Joseph Verbeeck

After nine years in this team, and a few forays to the races in Italy and Germany, he tried his luck in France and moved to the stable Peupion Grosbois. He runs for the first time in France July 26, 1984, but must wait one year before winning his first victory.

Since 1990, he decided to hire him to drive, that is to say that drive demand. Thanks to his many victories, he is one of Europe`s finest drivers, particularly since he does not hesitate to run across Sweden, Italy, Germany, France ... He won the Sulky gold in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1999.

Main victory

* Price of America: 1994 Sea Cove - 1997 Abo Volo - Dryad of the Woods 1998 - 2003 Abano As
* Prix de France: 1993 Sea Cove
* Prix de Paris: 1996 Abo Volo - Remington 1999 Crown
Roederer * Price: 2001 Com Karat - 2002 Royal Gull
* Price Selection: Dream Kaisy 2002 - 2003 Kiwi
Douesnel Octave * Price: 2006 Olitro
* Prix Maurice de Gheest (trot) 2007 Quido From Goutier
Albert Demarcq * Price: 2002 Jenko

Joseph Verbeeck

Viktoria Tocca

Viktoria Tocca- Vinterdröm - Stockholm Horse Show | Viktoria Tocca - Sweden | Viktoria Tocca Singer & Horse Rider | Stable, Equestrian Website.…
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Sarah Flax

Sarah Flax - USA - Horse VaultingSarah Flax

Joris Van Dijck

Joris Van Dijck - Belgium

Joris Van Dijck Horses

 Obourg (Richebourg x Oberon du Moulin, 1998)
Obourg, one of the best show jumpers of the Belgian young horse circuit is by Richebourg, who along with his sire Bayard d’Elle (ISO 167) are from the best female lines in France. In his pedigree are the French to inheritors like Double Espoir, Grand

Joris Van Dijck Competition Results

19 - Mechelen, National Stallion Competition 6 and 7 years old - 28/12/2004 - Obourg

John Grant

John Grant - UKJohn Grant

Stefan Leikermoser

Stefan Leikermoser - Austria - Showjumping Rider Stefan

Bader Ali Aljeraisy

Bader Ali Aljeraisy - Saudi Arabia - Showjumping Rider

Isoup Ganthy

Isoup Ganthy - Cambodia Isoup Ganthy

Ria Hoffmeisterova

Ria Hoffmeisterova - Czech - Showjumping Rider Ria Hoffmeisterova

Rolando Pravettoni

Rolando Pravettoni - Argentina

New Home - Deeplake Silver Maiden

This weekend our gorgeous Deeplake Silver Maiden headed to a wonderful new home all clipped up and ready for the 08/09 show season. She could not be luckier as she will join Deeplake Bridgette Bardot and she immediately had a new set of rugs to head home in. She is a full sister to the very successful Langtree Carousel and Langtree Comic Caper both winners at Royal level. We wish the Sharkey family success with the girls this season and look forward to supporting them out and about at the shows.

Klaudia Bukowska

Klaudia Bukowska - Poland - Showjumping RiderKlaudia Bukowska

Megan Laseur

Megan Laseur - Holland - Showjumping Rider Megan Laseur

Sophia Pinto

Sophia Pinto - USA - EventingSophia Pinto

Rachel Bublitz

Rachel Bublitz - USA - Horse Vaulting

Charel Spekenbrink

Charel Spekenbrink - Holland - ShowjumpingCharel Spekenbrink

Tea Aldrovandi

Tea Aldrovandi - Italy - Show Jumping Rider

Vitor Simoes

Vitor Simoes - Portugal - Endurance Rider | Horses competed by Vitor Simoes include Rainha Do Outeiro

Patrick Caron

Patrick Caron - Gai Sarde - 2.26 m Puissance at Olympia 1980

Patrick Caron

Patrick Caron Horses

      Malesan Eole IV

Patrick Caron Competition Results

1 - World Equestrian Games, Team - 01/06/1982 - Malesan Eole IV

Tania Rosado Dimas

Tania Rosado Dimas - Portugal - Showjumping Rider | Horses Competed by Tania Rosado Dimas include My French Friend