he 1.15m grand prix in Fontainebleau.

Laura Voutier
Laura Voutier

Laura Yelavich

Laura Yelavich is part of the USA equestrian vaulting team, below you can watch a video of Laura Yelavich and the rest of the American team performing at the 2014 world equestrian games.

Laura Jane Hackbarth

Laura Jane Hackbarth is a showjumper from Germany who competes internationally with a number of different horses, below you can watch Laura in action riding Fest der Pferde.

Laura Jane Hackbarth

Laura Teodori

American showjumping rider Laura Teodori, watch her in action in the Showpark grand prix (California) riding KASOAR D`UXELLES