Katja Gevers

Katja Gevers is a dressage rider who began riding at a young age, from a horse loving family Katja Gevers learned to ride with her mother at a riding school. Katja Gevers spent time with Nicole Werner and Edward Gal leaning and improving advancing in to grand prix competitions. Below you can watch Katja Gevers & Thriller,Rotterdam CDI3* 2016

Katja Gevers & Thriller,Rotterdam CDI3* 2016

Katja Gevers
Katja Gevers

Ruslan Koperbaev

Ruslan Koperbaev - Russia - Show Jumping Rider | information on horses and riders competed by Ruslan Koperbaev and other showumpers from Russia…
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Katja Semelink-Grimmer

Katja Semelink-Grimmer - Germany

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Katja Karjalainen

Katja Karjalainen - Finland - Dressage Rider
Katja Karjalainen

Katja Baartz

Katja Baartz - Germany

Katja Gervers

Katja Gervers - Germany

Katja Kaajas

Katja Kaajas - Finland

Katja Lange

Katja Lange - Germany

Katja Mertens

Katja Mertens - Germany

Katja Niehues

Katja Niehues - Germany

Katja Rabus

Katja Rabus - Germany

Katja R銣lke

Katja R銣lke - Germany

Katja Suurip銊脛

Katja Suurip銊脛 - Finland

Katja Weimann

Katja Weimann - Australia

Katja 艩Tevanec

Katja 艩Tevanec - Slovenia

Katja Dellert

Katja Dellert - Germany

Katja Gaertig

Katja Gaertig - Germany

Katja Holopainen

Katja Holopainen - Finland

Katja Lamborg

Katja Lamborg - Denmark

Katja Meinecke

Katja Meinecke - Germany

Katja Putzke

Katja Putzke - Germany

Katja Steinbach

Katja Steinbach - Germany

Katja Teufelbauer

Katja Teufelbauer - Austria

Katja Wagner

Katja Wagner - Germany
Katja Wagner
Katja Wagner

Katja Weisbrod

Katja Weisbrod - Germany

Katja Berg

Katja Berg - Denmark

Katja Eilers

Katja Eilers - Germany

Katja Haep

Katja Haep - Belgium

Katja M銣nchmeier

Katja M銣nchmeier - Germany

Katja XXI

Trakehner mare Katja XXi, born 1975 sired by thoroughbred sport horse stallion Sacramento Song xx out of the mare Kanzel who is a daughter of Wanderfalk xx. In 1987 Katja XII was bred to the stallion Leonardo and produced Katharina.

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