How Pay Per Click Works

PPC Step by Step

Step 1 - Plan the campaign

From the beginning we work very closely with you to identify target customers, realistic objectives and performance criteria. We also implement tracking on your site.

Step 2 - Mine for keywords

For any industry, there can be thousands of keywords that consumers use when searching. Even well optimised campaigns don`t have keyword lists extensive enough to maximise ROI. We use keyword mining techniques to identify very specific, relevant search terms.

Step 3 - Optimise ad copy for keywords and keyword groups

This is the most critical phase. The quality of your PPC ad copy has a huge impact on the number of relevant visitors to your site. At Stableexpress we carry out extensive title and description targeting to increase click-through rates and conversions.

Step 4 - Analyse and manage the ongoing campaign

When we`ve improved traffic flows to your site, we work to increase conversion rates and ROI using bid management software. This statistically intensive process can take up to a month, but your campaigns provide optimum ROI in the end.

Step 5 - Report findings

We report on campaign performance monthly and, as required, provide real-time reports on everything from keyword click costs to ROI. This helps us maintain higher conversion rates over longer periods and keeps you informed.

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How Pay Per Click Works