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Horse Walkers can be a valuable addition to any yard if used correctly, horse walkers can help increase your horses fitness as well as being a useful tool to help in the rehabilitation of horses who may have had an injury.

Molenkoning Horse Walkers

Molenkoning Horse Walkers

Molenkoning are passionate about horses and bring there passion and love of horses to create innovative horse walkers revolutionising the industry.

Molenkoning horse exercisers have become an international company with a an international pedigree. In 2015 Molenkoning purchase Loddon Equestrian unifying these two equestrian construction powerhouses to increase our offerings even more.

When you buy an MK horse walker your are free to choose from a number of features and am able to add as many accessories as you like. For more information and to discus your needs and requirements call us on 01490 413152 or complete our simple online enquiry form.
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Molenkoning Horse Walkers
Horse Walkers


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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Horse Walker

You may have seen horse walkers before and if not, they`re essentially a circular contraption where you can attach your horse and allow them to move and exercise without the need of a rider or someone to guide them. They`ve been around for quite some time and some people swear by them and others dislike them. When it comes to using a horse walker there are benefits and drawbacks, as there are for anything, and it all comes down to your specific horse, their needs and your personal preference to decide if having one is right for you.

Build Up Muscles After Injury

One of the main benefits to a horse walker is that it allows a horse who just had an injury to exercise and build up muscles again without the strain of having a rider. This is good because it means you don`t need to do too much too soon and potentially further injure your horse after just healing them.

Usually, horses don`t use the walker for too long, but it`s a great place to start.

Good For Warming Up And Cooling Down

People also use the horse walker to allow the horse to warm up or cool down when there aren`t necessarily enough riders or have the time to do it themselves. It also gives you more time to do some chores around the stable. If you want to ride and attach your horse to the horse walking for a good twenty minutes while mucking out his stall, then you can hop up and start riding normally. This gives you more time to spend with your horse rather than not because you had to be doing barn chores. Some yards operate water walkers which are basically the same as normanl walker but the walking area is filled with water to give more resistance and make the horse work harder but they are oftne used to cool down horses too.

Water Horse Walker

Horses Can Be Daft

A downside to a horse walker is horses trying to do something they`re not supposed to. Horses can be daft sometimes and if they`re not being constantly supervised on the walker they might try to do something like turn around or lean up against it to slow it down or try to break free. These are all possibilities, and if you need to be supervising at all times, you lose some of the benefits like gaining more time to chores.

Horses don`t always want to co-operate in a horse walker

They Are Circular

Sometimes walking in constant circles isn`t good on your horse`s joints. Typically, the horse walker is built to be a good size to allow enough movement, but most people say a horse exercising in more of an oval is healthier for them. Although it`s unlikely a horse walker will do much damage to your horse, it could be a drawback for some.

As with all horse appliances, or items in general, using a horse walker has some great benefits but also some drawbacks. It all comes down to what you want and what`s right for you and your horse. If you`re still unsure, see if you can find somewhere that has one and ask to try it out. What are your felings on horse walkers? Share the article and start the discussion with your friends!

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