Horse Tangled In Barbwire For Two Days

Horse Tangled In Barbwire For Two Days

In the following video you can see Rudy, a horse who has been left on a road in Oklahoma. The video clearly shows that Rudy has been tangled in barbwire and if the rescuing team didn`t react on time he would be dead by now.

For two days this poor horse has been left all on his own and he could not move because he`s been stuck in a wire. Rudy has broken his jaw and lost his ears and eye lids; he`s been attacked by dogs and got some severe injuries.
The Blaze`s Tribute Equine Rescue Center has come to safe that unfortunate horse and they`ve managed to raise over $16,000 for Rudy. Thanks to them Rudy is recovering from his trauma and he`s getting back in shape.

For your information, Oklahoma City Animal Control is investigating and looking for a certain man who called them saying that he want Rudy to be removed from his property! We hope that justice will be on Rudy`s side. Share this story with other horse lovers.

Horse Tangled In Barbwire For Two Days

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