Judith Pietersen

Judith Pietersen is a successful dressage rider from Holland who has ridden a number of different horse achieving some excellent scores, producing young dressage horses through to grand prix level dressage horses.


Judith Pietersen

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Judith Pietersen

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Judith Pietersen
  • Jess Oliviery and her real life NYPD Mustang

    Jess Oliviery and her real life NYPD Mustang

    NYPD Mounted officer, @jess.olivieri with her adopted, repurposed mounted partner. `You don`t `train` a 1,200 pound flight animal who could kill you in the blink of an eye. You prove to him that he can trust you more than his own instincts.
  • Bruce Menzies

    Bruce Menzies

    Watch Bruce Menzies at the HOYS with the talented jumping horse Sultan V | Bruce Menzies - New Zealand Showjumping Rider
  • Colton Maelstrom

    Colton Maelstrom

    Hall of Fame pony Colton Maelstrom with rider Natasha Sewell in the individual final of the European Pony Show Jumping | Profile of one of the all time great ponies Colton Maelstrom

Rebecca Fiedler

Rebecca Fiedler - USA - Endurance Rider

Juliano Joffily

Juliano Joffily - Brazil - Showjumping Rider

Justine Tebbel

Justine Tebbel - Germany - Showjumping Rider Justine

Ershat Islamov

Born in 1979 Ershat Islamov is a rider from Kazakhstan who competes as a showjumper internationally, one of Ershat Islamov horses Viking (stallion, Kagul x Prince) jumped in the world cup qualifier in Bishkek.

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Samantha Seaton

Samantha Seaton - Australia - Eventing

Melissandre Avallone

Melissandre Avallone - France - Eventing Melissandre

Sandra Jansen

Sandra Jansen - Holland

Pernilla Markusson

Pernilla Markusson - Horse Rider

Aurelie Leydet

Aurelie Leydet - France - Showjumping Rider Aurelie

Robin Avery

Robin Avery - Winning the BSPA Cold blood supreme at Equifest 2011 Robin

Annica Claeson

Annica Claeson - Sweden - Eventing Rider Annica Claeson

Richard Wakeham

Richard Wakeham - UK - Eventing

Olivier Warin

Olivier Warin - France - Showjumping

Estefania Gonzalez Franco

Estefania Gonzalez Franco - Columbia - Showjumping Rider

Claudio Castellani

Claudio Castellani - Italy - Showjumping Rider Claudio

Tatiana Dzavik

Tatiana Dzavik - Canada - Catwalk 19 & Tatiana Dzavik

Tatiana Dzavik

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Josepha Herrling

Josepha Herrling - Germany - Showjumping Rider

Feras Mohammed Abdulla Ahmadi

Feras Mohammed Abdulla Ahmadi - Bahrain - Endurance Rider Feras Mohammed Abdulla Ahmadi

Nicole Cambeiro

Nicole Cambeiro - USA - Showjumping Rider

Yazmin Pinchen

Born in 1993 Yazmin Pinchen is a British showjumping rider who began her career in ponies, she now competes on the international circuit and had numerous good results on the global champions tour and other big shows throughout Europe.

Below you can watch British rider Yazmin Pinchen riding Van De Vivaldi at the Royal Windsor 2015 Grand Prix

Yazmin Pinchen

Bobby Ussery

Bobby Ussery - USA - Jockey Bobby

Hadi Braik Al-Marri

Hadi Braik Al-Marri - Qatar - Endurance Rider

Fletcha Van`t Verahof

An international eventer Fletcha Van`t Verahof was born in 2005 and is registered with the BWp studbook. Fletcha Van`t Verahof is by international showjumping stallion Vigo d`Arsouilles out of the thoroughbred mare Southern Queen xx who is a daughter of South Gale xx. Fletcha Van`t Verahof is competed by Karin Donckers Fletcha Van`t Verahof has won over 20,000 euro`s and represented Belgium at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Below you can watch Karin Donckers and Fletcha Van`t Verahof caarrying out their dressage test in Rio.

Fletcha Van`t Verahof