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Horseshoe Sculpture / Furniture

Looking for equestrian art, sculptures and furniture made from horse shoes, browse online and find great additions for your home and yard. If you are make horse sculptures, horseshoe wine racks or furniture made from horseshoes please add your company and your products to Stableexpress.

Horseshoe Sculpture / Furniture

Horse Shoe Wooden Bench

Horse Shoe Wooden Bench

Two seater garden bench made with horseshoe from and wood surface, With glass holders in the armrests, making an ideal addition to your garden. Can be made from horse shoes from your own horse making an excellent memorial for that special horse past or present. The bench is made using softwood with a warm oak stained finish, with the option of using oak for a slight increase.

Horseshoe Sculptures By Dale Robertson

In 2002 Dale began to create his art. Building simple forms at first he gradually increased the scope and size of his creations. Today, his creations are life-sized representations of various subjects.

What really sets his work apart from other sculptors is the medium his works in, Horseshoes, bent, formed, and welded into the various shapes to form the unique subjects represented. Working from a model Dale measures and tacks the pieces together to form a 3 dimensional figure. The larger sculptures can consume 500 to 700 horseshoes each. Once he is satisfied with the look and fit of the shoes, Dale then makes the hundreds of welds needed to make the finished piece solid.

Stanford White WolfDale is a graduate of Stanford High School and spent 4 months building a white wolf for the school. Although school officials were skeptical at first they really liked the finished piece.

Dales art work could be considered a form of recycling. Dale gets his horseshoes from farriers, people who shoe horses, who would otherwise just have to discard the used shoes in landfills. Dale has gone through 2 pickup loads in the last several years.

Dale invites you to take a trip though his Gallery. Some of pieces shown are owned by clients the photos used with their permission. We are just offering a primer to give you, our guest, some idea what is possible in the way of sculpting in this unique medium.

Horseshoe Sculptures By Dale Robertson


Marks Custom HorseShoe Art

Marks Custom HorseShoe Art was founded in 2009 by Mark Rees. Mark, a 30 year Navy veteran, has always loved to create things. He`s made many beautiful woodworking pieces, then a few years ago decided to expand into metal work. His first projects were made using an oxy acetylene torch, they were interesting experiments- learning what worked and what didn`t. Later he bought a MIG welder and as the months went by, made more intricate projects. He loves old tools and machines. The shop is equipped with a restored circa 1910 Champion post drill that gets used pretty much every day, a 1919 Hay Budden anvil, Columbian leg vise, an older W F Wells band saw, a new Miller MIG welder and small gas forge.

Mark is assisted by his wife Anita, a lifelong horsewomen, and faithful (but not always entirely helpful) young Rottweiler`s. Arlo and Alex.

Mark was always interested in metal working but didn`t know how to weld, I saw so many things I wanted to build, modify, or fix. I found a few good welding and blacksmithing sites on the internet, a few books, and started reading and learning. The bug to weld really started eating me, so I jumped into it as `economically` as possible with a torch. Getting into a new hobby is very rarely economical, but having horses and friends with horses, I had a ready supply of used steel horseshoes to practice welding on. I had seen things made from horseshoes and figured I would try to create new things from something that was usually thrown away.

The old gas welders could do miracles with a torch, but I was happy to just get the steel to stick together, I melted a lot of things I didn`t mean to melt, but got better as I went. Then came the MIG, and it is just plain fun to weld with and it opens so many avenues of creativity in metal working. The more I dabble in metal the more I want to try. Someday the shop will have a coal forge and the possibilities grow even more. I love it when I get an idea, go to the shop and make something, bring it in to see what Anita thinks of my latest `creation`, sometimes it passes muster, sometimes I get the "What is that supposed to be?" Most of the items you`ll see from Mark are made from used horseshoes. We are lucky to have good friends and farriers who give us their old horseshoes. They are from a variety of horses- some beloved backyard pets, some top level show horseshoes, some endurance and some race horseshoes.. we even have a few draft horseshoes and mule horseshoes. Each shoe is unique and tells a lot about the horse who wore it. It would of course be much easier to use new shoes, but there is just something special about the old horseshoes"

Custom orders - We`re happy to take custom orders and if you want something made w/ shoes from your own horseshoes we can do that too. E-mail or call for more details.


Marks Custom Horseshoe Art
Mark & Anita Rees
5401 Mineral Spring Rd.
Suffolk VA 23438

Horseshoe Wine Rack

Horseshoe Wine Rack.jpg

Handmade wine rack to hold up to 6 wine bottles, hand made from used horseshoes, perfect addition to any horse lovers kitchen, dinning room or lounge, individually made making it a unique item, custom order available for large wine racks.

3 Piece Garden Furniture Set

3 Peice Garden Furniture Set

Garden table, bench and chair made from recycled horse shoes, cleaned up used horseshoes, welded together to create a fantastic furniture set for your garden. Custom orders taken, create a unique focal point for your homes garden or stable yard.

Horseshoe Boot Rack

Horseshoe Boot Rack.jpg

Made from recycled horseshoes welded together to hold wellies or riding boots, made with used horseshoes creating a unique shoe rack for your hallway, buy online other unique horse shoe sculptures and items.

Horseshoe Art Works

Welcome to Horseshoe Art Works. All art is created from horseshoes and items related to shoeing horses. As you view the pieces in this site remember all creations are handmade one of a kind productions which are signed by the artist. No two pieces are alike. Special order one of a kind pieces can also be commissioned. Please feel free to view the pieces on the following pages and use the contacts page to place your order or inquire about special requests.

Horseshoe Art Works

Special requests such as this horse head can be commissioned just contact us for a quote.

About the Artist

Dr. Bill Baker is an equine veterinarian and a farrier whose specialty is podiatry and reproduction. He is a partner in Equine Associates L.L.C. , and list his sources of inspiration as his wife, Jenn, his children, Taylor and Jordan, and his patients.


Horseshoe Tack Rack

Horseshoe Tack Rack.jpg

Tack rack made from horseshoes, handcrafted made as a fantastic addition to your yards tack shop, pictured tack rack carries four, larger racks are available.

3 Peice Garden Furniture Set

3 Peice Garden Furniture Set

Garden table, bench and chair made from recycled horse shoes, cleaned up used horseshoes, welded together to create a fantastic furniture set for your garden. Custom orders taken, create a unique focal point for your homes garden or stable yard.