Krista Kliesmete

Krista Kliesmete is an international showjumper from Latvia, horses competed by Krista Kliesmete include Eisamniek, Lord Lux and Carlson 102. Below you can watch a video of Krista Kliesmete in action riding her horse Kredo in a 1.20m competition.

Krista Kliesmete

Krista Kliesmete - Showjumper

Horse Colic

Horse lameness is one of the most common health problems seen in horses. Two of the most common causes of horse lameness are called laminitis and navicular disease. By learning about these conditions you can catch them earlier and therefore prevent further damage.…
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Andis Varna

Andis Varna - Latvia

Anna Vainute

Anna Vainute - Latvia

Eriks Kirkensteins

Eriks Kirkensteins - Latvia - Showjumping Rider Eriks Kirkensteins

Roberts Neretnieks

Roberts Neretnieks - Latvia - Farrier / Showjumping Rider Roberts

Kristine Lisovska

Kristine Lisovska - Latvia

Lauris Vilde

Lauris Vilde - Latvia

Sanita Dombrovska

Sanita Dombrovska - Latvia

Liga Petersone

Liga Petersone - Latvia Liga Petersone

Aleksandrs Sakurovs

Aleksandrs Sakurovs - Latvia - Show Jumping Rider

Anete Dudele

Anete Dudele is a dressage rider from Latvia who had a great deal of success with Ramzets sired by Ramano out of the mare Ramano who is a daughter of Rigoleto.


Lotus, Latvian Horse Breeding Association - Approved Stallion, Lotus was jumped by Paul George and Daniel Delsart in 1.25m classes. Lotus was born in 2006 and bred by Uab Goldengrass.

Dainis Ozols

Dainis Ozols - Latvia - Showjumping Rider Dainis Ozols

Janis Kalita

Janis Kalita - Latvia - Showjumping Rider

Sintija Orlova

Sintija Orlova is a showjumping rider from Latvia, help us by extending our rider database and become a stableexpress editor, please email us at info@stableexpress.com.

Toms Vilde

Toms Vilde - Latvia - Showjumping Rider