Jenairo (Fordeaux x Locksley II) - KWPN Dressage Horse

JenairoJenairo, this model student brings daily fun in the work. Whether at the tournament, at home, in the field or even over a small jump, you can always rely on him. Particularly easy to follow and always in the natural uphill, presents itself Jenairo with an above-average gallop. Step and Trabmechanik leave nothing to be desired, so that a career in the big square is nothing in the way. Depending on age, the first dressage horses L are on the schedule. (Dressage horses A placed)


Jenairo (Fordeaux x Locksley II) - KWPN Dressage Horse

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171cm, five year old KWPN gelding, sired by | Call - +49 (0) 511 - 22 06 03 13 Dressage Horses For Sale, Germany