Horses At Newmarket

Newmarket has a long history of being at the center of British horse racing, below you can see some vintage footage of horses and jockeys racing riding out from 1946. Newmarket has two racecourses, The Rowley Mile and The July Course, with over 70 racehorse trainers located in Newmarket, it is home to over 4,000 thoroughbred race horses.

Horses At Newmarket

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Horses At Newmarket

Frã©Dã©Ric Doret

Frã©Dã©Ric Doret - France - Eventing

Sara Thean

Sara Thean - Australia - Dressage Rider

M Grey

M Grey -

M Grey Horses

Hawthorne Zorro

M Grey Competition Results

24 - Scope, DMS Novice Preliminary Round 1 - 25/08/2003 - Hawthorne Zorro

Pavel Dzeranov

Pavel Dzeranov - Russia - Endurance Rider

Stephanie Schnabel

Stephanie Schnabel - Germany - Showjumping

Sergio Del Corral Lepper

Sergio Del Corral Lepper - Spain - Showjumping

Leonard Behrens

Leonard Behrens - USA - Eventing
Leonard Behrens

Constantin Sieber

Constantin Sieber - Germany - Showjumping
Constantin Sieber


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